Bubble Kids!

>> Saturday, June 28, 2014

Eli got this ball a few years ago from Gma & Gpa Morrison for his bday. It made it through exactly one birthday party with 10 or so crazy boys and it suffered some damage. We've had it in the garage thinking we'd repair it one day. 

Well, we decided to pull it out today and see how "sea worthy" it was! :P

Alayna and Eli had a "ball" for HOURS! in this thing!!! LOL! It has some pretty major air leaks but it held pretty well in the water!! :P 

Aren't my bubble kids cute!?! :D


Itchy, Scratchy, and No Fun at All!

>> Friday, June 20, 2014

Wednesday morning at 2 AM Alayna woke up and came into my rooms saying she had a bad dream and was really itchy. I wasn't fully coherent and I brushed her off and said to go rub lotion on her tummy (she does have dry skin a lot and this usually helps). She came back in crying saying it was burning really bad so I drug myself out of bed and gave it a closer look. 

I took her into the bathroom where the lighting is better and lifted her shirt and she was COVERED in some sort of rash, large welts and hives. It looked awful!!!! She was in tears and "Mom Mode" kicked in. 

I ran to the the medicine cabinet and rummaged through the 100's of bottles in there and of course we didn't have a single bottle of Benedryl. The only thing we did have was Zyrtec which she takes everyday for her seasonal allergies. I gave her a dose of that since it was all I had and then stuck her in bed with Jared to help keep her calm while I ran to Walgreens to get some Benedryl. 

By the time I got home she was doing a bit better. I gave her the Benedryl and she slept in the bed with me all night. In the morning she didn't seem to be improving much. 

I took her to the doctor and her pediatrician said it looked like she was having an allergic reaction to either the Amoxacillin or the Hydrocodone she was taking for her tonsillectomy. She told me to take her off of all of it and let the ENT know. So we stopped all the meds, called the ENT and tried to help her by giving her Benedryl every 4 hours to get it all under control. 

The next morning it still didn't look like it was improving much. In fact, it seemed like it was spreading and getting worse!

I gave her more Benedryl, more Zyertec, and threw her in the tub with some luke warm water and oatmeal. She said it felt really nice while she was in the bath but about 5 min. after she got out it was terrible again. 

I called the doctor's office to let them know how Alayna was doing and they told me to bring her back in. We ended up seeing another dr. in the office who after looking at her was of the mindset that she wasn't having an allergic reaction to the meds, but that it might be from stress, a virus or something else. She had been on the other meds for 9 days and having a reaction this far out from taking it didn't really seem likely. She said it's almost impossible to know what though and since she had just had surgery her body has been under a lot of strain so it's hard to to pin point exactly what the cause is. 

The treatment I was giving her at home wasn't working at all so she decided she needed a healthy dose of steroids to help her system to get ahead of this reaction. They gave her an oral dose in the office before we left and wrote a prescription for us to fill at the pharmacy just in case we needed it. 

This was day 2 after several doses of Zyrtec/Benedryl/oatmeal bath. I took this with my dinosaur cell phone...it looked MUCH worse this!!! This was all over her entire body! :(
Today she still has traces of the rash over her back and chest but it's considerably reduced and the itching is all but gone now. Thank Heaven!!!!!!

It's been a rough 2 weeks for our sweet girl and I pray this is all behind us now. She needs a break poor thing!!! :(

Her throat is doing much better though. Yesterday she was able to eat some club crackers and a bean burrito! This is BIG!!! We are thankful for the healing with that! Her voice still sounds "different". The ENT said it's normal since they try to guard their speech to protect their throats. It may or may not return to how she sounded before. We are just happy she's starting to eat some solid foods again and gaining her energy and strength back! She's ready to get back to playing with her friends! :D


No More Brace Face!

>> Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another milestone for Walker has come! He got his braces off today!!!!!!!!

Boy he's sure grown and matured in 2 short years. 
He got them on at the end of 6th grade when he was 11 years old. He's now 13! :) 
He's ready to take on H.S. now.....;P


Alayna's Tonsillectomy (PFAPA)

Well the BIG day finally arrived on Monday. Alayna had her tonsils removed in hopes it would give her a chance at a cure from her autoimmune disease PFAPA. 

