Family Temple Day- September!

>> Saturday, September 30, 2017

The month "almost" got away from us! But we squeezed in a temple day on the very last day of the month! :P 

It's General Conference weekend so the Temple is closed. We decided to go walk the grounds after the morning session of Conference. Jared wanted to talk to the kids about Patriarchal Blessings since Walker is preparing to get his in December. He read his to the kids and we had a little spiritual thought. It was nice all being together! 

It always takes us way too long to get a decent group picture. Someone is always making a goofy face! LOL!!

Dad's spiritual thought. 

So glad we were able to make time to go this month!!! It was worth it! Then again, it always is! :) 


Volleyball Game

Another exciting week of volleyball!! 

Love seeing her getting after that ball! :) 

They didn't win this week but it was an exciting game to watch! These kids are stepping it up each and every week and it's stressful...I mean fun!! LOL!! :P 


Spirit Week

>> Friday, September 29, 2017

This week was Spirit Week for Alayna's school. She kept forgetting to dress up each day but this morning she's Friday....better late than never!!! LOL!!!

Today was dress up like one of your teachers day. She chose Mrs. Murphy her P.E. teacher! :P  She came up with her outfit on her own. (Thanks to Eli for lending her the shirt). 

She's so darn cute! :) 


Volleyball Practice

>> Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I usually only take pics of Alayna at her games. She's been missing a lot of the games this season. We've just had a lot of conflicts on Sat. mornings. I thought I'd snap a few of her practicing some passes with her friend Emmy. 

Alayna is in the green shirt and Emmy is in red. 

This move in particular is my favorite! I don't think they teach you this...but it's sure funny to see!!! Hahaha!!! 

This one too...Sort of reminds me of an ice skater! :P 

She loves it and I love watching her. She just keeps getting better and better! 


Primary Program

>> Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sunday the Primary kids had their Program. They all did a great job!!!! 

My favorite part was when the boys turning 12 soon came up with all the men teachers and they sung a song about the Priesthood. It just got me right in the cockles! :P 

Primary Kids

Alayna is in the very back row in the blue dress 3 one in. She's so tall! :) She only has one more year in Primary!!! Crazy!

Primary kids and teachers
Lots of hard work and many hours of practice goes into this every year! Great job guys! 


Flashback to 2011

Flashback: Eli 8 and Alayna 4 years old. 

Driving kids to school and Eli is staring at Alayna. She tuns to him and asks,"what?" Eli relies,"I'm just looking at you cuz you are so pretty." ..... how sweet is that!?! My heart melted...


Ward Campout- 2017

>> Monday, September 25, 2017

Our annual Ward Campout was over the weekend. Alayna never got to go camping with Jared over the summer so there was NO WAY she was going to miss out on the ward campout! LOL! She even got her friend Morgan to go up with them! Which only made the trip even more fun!!!

They get up there about when the sun is already going down. They set up camp and then hang around the campfire making s'mores, chatting, singing songs, and playing games.

The temps were supposed to be freezing over night. Walker had to work the next day so I stayed home to spend some one on one time with him...I had "nothing" to do with how cold it was supposed to be... Wink, wink :P  He and I did have a fun night together though. We grabbed dinner and went shopping for Homecoming. :) 

The next morning Bro. Woolf set up his Bungee 2000 and gave all the kids a terrifying thrill! LOL!!

Look at her face!!!!! Hahaha! 

Some knife/hatchet throwing. 

Eli took his buddy Derek up too. 

They all stayed pretty warm. Temps didn't get quite as low as forecasted....thankfully, I worried about them turning into Popsicles! 


The van was the "cool" place to hangout for some of the teens. My son and his dorky faces he makes..LOL!

I really do love being in the mountains. These pictures made me a little jealous I didn't go. 


 They had a tightrope walk. 

 It's a lot harder than it looks! 


These two are never sitting still long. They found a half made fort and decided it needed some sprucing up!




 Looks like a really awesome hideout! 

Jared is such a great dad taking all the kids and their friends over night!! I know the kids will remember him for always being there for them! Lucky kids! <3 


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