>> Sunday, May 31, 2015

Four years ago today (Alayna was 4 years old) my sweet baby girl was having a rough few nights. I was tucking her in bed after several nights of this and she was fussing about everything once again. I had done all I could to settle her down and help her to see things were going to be ok. Nothing I did seemed to be working.

So I finally asked, "Alayna, why do you keep whining at me?"

She replied, "Because I don't have anyone else to tell what's in my head."
Isn't she the cutest thing? :D

I found these words to be VERY profound!

It certainly stopped me in my tracks and gave me some perspective. She didn't know it at the time but she really taught me a valuable lesson that night!

To this day, I still think about the wisdom in her words. Love that girl of mine! <3


Phantom of the Opera

>> Saturday, May 30, 2015

Recently Walker watched the movie version of Phantom of the Opera. He loved the music and had been singing it around the house for weeks afterwards. Then I saw a commercial on TV advertising that it was coming to town and I had to get us tickets to go!!

Jared and I saw it years ago, probably 15-16 years ago in California at the Pantages Theatre. It was amazing!! It's also Jared's favorite musical. We just had to go! :P

So we did!!! :D

The chandelier! 
The sets were really cool, the music was great, and the performances were on point! Walker loved it and we all left singing our favorites songs!! :D

It was a wonderful evening with our oldest! :) He's growing up so fast!


Walker & Eli's Court of Honor

>> Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last night the boys had a Court of Honor. Eli is officially in the traditional Boy Scout Troop now! :)

He earned his Tenderfoot. 

Second Class...
Sorry it's blurry...a friend snapped this on his phone and texted it to me. :)

 and First Class Rank Advancement!!!! Woohoo!!! Way to go Eli!!

1st Class, 2nd Class, Tenderfoot Advancement and Mother's Pins

Walker got a pin for the Triathlon he did a month ago or so.

As well as his On My Honor Award. He actually earned this award a while back but never received it. :)

He also earned his Personal Fitness Merit Badge, but I was too slow with the camera and I didn't get a clear pic of him getting it. Darn it! :(

Triathlon Pin, On My Honor Award, Personal Fitness Badge

These boys are working hard! Walker is going to be choosing his Eagle Project soon and they both have Scout Camps next month...though they aren't going to the same camps nor the same weeks. :P
We have a lot to look forward too this summer!


Good-Bye Elementary School!!!

>> Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yesterday was Eli's 6th Grade Promotion Ceremony!!! 

He was also apart of the Color Guard for the Flag Ceremony. :)

I thought we'd left plenty early to get a good seat. Apparently 30 min. wasn't early enough. We still ended up sitting alllll the way in the back of the gym. It worked out ok though, I had a great vantage point for this! :)

The BIG moment arrived. They called his name, and his teacher Mr. Preble handed him is certificate and shook his hand. :)

See ya later elementary school!!!!!!!

I mean...look at that SMILE!!!! He's one happy dude! Love it!!! :D


Eli requested strawberry cheesecake for his celebration....so of course the graduate got his wish! :)

We are so proud of you Eli! The last 7 years have been filled with ups and downs and a lot of learning, both academically and personally. We are so proud of the choices you have made and how hard you've applied yourself. You have shown us what it means to persevere, to always keep trying, and never give up! You know how to dig deep and rise to over come obstacles. You continue to show us by example what it means to be a good friend, brother and son. Your laugh lights up every room in the whole house! You bring excitement and energy wherever you go. People are drawn to your clever wit and sense of humor. You never sit too long and love to engage with others in any type of activity. You thrive on being active. You are constantly making up games, inviting others to play games, or figuring out how to master a game! Your thirst for solving puzzles and problems is so fun to watch! You are growing into an amazing young man. Your Dad and I feel so blessed to be your parents! There is never a dull moment when you are around! We love you so much! We know you are going to crush it in Jr. High! 

Love you son!!!!! :D


Smart Girls ROCK!!!

>> Friday, May 15, 2015

Alayna had set a goal even before the school year started, to get her Math Master's Award. In 2nd grade they want you to complete 100 addition and multiplication problems in under 5 min. 

She met and exceeded her goal!!! :D

She mastered her addition and subtraction and also her multiplication! She was so VERY close to completing her division too! She made it all the way to her division 7's!!! 

Let's give this smarty pants a WOOT WOOT!!!!! :)

I'm so very, very proud of her! 

