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Halloween & the E.R.

>> Wednesday, October 31, 2018

 So our Halloween started out with a bit of a 'scare'....literally!!!

Eli's been running high fevers since yesterday. This morning he passed out and lost consciousness for a little bit and was shaking like it might have been a seizure. I did the best I could to catch him so he didn't hit his head. He's not a little boy anymore, and it certainly wasn't graceful, but I was able to help him to the ground. Lol! 

I got him a pillow to put under his head once he came to and could respond. I've never seen anyone pass out like that before. It was really scary!

I called his doctor and explained what happened and she felt it was necessary for us to go to the E.R. for some tests. 

I was teasing him saying he decided to dress up as an E.R. patient for Halloween. LOL! It didn't get any laughs. :P

He was NOT happy about this! He hates needles and they of course always draw blood. He was whiter than white when they came to draw it. He has beautiful veins and he said the pain isn't even the worst part, it's the thought of the needle being inside of his body. :/ 

He was a trooper though and he survived! :) We did however deny the IV. He probably could have used it but he wasn't about that life! LOL!

He got some x-rays too. This mobile machine was pretty slick!

We were there for several hours. Halloween is a busy day I guess. They discharged him and didn't really give us any diagnosis. His labs were good and his x-ray was clear. So we left the hospital without a diagnosis. 

Thankfully, earlier in the day Brynne offered to come over to take Alayna Trick-or-Treating. It worked out so perfectly! 

She saved the night for her while we were at the ER with Eli. She is such a an amazing young woman! So grateful for her! ❤️❤️❤️



>> Wednesday, November 1, 2017

 How we celebrate different holidays are beginning to change. As the kids get older they are busier and have jobs, friends and other things that pull them out of our family traditions. It's taking some getting use to but I know it's all apart of growing up!

Walker worked Halloween night. We missed him and saved him some heath bars!  :P 

Eli and his friends put a themed costume together and went as the four seasons. I think they all looked so great!!! 

 These guys are hilarious and a great group! They are always up for something fun! 

They took Alayna out to trick-or-treat for a while. That made her night! Going with mom and dad just isn't all that fun. :P 

Later, we met up with the Esperson's and then it became a Catalina Ward trick-or-treat party at the Richin's! It was a really great night! 

The weather was perfect and the company was wonderful!



>> Friday, October 27, 2017

We had our Ward Trunk-or-Treat! 🎃 

Jared was out of town for a wedding so it was just me and the kids this year. Eli went as an Angsty Teenager with a pretty amazing "smolder" 😎 and Alayna was an adorable Jester! 🃏 Walker is a working man now... We missed him! 💵 

Eli appeased me and let me take this pic of him. :P He left the party early with his friends to watch the big rival game Mesquite vs Campo! 

Alayna and I hung out until the end. She had a great time! We stopped to get a Slurpee on our way home which always puts a smile on her face! :) 


Happy Halloween!

>> Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!!! 

Alayna's class had their Halloween Party at school on Friday.

I love that her teacher sends so many pictures from all the things they do! <3

I especially loved this!!! How cute is that!?! LOL!!

It looks like they had a great party!!! :D

Later that night we had our Ward's Trunk-or-Treat!

Walker was home not feeling well. Eli is too cool for pictures and he was busy running one of the booths so I didn't get one of him either. But Alayna and her girlfriends had a blast! 

Sunday these two cuties carved the pumpkin!

Alayna made the design. Eli cut it out. 

I think it turned out pretty great!! :D 

 Alayna could hardly wait to make toasted pumpkin seeds. I think she was more excited about that than carving the pumpkin! LOL!!

I usually do it by myself every year. This year she wanted to help. She actually did 99% of it herself! It was awesome! Separating the guts from the seeds takes a long time. I was happy for some help! :D

 Finished product!!! She was in HEAVEN!! They actually turned out fantastic! She did a wonderful job! 

It's nice that the kids are getting older and able to help out and we can do some of the traditions together! :)

Halloween night Eli went out with his "Group" as he calls them. Walker was still home sick. And Alayna went out with Jared and me. She wasn't having too great of a time. Mom and Dad are lame!!! LOL!!!