It's so weird how no one has heard of this disease. Every medical place we go to explaining why she's there for tests, Dr. visits, surgery, etc., they look at me like I'm speaking alien. I always have to explain what it is.

It was no different as Alayna was getting prepped for her procedure. The nurse asked why she was having her tonsils removed. I explained that by having a tonsillectomy it will give her an 80% chance for a cure for her PFAPA. The nurse just looked at me strangely and shook her head and said I've never heard of that one! sigh...

We arrived and Alayna was such a trooper. She was actually a little excited! She changed into her cute little fishy hospital gown, had her trusty blanket (which is actually a sarong from our trip to Hawaii but she uses it as her blanket..lol!), and Oliver the Otter to keep her company. 

Dr. McKenna came and spoke to us a bit and then Dr. Tucker the anesthesiologist explained his part, then it was time!

The procedure only takes 45 min. and then they kept her in the recovery room for 2 hours to monitor her. As soon as she was finished and in recovery we got to go back and be with her so we were right there as soon as she woke up. 

Dr. McKenna said she did great! Once he got in there and could really see the situation he said her tonsils were much larger than he initially thought. Some people's tonsils are sorta "hangy downy" (his medical terms..lol!) and other's are more "up and around". Hers were the latter. He said in her situation he had to then go and carve them around to remove them. It sounds awful! :(

All of the nurses said she was their best patient of the day and she was a dream. They kept saying how cute she was and treated her like gold! They were wonderful! Shout out to fantastic nurses! :)

We got her home and it was slow and tiresome. She slept most of the afternoon. We called one of the Brethren from our ward to come over and help Jared give her a blessing to help her heal. 

That evening however, things really started going down hill. We think she just couldn't handle the anesthesia. She just kept throwing EVERYTHING up. Even the Zofran which is suppose to help you "not" throw up! Dehydration was becoming something we were very worried about. 

However, she was finally able to get some rest and the next day she did better. She kept everything down which was great! 

Last night was rough. She was coughing a lot and she had a fitful sleep. She's been in my bed so I can keep a close watch over her. 

Today she's having quite a bit of pain.They said for whatever reason day 3 is the hardest. It's really hard to get her to drink or eat anything. She just cries. I know she is doing really well. She has a tremendously high tolerance for pain. I know she's hurting more than she even lets on. The big concern is over dehydration. We don't want to have to go back to the ER for an IV. It's just so hard to swallow when it's so raw in there. :(

At first she was communicating through her version of Charades. After we had no idea what she was trying to say she moved to the tablet to type it out. Now she likes to just use 100's of Post-It notes. LOL! You should see our house. They are EVERYWHERE! :D

We are praying she gets better and better each day. And  are prayerful that this will help her with her PFAPA once an for all! 

Bless her sweet little heart! Love you Laney Bug! <3


McClendon Family Reunion

>> Sunday, June 8, 2014

Unfortunately we couldn't make it to the McClendon Family Reunion since Alayna is having her tonsils out. However, my Mom and Dad were able to go. 

This is a pic of mom, her step-mom, her brothers and sister standing at the grave of their father William McClendon Sr.

left to right, front row: Christine McClendon Long, Betty McClendon, Martha McClendon Morrison
back row: Daniel McClendon, William McClendon, Richard McClendon
I wish we could have been there to support mom and get to know the McClendon's better.  I know it is always difficult for my mom to get together with that side of her family. There is a lot of hurt feelings, grief, pain, and lack of communication. Not to say that it is any one person's fault. I'm sure everyone has a part in it. It breaks my heart honestly. She did say it was a good visit and she was happy she went. I don't really know that side of the family very well either. In the past few years I've gotten to know them better and that has been nice.

Mom grew up split between two families after her parents divorced. She never felt she fit in in either family. She was treated as an outsider by both. It's caused her to be mistrusting and guarded in her life. Her step-father didn't want her to see her real father, and her real father stopped trying after a while. He sent child support money and that was a huge blessing to mom's family she lived with (the Bernal's). Life gets complicated and hard sometimes.

I'm just happy to see that perhaps some forgiveness on all sides is happening and perhaps some healing too.


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