The Packard Wedding

>> Friday, April 29, 2016

 My dear friend Chris Packard's youngest son got married today! She needed help with a few desserts for the luncheon so I decided to make this coconut tres leches cake trifle. :)

I'll confess...I hadn't ever made it before. I actually do that a lot! LOL! I like living on the edge. Haha! I just find recipes that sound good and whip them up and cross my fingers they turn out as good as they sound. :P 

This dessert did NOT disappoint! 

It was everything you could dream of and more. The toasted coconut really put it over the top for me. I LOVE coconut! 

I was a little worried about how I was going to transport it though. Trifle dishes aren't the most stable serving dishes in moving car...LOL!!!

A few boxes of mac n' cheese and a basket did the trick though!!! I would have cried if it would have dumped on the way there! Thank goodness it arrived all in tact! :D

The luncheon was beautiful and the trifle was a huge hit! Everyone now wants the recipe. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought it was delicious!

Chris also needed help decorating the Stake Center and my friend Liz and I were in charge of the display as everyone walked into the foyer. I think it turned out so pretty! :) I was there from 8:30am until 2:30pm. I was also helping in the kitchen chopping, washing, mixing, and setting out food. Then we had to clean up before we left. It was a long day but it was so much fun.

Congratulations Packard family!!!


Walker's Golden Scholar

>> Thursday, April 28, 2016

 Walker had his Golden Scholar Award Ceremony today!!! 

He has had a pretty heavy academic load this year and he was out sick for two weeks last quarter. We were nervous he wasn't going to be able to catch up in time before they looked at GPA's for academic night. He worked really hard and he qualified!! :D

I should know better than to doubt him...he's a rock star! :P 

He's the one standing in front of the flag. 

Shaking the Principal's hand. :) 

Big grin from him and his best friend Chase. :P 

Walker, Nelson and Chase have made it to Golden Scholars since they were little boys. They are great friends and are like brothers to each other. :) They are growing up so fast! Next year they will be Juniors!!! Wowzers!!!!

Love this young man!! <3

Congratulations on another successful year Walker!! We are so proud of you. We know you have worked your tail off this year and we are so impressed with all that you have accomplished!! Love you!


Mother Daughter Activity Day!!

>> Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I love Activity Days!!! I especially love this time of year when the Activity Day Girls invite their mom's to come and see their talents and participate in a craft together! :D

Alayna loves to draw. She drew a picture last year to display and she drew another one this year. We didn't even think to display her piano books to show her growing talent in music, or her swim team ribbons!!! Next year we won't forget! :P

We got to make a picture block together that afternoon. On a previous day they all met they went to the temple and took pictures and wrote their testimonies. Then today we put it all together to make this super cute block to display it! 

I love reading her sweet testimony! 

We had a great time!!! 

Thank you for inviting me Alayna!! <3 Love you to pieces!!


Gilbert Fire

>> Monday, April 25, 2016

 Jared and I were out with friends at San Tan Mall on Saturday afternoon. We had just eaten at Kneader's for dinner and when we came out we saw tons of smoke over near where we live. I immediately called home. We had left the kids home and Eli had some friends over. We were worried something might have happened. Thankfully it wasn't our house!!!

Unfortunately, the brand new apartments near us on Gilbert and Warner weren't as lucky. They were still under construction and in the wood framing stage so one right after the other caught fire very quickly!! In fact 7 buildings were destroyed. 

The following pictures were posted by different friends on Facebook...

There were at least 2 explosions which resulted in very intense heat and flames. The winds that day were high which made it hard for the firefighters to contain it. Three different fire departments came to help battle this 5 alarm fire. It was stated that this was the biggest fire Gilbert has ever had!!!

The above image was taken outside the front door of one of the members in our Ward. The fire grew so much that the families in the neighborhood and the apartments down the street were evacuated. The winds picked up and the heat was so intense that the homes directly behind the fire were damaged. One family in our ward said their fence caught fire from the heat. The stucco on the house melted off the house. Their backyard was burned up. Their truck windows blew out and the paint bubbled up. This was no joke!!

Crews fought well into the night. Thankfully only one firefighter had some burns to his hands and a few others were treated for smoke inhalation. No one else was hurt or injured. A few homes like our friend's I mentioned earlier had damage, the club house to the other apartments down the street caught fire, and some of the outlying garage/storage buildings suffered as well. 

Most everyone was able to return to their homes late that night or early the next morning. 

This is what it looks like now. 

Walker's bus stop is right across the street from here. I drive by there everyday! They were going up FAST. Most of the buildings were already getting insulation wraps, windows were in place, and a lot of the landscaping had been planted. It's amazing how destructive fire is. This will probably set the builders back a couple of years. They will need to get everything cleaned up, insurance dealt with, and begin the rebuilding process. 

I'm not excited about these apartments being built but it's sad to me to see such destruction. I'm very thankful that no one lost their lives that day!


Triathlon 2016

>> Monday, April 18, 2016

Walker participated in the Coronado District Jim Brinkerhoff Varsity Triathlon again this year! He loves this activity! It's pretty impressive that he's able to complete it! :)

This year some of the Mia Maids went up with the guys. Everyone had a great time!

Nice job Walker!!!

P.S. That neon green headband really completes the look! LOL!!! :P


Can We Get Off The Party Bus?

>> Friday, April 15, 2016

It's a never ending party around here! Celebrated Eli's bday yesterday and someone gave him strep throat as a present today!!! We are ready to get off the party bus!

