Alayna's 11th Birthday!!

>> Sunday, December 31, 2017

Time keeps slipping through my fingers. Our "baby" turned 11 years old! This month has been nuts with sickness. Luckily we went to lunch the day before her bday and had a little celebration at Olive Garden. 

 Because the next day, and the whole week following, she ended up like this....

Sick :( 
The flu hit hard and was relentless!

We did manage to keep our tradition of watching White Christmas on her birthday. 

We had to postpone her friend party until the 30th. She had a small group come over for a movie night. She chose Dead Men Tell No Tales. She loves that movie. They jumped on the tramp, ate way too much candy, Jared grilled some hot dogs and they had a blast! 

The downside was that evening the flu hit me hard and fast and I had to leave Jared to run everything on his own. :( He was great though and the kids I'm sure didn't even notice I was missing. LOL! 

Happy 11th bday sweetheart! 


New Year's Eve!

I was still sick as dog for New Years. But I didn't want to spoil everyone's fun. I locked myself away in my bedroom and Eli invited his friends over and they partied all night.  

They are fun group of kids! :) 


Family Temple Day- December!

>> Saturday, December 30, 2017

Family Temple Day! 💒 

Our New Year's resolution as a family was to go to the Temple every month in 2017. It hasn't been easy juggling everyone's schedules but we did it!!! 🎈🎉

It has been such a blessing to our family. ❤️ 

Today we talked about setting worthwhile goals for the coming year. We all agreed to continue this one next year! We have loved it! We also discussed personal goals we each can work towards. Especially, inviting our Heavenly Father in to our goals and allowing Him to be apart of the process to help us achieve them and to grow closer to Him. 

As Walker reminded us yesterday, he's 1/2 way through his Sr. year. He will be making so many decisions and setting goals to help him be better prepared. 

I'm so grateful for my sweet little family. I'm incredibly blessed to be a wife and mother. My dream came true! ❤️❤️ Happy New Year from the Kitch's! 🎉🎊 


Walker's 2nd Sleep Study

>> Friday, December 29, 2017

It's been a couple of months since Walker's septoplasty surgery. His doctor's wanted a follow up sleep study to see if it has improved his sleep apnea. They would have liked to wait a few more weeks but we've met our deductible for the year and I pushed to do it so that we could take advantage of the savings. These studies are EXPENSIVE! We are still making payments on the one he had in Jan. They said they felt it would be ok and would give them a close enough gauge. So we moved forward with it. 

He went to a different place this time. Last time he went to Phoenix Children's Hospital which was really uncomfortable and he was sleeping in a hospital bed. Jared had to stay in the room with him too. It didn't make for the most accurate readings. 

This time he went to Valley Sleep Center in Mesa. It was way closer to home and it was more like a home experience. He had a regular bed and they even put Jared in his own room too. It was really nice!

We should be getting his results in a week or two. Hoping he's gotten some relief from the procedure. If not we will have to look into other options. 


Merry Christmas

>> Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas from the Kitch Family!!!

Our traditional picture with Santa. :P He didn't used to look so small. LOL!

 Sammy was too excited for his stocking! Hahaha! It was so cute!

 A new squeaky bone and pup peroni's! He was in heaven!

This may be our last Christmas with this guy for a couple of years! My aching heart! <3 

 Alayna got this blanket for Jared and me. It's sooooo soft and cuddly! She's so thoughtful! <3 


Yes....She really wanted a steak for Christmas! LOL!!!!


That's a wrap!!!

Jared and I made a big breakfast for the family. The kids checked out their new goodies and we just laid low for the day. 


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