She was also recognized by the school at the Character Counts Assembly for all of her hard work! It was a BIG deal! I was so thrilled I could be there...and we even got to sit with each other! That made her feel extra special...and me too! ;)

I love that she doesn't let hard things stand in her way. She doesn't give up easily and is such a role model to her peers and to her family! I know next year she will get that Top Gun Award in no time!!! :D 

Top Gun is earned by doing 100 addition/subtraction...and 100 multiplication/division without missing a single one in 4 min for each test!!! That is her next big goal! :D

Way to go Sweetie! We are so very proud of you!!!! Keep up the awesome work! :D Smart girls ROCK!!!!!!!


Swim Team!

>> Thursday, May 14, 2015

This week Alayna started Swim Team! She is a little fish at home and a friend of ours from church asked if we wanted to do it with them and we thought it sounded fun.  

Alayna loves our pool. She's already been swimming in it since Feb/March. It's still way too cold for me! I'm a wimp! :P

When I told her about Swim Team she was so excited! She couldn't wait!

After the first day she came to get dried off and her first words were...."I almost died out there!" LOL!!! I asked her what happened. She said, "They don't give you a break. I'm exhausted!" Hahaha! 

I reassured her that each day she practices she will get stronger and it will get easier. ;)

The 2nd day she was swimming underwater and she accidentally bumped into the legs of one of the life guards. He scooped her up and asked her if she was ok. She said she blushed, said yes, and kept swimming. I asked her why did you blush? Were you embarrassed? She said, "Yes, and he was kinda cute!" Oh my heavens!!!!! LOL!!! I told her she was tooooooo young to be thinking about that kind of thing!!! Hahaha! 

Yesterday, she had said she had the most fun. She said they got to race against the kid in the lane next to them and she said she beat them!!! She's a little competitive. LOL! She also said it was much easier. She wasn't quite as tired. Boy kids build endurance fast....

Today is the final day of the Pre-Season Practices. We'll see what she says today. 

We've tried her in a few other activities and they just haven't been her "thing". After a week or so she loses interest. We've talked a lot about Swim Team and that if we sign up she was going to have to stick it out for the season. She gave me her word and I hope this is something she will love....or at least not hate! Hahaha!! Kids.... :D

Next week they have off with it being the final week of school, and then they start up the Season on the 26th. They have Meets every week on Thursday. This is an all new experience for both of us. I'm excited for her and hope she does well. :) If nothing else, this will certainly help her to perfect her strokes!


Meet Kura!

Meet the newest member of the Kitch family!!! Eli is the proud father of a sweet new baby girl named Kura! :)

As a part of his school assignment he is taking care of this (sugar) baby. It's to teach the kids responsibility. Kura must stay with him at all times. If he is unable to care for her, he has to find a babysitter. Lucky for him, Alayna is a VERY eager babysitter and wants to watch her every chance she can!!! 

Thankfully we already had a car seat in the van to ensure a safe ride to school this morning!! 

This project is always fun. I love to watch Eli carry that sack of sugar around the house, to the store, to bed at night! :) 

This morning as he was buckling her in Alayna says, "I think Eli is going to be a really good Daddy!" I certainly agree!!! :D (Just not until he's 25! Hahaha!)


Walker's Last Band Concert

Walker had his final band concert Tuesday night! 

The end of the year is like a sprint. So many concerts, projects, finals, and ceremonies. I can see the finish line though, and that's helpful! :P

I rarely get a good clear shot of Walker. I love you can see his cute smile in this one!! :D

Two clear shots!!! Must have been my lucky day! :D

The band sounded great and that's his final performance. He's decided not to continue with band next year. Jared and I are a little heartbroken, but we also feel he needs to start making more of these hard choices on his own. If it was up to us we'd ask him to stick with it another year, but he just isn't enjoying it the way he used to. Most of his friends didn't take band this year, and next year he'd be the only one left. 

We did talk with him though, and expressed that if he didn't continue with band he'd need to find another extra curricular activity. He is our "studious" child. He craves learning like nobody I've ever met. Most kids his age just want to hang out and do the minimum requirements for school. Not this guy....

When we were going over his schedule for next year he was very clear he wanted to take as many AP Classes as possible. The rest will be Honors, with the exception of P.E. (which I think will be weights if he gets it approved), and the 2nd year of his Business Class. 