 None of her friends could come with us so it was a bummer. Towards the end of the night we were able to meet up with some friends from church though and she ended up having a good time. It's hard when you're the youngest and the older siblings are outgrowing some of these things. Next year we will get a good plan in place so she can have a fun night! :)


Happy Halloween!

>> Monday, November 2, 2015

So amidst all the crazy wedding happenings the next night was Halloween! Jonita and Nicole came over to go Trick or Treating with us but, before that we had a pumpkin to carve! :)

Apparently Nicole has no memory of ever carving a pumpkin. So we remedied that real quick! :P Alayna is our little artist and she drew the face and all 3 cousins got to work on bringing it to life! :D

 Here is their finished product! Looks pretty awesome!!!

 Natalie: Antman, Jen: Wonder Woman, Carlos: Ninja, Eli: Hulk, Alayna: Feline Fairy

Then it was time for BUSINESS!!!! 

Jonita stayed at the house to hand out candy and the rest of us went to see what goodies the neighbors had. :P We brought back quite a haul of sugar that's for sure! However, we don't know where all the other Trick or Treaters were this year. We didn't even go through one bag of candy and we hardly saw any kids out this year...very strange....

We did stop at our friend's the O'Laughlin's. They take pumpkin carving to the next level!!! Pretty rad huh!?!

Here is a creepy story my daughter wrote. I have no words..... LOL!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!


Trunk or Treat- Chili Cook-Off!!!!

>> Saturday, October 24, 2015

We had our Ward Trunk or Treat and Annual Chili Cook-Off last night!

Alayna was a Feline Fairy, Eli was Batman, and Walker was Spiderman! LOL! I used to go all out and buy the kids the expensive costumes. But the past few years we've been using our imaginations a bit. We typically hit up the .99 Store and come up with something from whatever they've got. I think they did great! :D

 Close up of!!

So this year these two guys decided to enter the Ward's Chili Cook-Off. They didn't however really run it by their Moms...LOL! Derek came over the day before and I gave the boys 3 recipes to choose from. They picked a Spicy, Smokey, Sweet Chili. I supervised so there weren't any fingers in the chili and the measurements were accurate but, they pretty much did it themselves. :P

The judges tasted all of the entries. I believe there were 14 contestants. And wouldn't you know it....these two ended up winning 1st Place!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it when I found out! I was SO PROUD of them!!!! They were SO stoked! They couldn't believe it either!!! Hahaha! This is them posing with their prizes and the Hulk is bulking up in the background on their winning recipe!!! LOL!!! 

Last night was Campo's Homecoming game and so Walker did't stay with us long. He went with his buddies to watch the game. But I wanted to get a better pic of his costume all lit up. :P

It was a fun night! We still are over the moon about the boys victory! :D


Trunk or Treat

>> Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last night was our Ward Trunk or Treat! Alayna and Eli were very excited!!

Eli the Magician!

Alayna the Robber!

Someone who was less thrilled but tried his best to appease his mother....

Walker "Bat" Man! :P

Funny kids..

Alayna wanted to make sure everyone knew who she was. She made this sign and taped it to her super fancy Walmart trick or treating bag! LOL! 

The kids had a great time running around all night eating, playing games, and trunk or treating. :)



>> Monday, November 4, 2013

Since Jared had been in & out of Urgent Care and in & out of the E.R. this week Halloween was sort of a hot mess. We had already planned on it being a low key celebration anyway since funds are limited as Jared is still looking for work. The kids did a GREAT job coming up with recycled costumes or using their imaginations coming up with new ones!!

Alayna as a Hobo.

Eli as the Mad Hatter once again! 

Walker as a "Cereal" Killer. :P

A better view of his creativity.

Alayna is such a little actress. The look on her face looks so genuine!! LOL!!!

 We decided to warn our neighbors about the situation in our house. It seemed to work. Not a single person came a knockin'...LOL! ;)

Our wonderful friends The Wright's took Alayna and Eli Trick or Treating and Walker went with his buddy Chase as has become tradition for him. Jared was able to get some rest and we were so grateful for sweet friends who helped us out and took away one more thing off of our list that we had been worrying about. 


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