Random Acts of Christmas Kindness- RACK'ed

>> Thursday, December 17, 2015

Alayna and her Activity Day group met yesterday and made these baggies to hand out to people. They ended up going to Fry's and passing them out. 

When Alayna got home last night she said she had so much fun! I thought it was a really cute and neat thing to pass a long a little Christmas Cheer!!!! :)

Today I got this email from one of her leaders-

"I just have to tell you, your daughter was sooo funny yesterday as we walked around Fry's giving Random Acts of Christmas Kindness (RACKed). She would sneak up the register line and set a bag on the belt and run back away. Or she would walk very sneaky passed someone driving a cart and drop one in their cart. All the girls were giving her more of their bags to do because she was so funny."

Sister Walker

It just warmed my heart to hear what an example she was to the other girls who were a bit more shy than her. :) She's a pretty amazing girl!!! <3 <3


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