Eli's Court of Honor- On My Honor Award

>> Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Eli had his Court of Honor tonight and he received his On My Honor award!


He also got a few merit badges he earned over the summer from going on the river rafting trip the guys took. 


He's finally learning to find me in the crowd and giving me a big grin for the camera! <3  

Very proud of this young man of ours!!!


Getting Sick is the Pits!!!

>> Monday, August 28, 2017

Friday afternoon I got a call from Alayna from school. She was in tears. I asked her what was wrong? She asked me to come pick her up, she really wasn't feeling well. 

I guess she had gone to the nurse and the nurse sent her back to class. But when she got back to class she was feeling even worse. 

I ran down as quickly as I could and took her home. We got down the street to the 4-way stop and Alayna said her stomach was really hurting. I said, "we will be home in just a few minutes." She said, "no...I really don't feel good. I think I'm going to throw up!" 

I quickly said, "get your head out the window as far as you can!!!!!"

Unfortunately she wasn't able to get her head all the way out and well you know.....

I took her home and she showered. I spend the next several hours cleaning the van. When I came inside I found her like this....

Poor girl!!! 

We almost never get the bug that makes you throw up. We usually get the run to the bathroom bug. I can't even tell you the last time someone threw up around here. I was shocked to be honest! 

She's been feeling terrible all weekend. Thankfully she only threw up the one day. She's slowly getting her strength back. 

Cuddles with dad help! <3 

She was actually supposed to go on a Daddy/Daughter campout with Jared Friday after school. She was heartbroken when I told her they'd have to reschedule. Kids are funny...she still wanted to try to go. :P I told her when you are feeling better you will have so much more fun, so let's just reschedule. 

Jared was sweet with her all weekend. He felt bad too. The boys were off busy with work and friends and he spent some time with her when she was feeling up to it. He even started showing her how to play WOW on the computer. :P 

She stayed home from school again today. Hoping tomorrow she will be feeling much better! 


Eli's Eagle Scout Project- Gilbert Constitution Fair- Fliers/Advertisement

Eli has been working his tail off with his Eagle Scout Project! 

  He is helping The Gilbert Constitution Fair by collecting donations from local printers, family, friends & ward members to print 30,000 fliers for advertisement for the event!!! 💵💲📜 

This is him on the phone calling about 100 printers finding donations. Some printers offered free prints. After he ran out of generous printers he had to find which printer would give him the best price for making the copies. 

  Making the rounds to pick up donations. 

Keeping track of the money was really important. We don't like handling other people's money. LOL! It's stressful!

This is a really poor picture of the flier but you get the idea.We had a lot of hiccups with the artwork.  Originally they were supposed to be 4.25 * 11 inches. After contacting the printers they said the size wasn't a standard size and they weren't really willing to help out. So he got approval from his contact from the Fair to make them 5.5 *11 inches. When the artwork was sent over, we got a panicked call saying the dates were wrong and "DON'T SEND TO PRINTERS YET". We waited another week to get the corrected artwork. That pushed him further out for his deadline of bundling and delivering. And...the art wasn't designed for the correct size. They made them full sheets which he had to get all new quotes for because it increased the price. 

He had been working with a printer who gave him an incredible deal but their printers went down the day we finally got everything finalized. He was willing to work with us even though the flier size changed but after talking with them they realized he needed them sooner than their printers would be back online to print such a huge order in time. 

In a panic he started calling all of the printers again to see who could get them done by the timeline he needed. God stepped in and led him to the only printer in town that could guarantee they would be done in time. However, the price point more than doubled!!

He spoke to his contact with the Fair and they approved him to go ahead and order them and they would pay the difference since it was their fault and had set aside funds just in case. WHEW!!!

Eli kept all of his spreadsheets on Google Docs. It made keeping track of the churches he needed to get fliers to,  his hours, volunteer hours, donations collected, sign up sheets etc nice and handy!

After the fliers were off and printing he still had to compile a listing of all the churches in Gilbert and how many fliers each church would need for their congregations. 

He got a preliminary list from the Mayor of Gilbert but a lot of information was missing and had to be entered into a spreadsheet so he could use the information more easily. This took a lot of time. Thankfully, Jared is fast at data entry and gave Eli a hand! :) 

 It has been a crazy couple of months organizing, planning & implementing each step of the process. 

The BIG day came and the fliers were ready to be picked up!! HUGE shout out to Alphagraphics in Gilbert!!! 

Paper is also wicked heavy!!! Those boxes were beasts!!!

It was also very hot out ...lol!

Filled up the whole back of the van! 

Wednesday night he organized all of  they Young Women, Young Men and their leaders to help bundle all of the fliers to get them ready for delivery. 

Everyone was a ROCK STAR! 🤘😎 He couldn't have pulled it off without everyone's help. He also had 10 volunteers take routes to help deliver the fliers to 205 LDS & Interfaith Community churches!! 💙💙

Eli showing everyone what he needed them to do.  

 Big brother helping out! 

Jared making sure all the churches were accounted for and things running smoothly. 

He even made this awesome google map to help the delivery volunteers to find their routes easily!

 Eli giving further instructions to the troops. :) 

Little sister came out to help too! 

Fliers were EVERYWHERE!!!!

It was a crazy night!!!

All of the fliers have been delivered to the churches. I've reached out to the Gilbert Public Schools to see if we can deliver them to the elementary schools too. We just got the approval. The estimate of 30,000 fliers was too high. We will still end up with a lot of left over fliers. Hopefully, with how organized Eli has made everything he will be able to help the committee and the next Eagle Scout plan things a little better for next year. :) 

Eli has learned so much through this project. His ability to talk to businesses, organize individuals, plan and carry out those plans, have impressed both Jared and me. He's happy it's all done and he met with the committee contact last night and had her sign off his packet. He needs to get the rest of the signatures and the 5 letters of recommendation and then he'll be finished! 

He's a little bummed that this Wed. is Court of Honor. He wanted to get his Eagle now. He'll have to wait until Nov/Dec. when they hold the next one. But it will be good to wait. Walker will be done with his and they will both get their awards the same night! :) 

So proud of you Eli!!!


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