Cutest Hairdresser Ever!

>> Friday, May 30, 2014

Walker has been in a serious need of a haircut. That mop of his was getting pretty shaggy. So Alayna came to his aid and gave him a snazzy new Summer do! :P

I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time. She was having a ball and he was so patient with her. It really was sweet. :) 

After a few moments of uncertainty it all worked out and she ended up giving him a great look for summer! :) I think we might have a hairdresser in the family!


Golden Scholar & Last Day of Jr. High!!!!

>> Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where is the time going?? Today was the end of another school year!

I thought it would be fun to get a selfie..LOL!

The "proof"...:D

All 4 of these guys have been friends since they were little they are entering High School!!!

Walker had his 5th Golden Scholar Ceremony today!!! :) What a smarty pants!

Hard to believe I'm old enough to have a FRESHMAN! I'm so excited for him but I wish it wasn't going by so fast. I know I'm going to blink and I'll be waving good-bye as he leaves on his Mission. I pray for strength and courage!!

This little beauty came in the mail a few weeks later. It's official! :)


Worth the Wait!

>> Saturday, May 17, 2014

We had Eli's friend bday party today! He really wanted to a swim party and it was still a little chilly last month. He decided he'd wait another month for it to warm up and have all of his buddies over. He said it was definitely worth the wait!!! The pool was a BEAUTIFUL 84 degrees, it was the hottest day of the year so far, and he reported it was his 'best birthday party ever'!!! :D Success!!!

This is what boys do...they swarm around video games...LOL! :P All you see is back of heads....Once lured with treats, they realized there is a big world "outside"...Hehehe!! :)

Eli and his buddies had a great time. There were moments you would have thought we were having a Rave it was so crazy over here!!! But I love hosting parties for him because he is a real take charge kinda guy and he does so much to help coordinate and run the show! Every mom's dream come true!!!

Love you Eli!!! Happy Belated Bday! :D


Walker's Final Band Concert for Jr. High!

>> Thursday, May 15, 2014

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and with it comes final exams, final projects, and final performances!

This was Walker's final band concert in Jr. High. I think he was happy about that! :) The way the band instructor coordinates the percussion is ...for a lack of a better word....DUMB! I won't go into detail but as a former band student I would have gone crazy! Good news is next year he will be in High School and the band program is MUCH different and he'll get the instruction time he needs. :)

 I have to admit I'm really excited he's going to be in marching band. I guess you never really stop being a band nerd. :)

 Their final concert was based on the Civil War. They had a power point presentation that went along with their music. It was really good! :)

Walker is the one in the very back on the left standing next to the brass bells. 

At the end of the concert we got to watch the video clip with the music they performed at Disney. I really wish we were allowed to record it..but Disney is very protective of their copy rights. :P They did an awesome job and they sounded wonderful!!! 

Mr. Bannon also put together a slide show of pics from the trip of all the kids set to the music of "Frozen" of course! It was cute. 

So here we are another performance down and a week left of school. It's all coming to an end quickly and I'm scurrying behind trying to keep up!!! :)


Walker Went to DISNEYLAND!!!!!!

>> Sunday, May 4, 2014

Walker left on Friday for his Disney trip. He finally got home this morning and he filled us on all the fun and antics over the past few days. Even better, he took some pictures for his dear 'ol Mom! What a good boy! LOL!! :D

They woke up bright and early and got to the Park for their Music Workshop. He said it was pretty cool and he got to play the bells. He's in percussion but he seems to really like playing the bells over drums. :) Must be from all those years of piano playing. They were in the workshop until about 1:30pm. Then they were free to run about and enjoy to their heart's content!!!

 Major bummer so many rides were down for refurbishment. :(

Walker is the one in the 2nd row on the left. :)

 Walker and his buddy and fellow percussionist Andrew waiting in line for Star Tours. 

Walker and another percussionist friend John in line at Astro Blaster.

Walker and his friend Alex who is a percussionist and in our Ward. :)

They had a Elvis impersonator performing while he was there. 

He said this was the by far the BEST school trip he's ever been on. Even better than Oceanography in 5th grade. That's saying a lot because he LOVED Oceanography. :)

We are so happy for him that he got to take part in such an exciting experience. He will remember this trip forever. :) I'm glad he's home safe and sound! 


Father & "Son" Campout

Eli and Jared went to the Ward's Father & Sons Campout. Since Walker was in California for band Eli got to go all by himself with Jared. 

I think he LOVED having one on one time with his dear old Dad! :)


Girls' Weekend!!

>> Saturday, May 3, 2014

Jared and Eli went to the Father and Son's Campout and Walker left for Disneyland. That left Alayna and I home for a fun Girls' Weekend together!!!

We started out with Alayna's Cupcake Club! Her and 3 of her friends rotate homes once a week and the Mom's teach them about making cupcakes. It's different each week and the girls have had a lot of fun over the past 3 weeks. Next week will be their last meeting. 

It was our turn and I taught the girls how to use fondant. They could hardly stop eating it long enough to put any on the cupcakes...LOL! This was Alayna's masterpiece! I love the roses! :)

After the other girls went home we decided to have dinner at Olive Garden and get a movie from Red Box. It was a low key evening together just chatting and laughing!

The next morning we got up bright and early (since we were left with Jared's car which the a/c doesn't work) and the temps were supposed to be up to 100!!

We decided to fuel up by going to Bosa Donuts! MMMM!

We wanted to get some fun crafts to do later so we stopped by the Dollar Store and picked up a few things! :)

This is a glitter picture. It was quite complicated and messy. It certainly required adult help...I don't' know how they expect children to do this. It was hard!! LOL! It was fun to work on together though and it only took us an hour...maybe two... :P

Alayna said it was "tradition" to go see the Gilbert Temple when the boys go out of town so we made sure to make a visit!

After the Temple the temp was already starting to get pretty warm so we decided to cool off and head over to the movies and see Rio 2. 

The movie was pretty cute and even though we pigged out on Icees and popcorn we were ready for some real food and grabbed lunch at Rubios.

Then we headed home and cooled off in the pool!

I love having a pool now! It was just what we needed after driving in the AZ heat all day!!!

We finished off the night by making chocolate chip cookies and watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. I love spending quality time with my sweet girl! I'm so blessed to have a precious daughter. I love you to pieces Laney!!!! :)


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