Court of Honor- Star

>> Thursday, August 27, 2015

These fine young men earned their Star Rank Advancement last night along with a whole slew of merit badges!!

  Sorry for the poor picture quality. It was dark, it was on my cell phone, and my friend zoomed in and digital zoom is terrible! LOL! I'm glad I have them though! :D

Eli has been hard at work in scouts. He's really loving all the cool outdoor things they get to take part in. We are so proud of him already earning his Star! He told us in just 6 months he could earn his Life. He's determined...and I have NO doubt he will will be able to achieve it! 

 This is always my favorite part of rank advancements. When the boys present me with the pin and I get a big hug! Eli is more hesitant to hand those out lately. But I squeezed him tight anyway!! LOL!

Congratulations Eli!!! You are a stud!

Walker also was there and earned a bicycling pin, and a repelling pin from his High Adventure camp he went to over the summer. I tried to get a picture of him but my phone battery died on me. :( Darn it!! 

We are proud of him too and are hoping he will be able to get to his Eagle project soon. :)


Cibeque Falls

>> Sunday, August 23, 2015

Eli's Scout Troop went up to Cibeque Falls for a campout and a hike. 

Doesn't it look gorgeous?!?

We might need to give Eli pointers on how to make sure we can actually see him in group pictures...LOL! He's the one in the back behind the guy in the blue holding a large stick! :P

Eli said the hike was a bit more intense than the boys thought it would be. Later the leaders admitted it as well.. LOL! Parts of the river were REALLY deep..up to their necks! They all thankfully survived and came home safe and sound! :P 


What Is Good For Womens.....

>> Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Here's another flashback I came across today. This was 3 years ago when Alayna was 5 and Eli was 9. 

They were in the bedroom and Alayna had been laughing hysterically for the past 5 minutes...

Eli: "Why are you laughing so much?"

Alayna: "Cuz laughing is good for womens!"

Profound words from a 5 year old! :P Yes she did say "womens"...and it makes it all that much cuter!! LOL!


Pathway Graduate!

>> Monday, August 10, 2015

Jared did it!!! 
He graduated last night from the Pathway Program! :) We are SO proud of him! 

It's been a difficult year but he stuck with it. He's learned so much about the Gospel and about himself. It truly has been a blessing!! 

He is such a great example to the kids and to myself. He works full time, has a calling that keeps him crazy busy, and he's back in school. Along with all the other things he does to help keep up the house and kids with me!! I admire his determination!

Now that his Pathway year is complete he has applied and been accepted to the BYU-I online degree program! Classes begin next month! :) Another testament to us that we know he's doing the right thing at the right time at the right place is that BYU-I accepted almost every single credit he had from University of Phoenix. NO other college has done that before!!! We are so thankful! :D

He's a little nervous about the work load but I think if he can do this 1st year at Pathway he can do what is needed for the University classes as well. He loves that it will all be online. He won't have Thursday night meetings, and I think that will be nice for him to have a free weeknight again. :) 

He will be taking 2 classes this semester to see how much is required of him. After that he may decide to take fewer or more classes. Right now if he maintains 2 classes for 3 semesters he'll graduate in 4-5 years. That sounds like a long time...but it will be so AWESOME when he finally achieves this goal he's always wanted for all these years!!!

Way to go babe! We are so proud of you!!!! <3


Back to School!!!

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The kids went back to school today! To celebrate surviving another summer Jared & I went out for our traditional breakfast date after we dropped all of the kids off! :P

We tried a new place in Downtown Gilbert that just opened up, called Snooze. It was delish!!!

Before that though, we did help the kids get ready and sent them off with hugs and kisses! :P This is a big year for the Kitch's. We are canvasing every school this year...LOL!!!

Walker is a Sophomore at the High School. Eli is a 7th grader at the Jr. High. And Alayna is a 3rd grader at the Elementary School! Alayna has Mrs. Powell this year. :D

Everyone made it home all in one piece and we chatted over chocolate chip cookies when they got home. Each of them said they had a GREAT day and it sounds like they all like their teachers. :D Win for the Kitch's!!! :D

We are ready to tackle this school year! Each of them shared their goals that they want to accomplish last night during Family Night. I love hearing what things are on their minds and what they want to focus on. I know they can do hard things and reach their goals if they put in the effort. 

Here's to another year!!! :D


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