Poor kid has been through the wringer this year. :( 

Update: Alayna is also not feeling well. Jared took her in on Saturday with the same symptoms. However, her strep test came back negative but they are sending it out to the lab to be sure. We should find out in a few days what they find. She doesn't look quite as sick as Eli. LOL!!! 

Better safe than sorry though!


He's a Teenager!

>> Thursday, April 14, 2016

Well it happened....Eli became a teenager!!! He's 13 now! 

Before he went to school I ran up to Bosa Donuts and got him a super nutritious breakfast to start his day! LOL! Forgot to get a pic..sorry....You'll just have to trust me that he loved it! :P 

I wanted to do something special for him at school. I wanted to get him balloons, a giant bear to embarrass him that he'd have to carry around and bring him lunch. Jared felt it was "too embarrassing" so I just dropped off a pizza with a note inside. :P

When Eli got home I asked him if he would have been embarrassed about the balloons ect. he said no.....I guess I can always do it next year! LOL!!!!

We let him choose where to go for dinner. He loves Red Robin, so that's where we went! What a goofball! LOL!

Do you get the feeling all he did was eat??? LOL! I guess that is what teenagers do!!! 

They brought him an ice cream sundae and sang to him. But he wanted something else.....

A mile high mud pie!!!! Look at the size of that thing! It's the size of his head!!!!! hahaha!!!! He pretty much finished that entire thing! I couldn't believe it!

Before scripture and prayer the kids decided he needed a birthday hug/dog pile! :P

Happy Birthday Eli! 

We are so blessed to have you in our life. You have so much to look forward to in your future. We are excited to see what lies ahead for you. We are also grateful we get to go along for the ride! You are an amazing young man. You are a natural leader and people love to be around you. You are always the life of the party and you help people to feel included and welcome. You are a "gatherer". You have been blessed with so many talents and gifts! We love you so much!!!!!


We Will Stand Together!

Alayna is our little note giver. She loves to give each of us little pictures or sweet words of love. It's one of the things I love about her. She's so thoughtful!!

The other day I was driving Jared's car because the van needed some repairs. As I was sitting in the car I pulled down the visor and found these two adorable notes she had given to Jared. I think she gave these to him a while back but when I saw them today they just struck my heart and I had to snap a picture. :)

She is our family girl. She loves being in our family. She talks about it often. In her prayers she always says she's grateful we get to be in the family and she "never wants us to be apart". It's pretty darn cute!!!

My heart just melts when I look at these sweet notes. I love that she says "We will stand together!" She's right! We will be together forever! So thankful to be an eternal family!! <3 <3

Love you Laney Doodle!


Student of the Week!

>> Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Alayna is Student of the Week this week in her class! :) Usually the teachers send home a pre-formatted poster the kids fill in and add pictures to. This year her teacher has left it up the the kids to make a poster however they want. 

Let me preface this with some background. 

1. Alayna let me know Sunday night...yes...Sunday night, that she needed this poster done by Monday morning!! KIDS! :P

2. She didn't want any help. She wanted to do it all herself. 

3. My OCD was REALLY hard to keep in check while I watched her put this together!!! LOL!!!

4. She absolutely LOVED how it turned out and she was so proud of herself and really that's all that matters!!! <3 <3

There you have it! "All About Alayna"! :D Great job sweetie!!!


You're in Trouuuuble!!!!!

>> Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Eli was toying around with the idea of trying out for Jazz Band earlier this year. However, after he had been sick for so long and missing tryouts he felt like that ship had sailed and didn't really think much about it anymore. 

The rest of the story is Guest Posted by Eli....

As I was walking to my 2nd hour, band, Tanner says, "Eli! Your name is on the board!" And I'm like "Aww man what did I do now?" 

As I walk into class everyone is talking about how my name is on the board in big letters, ELI COME SEE ME, and I'm really like, awww man what did I do now!? 

I walk up to him (Mr. Bannon) and he says come see me in my office.

 After like 10 min. He finally comes in and he says, "Eli I’m sure you know that you said you wanted to join jazz band." And I'm like, "Uhhhh yeah." And he says, "Well I want you to join the SVJHS Jazz Band! You dont HAVE to do it, but your WAY better than my second choice."

 And I said, "Yes."

 The End! 

How awesome is that?????  Eli never even tried out for Jazz Band and Mr. Bannon didn't ask him to try out at any point. He just offered the position to him! Now, Mr. Bannon is pretty hard-nosed. He doesn't give anyone "freebies". That's what makes this all the more impressive. He was so impressed by Eli (even though he hasn't been to school in a quarter!) that he STILL felt he was the best player in 7th grade! This blows me away!!!

Music is definitely a talent that comes naturally for Eli...but having his band teacher offer this to him in this way just shows us even more how gifted he is. We are so proud of him!!!

Congratulations Eli!!!


Just Hanging Out!

>> Monday, April 11, 2016

Yesterday after church we were all relaxing and enjoying our afternoon. I had had a crazy stressful week and I was ready to just not have to think about anything and enjoy being with my family. :)

The kids tend to get a little goofy after they've been sitting around a while without much to do. Ok...well maybe not "just" the in point...the image below!!! LOL!!!

I'm not even sure how this came about. All I know is we were watching "The Middle" together, which happens to be the BEST show, and I look up and see Jared trying to jump on Walker's back! 

Walker has really been loving weights this year at school. He's getting pretty beefy! It's cool! 

I told Jared to be careful and for Walker to "use those legs"!!!!!! Hahaha!!!

Not only did Walker hold Jared like that  he carried him around the house for a while. I couldn't believe it! Those smiles are priceless!

Oh the wacky things these guys come up with! :P

Love them so much!!!! <3 <3 <3


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