Julie's 50th

>> Saturday, September 29, 2018

Julie came to town to celebrate her 50th bday! We all met up for lunch in Scottsdale at the Vig. We had a nice time catching up and visiting. 


Jazz Baby!

>> Wednesday, September 26, 2018

This super handsome guy had his 1st Jazz Band Concert tonight! He's waited a LONG time to get into Jazz Band. Things just kept coming up and preventing him from going down this path. However, that doesn't mean he wasn't meant to be in it. He's so incredibly musically gifted it blows me away. It just comes so naturally for him! All of his instructors are always impressed with his ability. 

 Love that smile of his! 

They sounded so good!!! So very proud of him for not giving up and sticking with it. Did I mention he's the only alto sax player too! Pretty cool huh!?! 


Ice Does it Again...Times 2!

>> Saturday, September 22, 2018

Team Ice brought home another two more wins today! 

She looks pretty happy about that! :P

The 2nd game was a nail biter. The Evergreen Team was tough today! We came from behind on every match and then went back and forth tying it up. Then at the end they squeaked out the wins!

This week we've had to do some real soul searching. Her really good friend has decided to try out for Club Volleyball and so of course she wants to do it too. It is SOOOO expensive. The season goes from Nov-May, has two practices a week for an hour, plus games once a week. They travel and do all sorts of things and it runs about $2000.00. Yikes!

We know Alayna has the drive, desire, and talent to make it. Unfortunately, we just don't have the funds. :( She was heartbroken when we told her we couldn't do it and we were heartbroken having to say no. We want to give our kids everything. Especially, when they show they are willing to put in the hard work! We went back and forth and back and forth trying to figure out where we could scrape the money together, but the reality is...we just don't have it.

It is frustrating to know that only the kids that can afford to do Club can then play on Jr. High and High School teams. It's pretty much the only way to have a chance. Sigh.....

Our prayer and hope is that if we continue to find teams for her to play on that are in our price range, but not Club,  maybe ....just maybe...she'll still have a shot next year to make it on the Jr. High team. She really is amazing! We want her to be able to have great opportunities.


Time Marches On

>> Friday, September 21, 2018

I haven't updated my blog picture in 2 years. We took the top photo in 2015 and the bottom one in 2017. The kids have gone from "kids" to "young adults"! They have shot up like weeds in those 2 short years. I almost can't believe it! Crazy town!!!! I'm barely hanging on to not being the shortest one in the family. LOL!! Alayna will pass me up before I know it though! :P 

And now it's almost time to take our family pictures again this Fall. 


FaceBook Flashback- 7 years ago

>> Sunday, September 16, 2018

Alayna was 4 years old in 2011.

Alayna: "I had a bad dream the house was really dark like the Haunted Mansion. So I said a prayer and I got a dream about a rainbow and unicorn!"

How sweet is that??? The faith of a child! <3 <3 


Miss Smarty Pants

>> Friday, September 14, 2018

This amazing girl came home with some pretty EXCITING news!!! She came home from school and was bursting to tell us that she made into ALP! 

This has been a goal of hers since 3rd grade. Her brothers qualified when they were in elementary school and she wanted to keep up with them of course! :P 

She's such a hard worker and sets high goals for herself all the time. She never shies away from a challenge to better herself. It really is a gift she embodies! 

We couldn't be more proud! 

When she initially told us she said she only qualified for math. After speaking with the ALP Teacher she said she'd like to try her on a probationary status in her ELA (English Language Arts) class as well. She said one of her scores was high enough and the other one was pretty close, so why not give her a shot! 

This made Alayna year! LOL!!! 

The following week I received this email from the ALP Teacher: 

"I have visited with Alayna and told her that she will be with me for both math and ELA. I'm confident that Alayna will be successful in both my ALP blocks. I'm still getting to know her, but I see she has a strong desire to learn and works very hard. I'm happy she is "all aboard" with me."

Congratulations Sweetie!!! You are incredible! <3 


FaceBook Flashback - 8 years ago

Another precious memory popped up today! <3 This one is from 2010. Alayna was 3 yrs old. 

Alayna is singing  a song in the other room from Primary: 

"The rains came down and the flowers came up! " 

Not the exact lyrics but adorable just the same..:D


A Great Start to Another Season

>> Saturday, September 8, 2018

Volleyball has started up again. Team Ice has become a tight team a a force to be reckoned with! They won their 1st game 2 weeks ago and they won again today! 

As the kids get older and their skills improve they get more and more fun to watch. The games get pretty tense at times...well for this Momma they do! I'm on the edge of my seat most of the time! LOL! 


Eagle Scouts!

>> Wednesday, September 5, 2018

 Walker and Eli received their Eagle Scout Awards last night at their Court of Honor! It was a proud moment for this Momma! ❤️  


Handsome young men!

Four boys received their Eagles tonight.

On of the boy's grandmother's cross stitched this for him. 

Before they received their Eagles they had to be awarded some merit badges first. :)  


 The boys recognized a Mentor, someone who has helped them on their journey to reach this point. Eli melted our hearts as he chose his big brother. 💕

 He spoke about how Walker is always there for him and always puts himself second and makes you feel like a top priority, even if he has things going on in his own life. He told us how Walker has helped him by being there for him and he never has to go through anything by himself. And he's taught him how to be a good person. 


What more could a mother ask for?? Oh my heart was just bursting seeing that my boys love and respect each other so much. So many people came up afterwards and commented about how touching and moving it was. And that these boys have such a special relationship. <3 

Grandma and Grandpa Morrison were there but we didn't get a picture with them. They had to leave early. But both of them were crying and if anyone came to tell the boys how neat it was they'd just start up again with the water works. :)  It meant so much to my parents that they got to come and see this.

Walker chose his Deacon leader, Bro. Durfee, who really made a big impact on his life. Even though he was only 12 at the time, the stories, life experiences, and teachings, about what it means to be a man and a father has stayed with him in a deep and meaningful way. He is a great man. He's faith and wisdom are so deep and in so many ways I feel Walker is just like him. <3  

After the boys recognized their Mentors they were invited to sit in the Eagle's Nest with the other men and young men who have already earned their Eagle Award. 

Then they recognized Eli, as he also earned a Bronze Palm on top of his Eagle. Pretty awesome!! 

So much hard work was put in by these young men of ours as well as their leaders along the way. I'm so proud of them and for the examples they are to me. I'm constantly in awe of their integrity, intelligence, love for others, and work ethic. It was a great night!  🦅


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