EVJ Tournament

>> Saturday, January 12, 2019

 Alayna had her 1st Club Tournament today. We all got up early and arrived at 7:15am. The last game finished up at 2:30pm, 

It was a new experience for all of us. The place was packed with girls and their families. We tired to soak it all in and learn as much as possible. 

Alayna's team played well. They won their first game, lost the second, and the third went to the 3rd match where they played hard. The team they went up against hadn't lost a single match/game all day. Unfortunately, in the end our team lost the last match. I was so proud of the girls for giving it their best! 

It's nice having your friend on your team! 

When the girls weren't playing they were reffing. Alayna was 1 of the only 4 girls that went to the scoring/reffing clinic so she got to help out. :) 

I love that she is always cheering on her team and encouraging them! 

This was my favorite shot of the day! She's really going after it! Look at those toes! LOL! 

Playing a team sport is so good for girls. It teaches them a lot about working together and building female relationships that are soooo important. It teaches them about trying to improve not only physically but emotionally. They learn to overcome obstacles and set goals. They learn that everyone has things to work on and that doesn't mean you are "bad" or a "failure", it just means you are improving yourself. It teaches them to work through differences and builds confidence. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season! 


The Melting Pot

>> Wednesday, January 2, 2019

We took the family to The Melting Pot! We haven't been in several years. It was a fun night! ❤️

It was a huge surprise for the kids. They had no idea we were planning to go! :) 

After having a house full of people the last few weeks and holiday hustle and bustle... it was wonderful to just have my little family all to my self for a while! <3 We talked and laughed and enjoyed one another. It was all I've wanted this year! I want to soak up my family as much as I possibly can and try to savor this time with them. It's going by so fast! 


Polar Bear Plunge & Happy New Year!!!

>> Tuesday, January 1, 2019

 New Year's Day we had the family over for a BBQ and our 6th Annual Polar Bear Plunge!!! 

The Kitch Polar Bear Club has seen a surge in members this year!! The water was a brisk 45 degrees! ❄️ It was a blast!

Jared always ends up going first. He's definitely the bravest! He's such a fun Dad and Uncle! <3 

That face is EXACTLY why I don't go in! I think I would literally die! Haha!

Alayna was up next. She is the one who usually does it every year with Jared. She always has a freak out before hand though. That dance she does is a crack up ! 

Morgan didn't hesitate to go and dove right in!

Natalie was next....

Then Carlos....

It's always hilarious to watch. It was entertainment for the rest of us for sure! Jared is such a good sport and always hams it up for me for pictures! <3 

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Jared and Alayna! <3 <3 

All the brave Polar Bear Plungers! 

All the spectators were freezing just watching. Idk how they got in that water! 

We played games afterwards, visited and enjoyed a relaxing day together. 

Brynne came over to hang out too. 

 Happy New Year from the Kitch's! I hope you and yours has a blessed year! 


New Year's Eve

>> Monday, December 31, 2018

We celebrated New Year's Eve with all the kid's friends this year!! 

We played games, ate, froze our tooshies off outside, and ate some more! :P 

 Even Sammy joined in! LOL!

Actually, he gets pretty nervous with fireworks so we gave him a little sedative to help him. It worked like a charm and he had a hard time keeping his eyes open for all the fun! Hahaha! 

These crazy girls decided it would be fun to play volleyball outside in the freezing rain! 

Just before midnight the rain slowed to a drizzle and we were able to do sparklers and fireworks! 

We bought a BIG fireworks box nicknamed Godzilla. It was the biggest one they had! It was pretty awesome!!!

We got our Martinelli's ready for the countdown.....

 And watched the ball drop.....

 And rung in the New Year with our family and friends!!!! <3 

It was so much fun!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!


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