APEX Fun Run

>> Friday, February 24, 2017

Alayna's school had a fun run to earn money for the school. She was pretty bummed she couldn't participate because she has a boot on still. 

My girl front and center! :P 

Or is she running???? Caught her red handed!!! Naughty girl! LOL!!! She just couldn't resist! She's almost out of the shot on the left side....she "almost" got away with it!!!!! :P 

Alayna is the 3rd one from the left

The kids raised a lot of money and had fun too. Grateful to her teacher who shares these moments with the parents that aren't able to attend. :) 



>> Thursday, February 23, 2017

Alayna drew this today. I just wanted to remember it. :) 

Love "my" little angel! <3



>> Saturday, February 18, 2017

Alayna started taking a volleyball skills class a few weeks ago and she LOVES it!!!

Yes that's her wearing her boot! Her doctor probably wouldn't be too happy with us knowing she's still doing sports, but what can ya do? :P 

The class basically teaches the fundamentals of the sport. 

They are wild in there but they sure have a lot of fun! 

I love that Alayna isn't afraid to try new things all the time. She is fearless in that way and I adore that about her. She makes friends easily and is confident in herself. She's learning more about what activities she enjoys because she enjoys so much variety. I wish I had that ability to jump in and just try whatever looked fun! :P 

She's already decided she wants to try a Musical Theater Class next! :D 


Mesa Arizona Temple

>> Friday, February 17, 2017

For many, many years, since 1927 to be exact,  the Mesa Temple was the only temple in the valley. In 2014 the Gilbert Temple opened and Latter Day-Saints could visit the one that was closest to them. We live almost smack dab between the two, but since we live in Gilbert we typically go to the Gilbert Temple since it's opened. 

The temples close periodically for a couple of weeks throughout the year for maintenance and cleaning. Sometimes we get so caught up in our "routines" we forget how blessed we are to be able to visit other temples! That's exactly what happened this week. 

As I went today on my regularly scheduled Friday temple day, I was blessed to go to the Mesa Temple since the Gilbert Temple was closed for maintenance. When I arrived I was just struck with how beautiful the Mesa Temple is!!! It is so unique and feels like so much history is in those walls!  

It's one of the few temples that do not have a spire and Angel Moroni on top. I love the carvings around the top of the building! 

And the gardens....the gardens!!!! My heart feels so much joy taking in the gorgeous gardens there!

Even after I left I had to take more pictures of the temple. If it was warmer today I would have gone all around the grounds and taken more. But I'm a wimp when it comes to cold and it was pretty cold and wet that morning. :P 

The property the temple stands on is huge! The trees are very well established, the lawns are immaculate, and it smells heavenly everywhere you turn! <3 


I'm grateful for The House of Lord being so accessible to me. I know not many are as fortunate. Temples are being built all over the world now and are increasing with speed at which they are coming near Saints wherever they live. I know still many save for years and travel extensively to just be able to go to the Temple once in their life. 

It's humbling and makes my heart swell at having such easy access to the Temple. I love attending each week. It fills my life with more direction, peace, understanding and help that I need! My love for the Temple has grown so much the past 7 months as I've made it a goal to attend weekly. I've had sacred heavenly experiences that are hard to even put into words. I cherish those experiences and will remember them for the rest of my life. They have helped me to know how close heaven is to us. How much the Lord is aware of me and how much He loves me! <3 

I love to see the Temple!!!


George J. Morrison

>> Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Uncle George passed away last week. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer a couple of months ago. By the time the doctors found it it had already spread to his lymph nodes. He and his wife decided not to undergo any treatments. Chemo and radiation can be brutal for the quality of life you have left and he didn't want to go that way. They decided to let the Lord take him when it was His timing. I can't help but feel respect and reverence for his faith in that decision. 

Alice (wife) & George Morrison- at Robert & Martha Morrison's home in Mesa, AZ. 
I had gotten a call from my Dad on Tues the 7th. He had received a call from Alice. She told him the doctors said George was in his final days. 

His brother J.D. (John David), lives here in AZ, and they decided to go up to Prescott to the VA Hospital to visit George together. 

