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>> Monday, November 23, 2015

We woke up Saturday morning to this little treat! LOL! We still don't know who "loves" us so much to decorate our house so beautifully. :P

I did post this on FB that day and one of our friends said that we weren't TP'd it was more like a 4-pack! Hahaha! That made me laugh so much!!! LOL!!!

Either way..it still isn't fun to clean up but thankfully Jared took care of it for us this time. :)


Daddy Daughter Hoe Down!!!

Our Ward had their Daddy Daughter Dance Friday night. Alayna has been so excited about it since it was announced. :) Ever since we went to Tombstone she's been wanting a cowgirl outfit and this was a great opportunity to acquire one! LOL! 

We didn't let her down..and in fact made sure Dad looked sharp too. :)

They announced the Sunday before that they were going to not only have dancing, but also horse rides, BBQ, and all sorts of fun! :) Alayna heard horses and she was on cloud 9!!!!

Apologies for the blurry pics...it was the best Jared could get on his cell. :P 

Just use your imagination to envision that enormous grin on her face right there!!!! :D

After the dance they went out for ice cream with some friends of ours. She came home and she filled me in on every last detail at the speed of light! She was over the moon! She said it was the best day of her life! 

She is such an awesome girl! Lover her to pieces!!!!


Happy Halloween!

>> Monday, November 2, 2015

So amidst all the crazy wedding happenings the next night was Halloween! Jonita and Nicole came over to go Trick or Treating with us but, before that we had a pumpkin to carve! :)

Apparently Nicole has no memory of ever carving a pumpkin. So we remedied that real quick! :P Alayna is our little artist and she drew the face and all 3 cousins got to work on bringing it to life! :D

 Here is their finished product! Looks pretty awesome!!!

 Natalie: Antman, Jen: Wonder Woman, Carlos: Ninja, Eli: Hulk, Alayna: Feline Fairy

Then it was time for BUSINESS!!!! 

Jonita stayed at the house to hand out candy and the rest of us went to see what goodies the neighbors had. :P We brought back quite a haul of sugar that's for sure! However, we don't know where all the other Trick or Treaters were this year. We didn't even go through one bag of candy and we hardly saw any kids out this year...very strange....

We did stop at our friend's the O'Laughlin's. They take pumpkin carving to the next level!!! Pretty rad huh!?!

Here is a creepy story my daughter wrote. I have no words..... LOL!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!


Jeff & Bea's Wedding!!!

Friday night Jared's brother Jeff got married! :D

Most of the family made it out to AZ to be there for his big day! 

Rich officiated the wedding. He was a little nervous all week but he did a beautiful job. It wasn't his 1st ceremony. He told me earlier he's done a few hundred! :)

I'm not sure whose smile is bigger....Jeff's or his Mom's. :)

Jeff asked Jared to be his Best Man. Jared was so touched. He never thought he'd be anyone's Best Man. It was perfect. :)

I love the look Jared is giving Jeff. Like he's saying, "Are you ready for this????" LOL!!

Here comes the bride......

They had a few different ceremonies within the regular ceremony. This was the Lasso Ceremony. 

The Coin Ceremony. 

The main ceremony. You may kiss the bride! :)

And the Sand Ceremony. 

Everything was lovely....and by the looks on their faces they were happy to have that part done and were ready to celebrate! 

After the ceremony it was time for pictures! 

The cousins!

Then it was time for the reception. 

Best Man and Maid of Honor. 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey David Kitch!

1st Dance. 

 Bea arranged for Jen sing "At Last", as a surprise for Jeff. Not a dry eye in the house! Apparently my kids have never heard her sing before. Which seems crazy to me. Jen's always singing! LOL! So it was a treat for them too! :P 

Jared gave a wonderful toast. He was pretty nervous. He doesn't love public speaking...but his toast was so heartfelt and had us laughing and crying. It was perfect!

Who let that raga-muffin family in??? Where is that girl's shoes? LOL!

I'm a sucker for weddings. I love them! I'm a bigger sucker for Mother/Son and Daddy/Daughter dances. I cried the whole time. It was so sweet!

They had all the married guests dance and they called out years of marriage. We made it pretty far, 18 years. Rich and Rita have us beat at 22 years. :P Bea's family has a lot of long timers. The longest were 45 and her parents at 60+ years. So awesome!


Then it was time to party!!

Alayna is hilarious! She LOVES to dance and had some pretty sweet moves! :P

Look at my boy dancing with his Mamaw! :D

Then it was time for the garter toss. My kids had so many questions about these "traditions". They were very confused...Hahaha!!! Don't worry...everything was kept PG. 


Bea's sister made this beautiful cake. 


They also had a Money Dance. Alayna wanted to get in on that action. :)   

After she danced with Uncle Jeff she came running back to the table with the hugest smile and said, "That was SO MUCH FUN!!!" Heart officially melted..... :)


The night got late and we ran out of time for pictures. We did manage to get one with the Bride and Groom before we left though. :) We are so happy for them both. They make each other so happy and it's beautiful to witness. The wedding was gorgeous and full of family, friends, and loved ones. Congratulations Bea & Jeff!!!!

The next morning we had the rest of Jared's family over for breakfast. We pretty much all had just rolled out of bed....as you can see..LOL! 

 We had to get a group pic before Mamaw and Pampa headed back to Texas. Nicole and Jonita left Sunday, and Julie leaves Tues. 

It was a crazy week. But nothing beats time with family! Love that bunch of weirdos!!!! :P LOL!


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