100m Individual Medley

>> Friday, June 30, 2017

 Last night Alayna competed in the 100 meter Individual Medley. It was the only race for the night. 

She's in the the 1st lane. 

The 1st stroke is Butterfly. 

2nd stroke is Backstroke. 

3rd stroke is Breaststroke.  

4th stroke is Freestyle. 

We were all cheering our lungs out for our swimmer!!! The girl in the 3rd lane was on her heels the whole time! But Alayna pulled it out and she took 1st place!!!! 

 She's starting to have quite the collection of Blue Ribbons! :D 



>> Thursday, June 29, 2017

Alayna had her yearly check up at the doctor the other day and she failed the hearing screening again. She reminded us it's been since 2014 since she's had her hearing screened at the audiologist. So we took her in today to get those cute little ears checked out! 

As you can see...she's really enthusiastic about the whole thing! LOL!!!

In 2014, I got a call from the school saying she failed the hearing test there. I took her to the pediatrician and she failed it there. Took her to the ENT and his audiologist screened her and basically told us he thought she was faking it. That ruffled my Mom feathers and I asked to go somewhere else for her to be tested. They sent us out to have a newborn screening in which she basically just sits there and the machine does all the work. What do you know???? She failed it!!! Some doctors I tell you! grrr....

Anyway, they told us she has hearing loss in both ears. Her right is worse than her left and it's low tones she struggles with. (She hardly ever hears Jared unless he talks loud.) Hearing aides don't help with low tone loss. So it's basically something we have to let her teachers know about and and she needs to try to pay attention in class. 

Today's visit basically confirmed the same thing we knew in 2014. Thankfully, however, her hearing hasn't gotten worse. So we just need to make sure her ears are free from wax as much as possible so she doesn't have that extra barrier in the way and remind her teachers she needs to sit where she can hear them well. 

The paying attention part might be the struggle. She's a social butterfly and loves attention. Getting her to focus and listen is a bit of a challenge! LOL!! 


Moab, Utah- River Trip

>> Wednesday, June 28, 2017

 I shared a few posts ago that these guys were heading up to Moab, Utah to raft the Colorado River.

 They were brimming with excitement and had an AMAZING time! They all returned home safe and sound with only one or two near death experiences! :O

This post is heavy photo filled...enjoy!

 The first night is always a little rough..LOL!

They drove up about 6 hours and camped over night.

Jared said the moon was like a flashlight in your eyes all night. But it sure looks pretty!

Hard to beat a sunrise like this though! Kind of jealous...not gonna lie!

They packed up camp and headed to the Monticello Temple before driving the last 2 hours up to the river. They had a small devotional and were spiritually fed before they arrived. :)

Walker likes to avoid cameras. I don't think he does it intentionally, but for whatever reason he tends to be almost out of every frame or non-existent on every outing, trip, or whatever it is. LOL! 

So, I'm probably going to point him out as much as possible in these pics you don't miss him. His boat also didn't have a leader with a camera so that didn't help either. He seemed to stay out on his own with two of his friends mostly away from the big groups....also a problem for getting his picture taken...LOL! He's in this one though! Eli is standing in the middle and Walker is on the grass right in front of him. :) 

This is a map of their trip!

 The 1st day they take the boys through some safety stuff. Make sure they know what to do if they get tossed from the boat and or stuck underneath one etc. Then to "christen" them, they take them to do a river float.

 This picture of Eli's face is the BEST!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!! That water is a brisk 51 degrees!!!

Jared bought a water proof camera for the trip. I'm so glad he did! That looks so cool! :) 

Walker is on the left of this pic! :)

Eli is ready to rock this thing!

Walker is in the blue and black shirt.

I think for the most part these pictures are in order. It's hard for me to tell since some are from Jared's camera, and others are from other leaders who went. :)

This kind of trip is Eli's dream come true! He loves the outdoors with all his heart! He's in his element here! :)

Next morning...

Love this picture of them! I just wish Walker was in it too!

 Games and down time.

Gorgeous views!!!!

 My three guys!! <3 <3 <3 Love them with all my heart!

 Back on the river!

 Jared set the camera to auto instead of sunlight. All of his pictures on the water proof camera came out red. OOPS!

 Some of the rapids .....

 Walker and Eli are in the back duckie. :)

 There they go!!! Love that they spent "some" time together!


 Yay! A whole picture of him and close up!! :)

So the fun part of rafting is taking down other people and boats! LOL!!! Eli apparently was the "master" at this. They were calling him the new "Gavianton Robber", which is a nickname a boy named Gavin in our Ward received 4 years ago for doing the same thing Eli was doing this year. It's also a play off of the "Gadianton Robbers" in the Book of Mormon. It's pretty clever and funny!!

He would sneak attack from the water and pull people off of their boats into the river with him, push them off, tip their boats over, and had some full on wrestling matches....and not just with the kids...leaders started joining in as they saw he was a force to be reckoned with and wanted to put him in his place...Hahaha!!!

However, Eli is spry and strong and slick! The leaders said they all had a new found respect for him because they couldn't get him into the water! LOL!!!

You know that just made his day and his head grew a few inches! :P I love that he loves to have fun!

He was in a boat at first that the boys didn't want anything to do with fun. He grew tired of it pretty quick and told them, "he was going make them have some memories!" Hahaha!!!

I guess burring the littlest guy is fun! :P 

Another beautiful morning!

Walker is on the right!

I love how the light is reflecting off the boat and the upcoming rapids.

They had some friendly games of tug-o-war! Eli loves a good competition!

Walker is on the left in the brown hat.

Nice to get in some shade!


Stunning view!

There's even snow on the mountains!

In the evening one of the guides was popping whipped cream in the air and the guys were trying to catch it in their mouths. 

Chandler was super close!

The guide played a trick on Eli and just threw it at his ear! LOL! 

So then he decided to just smear it all around his face! 

I'm grateful they got a few pictures of them all together! <3 

The Catalina Ward Young Men! :) 

Heading home! 

It's rough too....LOL! 

My handsome man! Such a great father! He does so much for our kids. Grateful for his example and love! Missed my guys!

I guess the river didn't wear these three out enough. The ride home was plenty "fun"! :) 

This was a once in a life time trip for the guys! I know Jared cherishes this so much. With Walker graduating this year, and life whizzing by so fast, it was a blessing that he got to do this with his boys before they are grown and gone! 


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