They have three other brothers, Tim, Mark, and Jim. Tim & Mark live back east in Ohio, where the Morrison family comes from. Unfortunately, we don't know where Jim is. The family lost contact with him over 13+ years ago. He wasn't one to carry I.D. and such so we aren't even sure if he's still alive. It's very sad. 

J.D. and Dad went up and had a good visit with Alice & George. George was in a lot of pain but kept his humor about him. That's a Morrison trait. :) Dad was grateful he went. He had almost hesitated and waited another day to go up because of work conflicts, but he listened to the small voice that said to go, and the next morning Alice called saying George had passed away that morning on the 8th. 

Over the past week I've gotten to know more about my Uncle George. I knew him better when I was little. We spent more time together then. As time went on the families went their own ways and didn't keep in contact. 

The Morrison brothers were split up when they were younger after their parents divorced. They bounced from both sets of Grandparent's homes over their childhoods, on opposite ends of the country, Ohio and  Arizona/California. 

The older three, my dad, J.D., and George went to one home and the younger three, Tim, Mark, and Jim, went to another. It was a tough way to grow up. They didn't really grow up together or know each other that well, and it has always saddened my Dad. 

John Sylvester, Lisa, Alice & George Morrison

The funeral was held on Saturday. Tim and Mark flew out from Ohio and came to the services. It was good seeing them and getting to know them a little better too. The last time they came out was in 2013 when Grandpa Morrison passed away.

Robert K. II, J.D., George, & Jim Morrison

George, John, & Robert K. II Morrison

Robert K. II, Betty (Bland), J.D., & George Morrison- Jan. 1968

Tim, Robert K. III, George, and Mark Morrison- Oct. 2003 

The picture above was taken the last time the brothers got together, October 2003, when their father Robert Kelsey Morrison passed away. 

Since I didn't have this blog back in '03 I think I'll share a few pictures here of my Grandpa. :) 

Robert Kelsey Morrison- Great Lakes Naval Academy 

Robert K. I, Betty (Bland), John David (10 mo.) , and Robert K. II Morrison (3 yrs old)- 1954

Robert K. I, and Robert K. II Morrison

I think my dad looks so handsome in this picture! <3 

The silver lining from this difficult time has been that my Dad and his brothers have reconnected in a way they never have before. So much of their childhood was turbulent and there were hurt feelings between the brothers because of it. This past week forgiveness and understanding has found its way into their hearts for one another. It has been a time of healing in so many ways. I can't help but feel my Uncle George has had something to do with it on the other side. I'm so grateful and happy for my Dad that he is finding after all these years the gift of family, brotherhood, and kinship. <3 <3 

As I get pictures from my sister from this weekend I will add them here. 


Valentine's Day

>> Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day this year...I sure did!!!! <3

Jared isn't usually one to plan ahead for holidays, anniversaries and such, but this year he really surprised me!!!

I had walked in Friday night after taking Alayna to volleyball (yes we decided to gamble and keep her in) and I see this gorgeous bouquet of flowers sitting on the counter! I was SO surprised! I couldn't keep the smile off my face! 

I haven't been feeling well and Jared came in to the room that night asking how I was doing. I said ok, not great but better than I was. He sort of just said ok, and left. 

While we were watching TV I said, we can just go to lunch tomorrow for Valentine's if you want. He gives me this look like I just caught him with his hand in the cookie jar! LOL! I said what's wrong? He said no, I've made plans. 

I was surprised again! He made reservations at The Melting Pot! We haven't been there in years! I was really excited!!! :D 

We haven't been out on a date in a while. Work, kids, sicknesses, ect. It sure was nice to get away just the two of us!

We made a day of it and went to the movies before dinner. 

We went and saw "Hidden Figures". It was excellent! I cried like a baby! LOL! I definitely recommend it!

 We headed to dinner for our 5pm reservation. I like to eat early. :P Jared likes to tease me that I eat with the "Blue Hairs"...but hey...we also beat the crowds! LOL!

 I didn't take these next photos...the internet is awesome for when you forget to take pics when you go some place. :P You can find pictures of anywhere you've ever been to! 

 It gives you an idea of what the food is like. Not everything pictured is exactly like what we got but close enough. :) 

For Valentine's they even take a cheesy picture and frame it up for you! :)

Tuesday, Valentine's Day, Jared stayed home and worked. He also decided to continue the spoiling.....which had me stop and ask him what he did with my husband? LOL!