We want him to of course get the most out of his education, but we also want him to have balance. Scouts and Church help with that, but we want him to also be involved in Clubs and things at school as well. :) 

He will be a Sophomore next year and my heart sort of stops when I think about that too much. I wish I could freeze time some days. Yesterday was one of them!

Walker came bounding through the door and loudly proclaims, "Mom I'm hooooome!!!!!! I missed you!!!!!!!" and gave me the BIGGEST hug! It was such a sweet surprise and I had to push back the tears. (The kids tease me that I tear up too easy..lol!)

It was such a simple thing and he probably has no idea what it meant to me. But it was so precious to me. Walker is an affectionate teenager. He's not too moody or angry or all of those things you hear about teens...yet any way. :P LOL! He gives us hugs and kisses, but there was just something different about yesterday. I wanted to write about it here to make sure I don't ever forget. :) 

Love you Son!!


Mother's Day!

>> Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day was yesterday! Jared got me roses and the kids each made me a card. :)

Eli's Card

My favorite part was of course the Haiku!!! LOL! He's so funny! :P

Alayna's 1st Card :P

Alayna made this super awesome card at school. Her letter is so sweet!

Walker's Card
This meant so much to me. Teenagers don't always tell you things. My heart melted when he said he likes spending time with me in the morning! :D

Alayna's 2nd Card
Alayna is so sentimental...and this cracked me up! 

We went to church and as soon as we got home these 3 guys got to work on my Mother's Day English style High Tea luncheon!

Look at how hard they are working!!! <3 <3 <3

The Hors d'oeuvres! So fancy! :P

Had to get a few pics in with my beautiful kids! :D

The family before we dig in!

Isn't it gorgeous?!? I've always wanted my own tea party!!! 

The boys made 3 kids of sandwiches, we had about 5-8 different kinds of tea, (don't worry it was caffeine free! :P ), plus homemade lemonade for those who found out they didn't like tea..lol! 

 Jared said it wasn't official unless I held my pinky up while eating my sandwich! :P

The rest of the day we laid around and watched "Beauty and the Beast", cuz it's English too...lol! 

For dinner Jared made us Pommes Frites which turned out REALLY good, and we had lots of snacks and pizza, and of course chocolate fudge cake, because you know, we hadn't quite pigged out enough! Haha!

It was a very nice day.
 Jared and the kids made me feel very special and thought of. It was perfect! :)


Elvis is in the Building!

>> Friday, May 8, 2015

Alayna had to choose a Famous American to do a report on. It's the BIG end of the year project for 2nd Grade. She chose Elvis Presley! :D

We worked on this for a few days getting different facts, pictures, and compiling it into one poster for her to present on Monday.

 We learned he was a twin! Who knew? (Probably a lot of people, but we didn't! :P ) We learned that he met Priscilla (his wife) when she was only 14 years old. There were so many interesting things!

She loved learning more about him. She already loved his music, but hadn't really seen his performances. Thanks to YouTube you can travel back in time and see so many awesome things he did! 

She really did most of the work on this. I'm very proud of her! :) 


Mother Daughter Activity

>> Thursday, May 7, 2015

Alayna is LOVING Achievement Days!

Yesterday they had a Mother Daughter Activity where the girls got to show us all their different talents. Some girls played the piano, performed gymnastics, displayed art or things they sewed. One girl brought in a video of her learning how to finally ride her bike. Another girl played the violin and another girl read a story she wrote. It was really neat to see all the awesome stuff these girls can do! :)

Dear Mom,
I hope you know I love you. I am glad you picked me!

Each of the girls presented their Mom with a flower pin they had made and a note. That note just chokes me up each time I read it!!! What a sweet heart she is!!! :)

She said she didn't even know I love pearls! :P I also want to add that I think her pin was the most beautiful one there! :D

Alayna played, "Sleeping Beauty Waltz" on the piano. She played beautifully!

She also displayed a drawing she made. 

I took this pic at the house before we went. I wanted to show the picture she was looking at (on the left) and then her drawing side by side. That girl AMAZES me!!! She's only 8!!! She's very talented! :)

We had a great time! We finished the afternoon with some snacks and baked goods some of the girls wanted to make to show their talents in that area. 

I can't tell you what it means to me to have these special times with my daughter. I hope she will always know I'm in her corner and rooting for her. She is such a joy and blessing in my life. Love you Sweetie!!! <3


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