Time Out For Women

>> Sunday, November 5, 2017

 AnnMarie and I went to Time Out For Women this year. It was our first time ever attending. We had both heard such great things about it and we thought it would be fun to go. 

Last year a friend invited me, she had a free extra ticket, but my health, both mental and physical, were so poor I just couldn't go. So this year I hoped I would be in a better place and would be able to. 

It was still difficult for me to be out in public but I'm so glad we went! It was a feast for my heart and soul! So uplifting and encouraging! I felt each speaker knew me and what I've been going through and had wisdom and love to impart with me to help me carry forward. 

I especially loved being there with my dearest friend. We've been through the thick and thin of each other's lives. We both left that conference with new insights about ourselves and what God wants us to move forward with. So thankful for my best friend and for the weekend we shared together! 

We plan to make this an annual tradition! Can't wait until next year! 



>> Wednesday, November 1, 2017

 How we celebrate different holidays are beginning to change. As the kids get older they are busier and have jobs, friends and other things that pull them out of our family traditions. It's taking some getting use to but I know it's all apart of growing up!

Walker worked Halloween night. We missed him and saved him some heath bars!  :P 

Eli and his friends put a themed costume together and went as the four seasons. I think they all looked so great!!! 

 These guys are hilarious and a great group! They are always up for something fun! 

They took Alayna out to trick-or-treat for a while. That made her night! Going with mom and dad just isn't all that fun. :P 

Later, we met up with the Esperson's and then it became a Catalina Ward trick-or-treat party at the Richin's! It was a really great night! 

The weather was perfect and the company was wonderful!


Harry Potter Birthday Party

>> Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Alayna was invited to her friend Olivia's bday party and they went all out on the theme! It was so cool! Alayna is obsessed with Harry Potter and this was a dream come true for her! :P 

They picked up glasses, wands, ties, etc at Diagon Alley, went trough the brick wall to Hogwarts and they had lots of classes: Divination, potions (dragon scale slime), spells and curses and they even dissected some owl bones at Care of Magical Creatures Class. Had yummy pizza and green scary looking cakes. And drank gilly water. 

How could she not have a BLAST!?! 


The Adam's Wedding

>> Monday, October 30, 2017

Jared went to Austin for the weekend to be in his best friend's wedding. We are so happy for Dave and his new bride!

These guys all went to HS together and have stayed in touch over the years. It's so neat that they have kept up their friendship strong!

They look so happy! <3 

I was sad I wasn't able to go with him. I know he wanted me there. I'm still working on things with the PTSD. I'm glad he was able to be there to support his friend. Dave has always been an amazing guy! He deserves every happiness! He truly has a heart of gold! <3 Congratulations to the new couple!!!!



>> Friday, October 27, 2017

We had our Ward Trunk-or-Treat! 🎃 

Jared was out of town for a wedding so it was just me and the kids this year. Eli went as an Angsty Teenager with a pretty amazing "smolder" 😎 and Alayna was an adorable Jester! 🃏 Walker is a working man now... We missed him! 💵 

Eli appeased me and let me take this pic of him. :P He left the party early with his friends to watch the big rival game Mesquite vs Campo! 

Alayna and I hung out until the end. She had a great time! We stopped to get a Slurpee on our way home which always puts a smile on her face! :) 


Mural Project

>> Thursday, October 26, 2017

Every month Alayna is required to read a book and do project that's due on the last day of that month. This month she had to do a mural on "The Boxcar Children". She chose one of the pictures from the book and illustrated it. She amazes me! <3 

It took her a while because she's a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to her art. I think she did an AWESOME job! She had to draw it much larger than the picture she was looking at and that can make things extra tricky! She wasn't 100% satisfied with it. But we are all our own worst critics. I think it looks so great! 

I foresee an A+ for sure! :P 


Run Club

>> Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Have I mentioned that Alayna is our little joiner! If there is a club or activity she can join...she's the first in line to sign up! :P Love that about her! She's not afraid to try new things! <3

The school started Run Club every Tues. after school. Today was her first meeting. It's still a little warm for fall in AZ and all the kids faces were red and they were super hot and sweaty. But she said she loved it and almost doubled the amount of laps they ask them to run! She is so athletic! <3

She's wearing a maroon shirt. The 4th person back in the is pic. 

Moving that body and keeping healthy! Love it!!


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