He decided to smoke some brisket and make a homemade BBQ sauce to go with it. And he surprised me with my absolute favorite..chocolate covered strawberries!

The brisket and BBQ sauce turned out AMAZING! I made some sides to go with it and we had a really nice Valentine's Day dinner with the kids. <3

The strawberries were delicious too!

After dinner Alayna brought me this beautiful card....

She made it herself at school. 

 Boy! I felt so loved this weekend!!!

I know I posted a pic of these already...but they have bloomed now and they look even more gorgeous! 

I had toasted some coconut for some fudge I made and Jared made this out of the left overs...He thought he was pretty awesome! LOL! :P 

I'm so grateful for Jared and his thoughtfulness and that I got to spend Valentine's Day with him and my three wonderful kids! I love them to pieces!!! 


The Return of the Dreaded Boot!

>> Friday, February 10, 2017

It appears here in the Kitch household we love "the boot". We can't seem to get enough of it! We all feel we need a turn wearing it so we don't feel left out. It's really super fun...NOT!

This was me in 2011.

Eli in 2013..who also happened to be in 4th grade! 

Alayna has been having heel pain for a couple of months now. The past two weeks have been especially painful. I finally took her in to our favorite foot doctor, Dr. Krahn. It helps that he used to be in our Ward a few years ago too! :) 

They gave her some fancy booties and then took her over to get some x-rays. I love in house labs! As a mom with 3 kids it really is a blessing to not have to go to your primary care doctor who sends you to a lab who sends you back to your doctor. Who has time for that?!? 

Thankfully, our insurance doesn't require referrals so I just took her in to the specialist and by passed all the grief! :) 


She looks fancy! :P

 Then back to wait for Dr. Krahn and her results. He came in and examined her foot before he showed us what to look for. As soon as he touched her foot in the very 1st spot he touched he said, "Does it hurt there?" She yelped, "YES!" He knew exactly what it was before he even saw the films. That's a smart doctor! :) 

 Love digital technology! So fast!

He explained that kids have growth plates...which is basically space that looks like cracks on an x-ray..that allows the bone to grow. When children finish growing it fuses together and there isn't any space left. 

If you look at her heel you see at the back portion of the heel a crack that runs down it and if you look super close at the bottom of her heel next to the mouse arrow cursor but to the left.....let's look closer...

That little tiny crack that is to the left of the cursor is another growth plate. He said they can become inflamed. Usually it's with kids who are in tons of sports, running, and continually pounding the ground with their foot/feet. 

She's not in any organized sports but she plays hard, jumps on trampolines, roller blades, plays soccer and football at school, races all the kids at recess...she's active! It also doesn't help that we have hard floors throughout 90% of our house. Going barefoot all the time doesn't help either. 

So you guessed it! She was the lucky duck who won her very own Storm Trooper boot! I told Dr. Krahn he should order these in white so kids would think it's cool and wouldn't mind wearing them if they thought they were Storm Troopers. :P He also placed a gel cushion inside to help pad the heel even further. 

 She didn't realize she was going to have to wear it before we left. She wasn't too happy. :( I don't blame her...It stinks!!!

He wants her in it full-time at school and if she's not home. No PE and no volleyball, which she JUST started last week. We are so sad! :( At home she needs to wear crocs or any type of slip on shoe will do so she's not walking barefoot on the hard floors. She can take the gel cushion out of the boot and put it in whatever shoe she wears at home. 

He wants to see her back in a month and we'll see how the inflammation is doing. It's possible she may have to wear the boot longer than a month. It just depends. Once she's cleared and the pain is gone she can resume wearing normal tennis shoes with the gel insert inside. 

He said he doesn't feel this will cause long term problems for her. Especially if we treat it now. The biggest issue is once it becomes inflamed like this it can recur. So....until those growth plates fuse and she's done growing, which he said for girls is about 14 years old, we will need to watch that foot and make sure to take care of it if it flares up again. Poor girl...

It's taking some getting use to...she keeps losing her balance! LOL!

That's better...we even got a smile! :) 

I'm not sure if you noticed too that all 3 of us are wearing it on our right foot!!! So weird!!


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