Eli's 1st Court of Honor

>> Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Now that Eli is officially done with Cub Scouts he had his 1st Court of Honor tonight! Boy this kid is BUSY!

His Troop had already started working on a few merit badges and so he was a bit behind. This didn't stop him!! He dug deep, and he was able to complete everything for tonight's meeting. His work ethic is so amazing! 

There was a paperwork snaffoo however, and he wasn't able to receive all of them. He did earn his Photography, and Cinematography badges. 

In Aug. he will get his Scout Rank Advancement, Music, and Communications merit badges. Those were the ones missing from tonight. 

 Bro. Watt has plans to keep the boys that are in town plenty busy over the summer so we expect the next Court of Honor to be very fruitful! :)

Another really cool thing is that Eli and Walker are in Scouts together again!!! 

It's fun to watch Walker run the meetings and be an example to the other Scouts. Scouts is such a wonderful program!!! 

I love these two boys...uhem...I mean, young men...!!!!! :)


Eli's Final Band Concert

>> Tuesday, April 29, 2014

 Eli had his last Band Concert of the year tonight. They have been working hard, and they sounded so good! All that practice is paying off. 

Jared is convinced Eli was the reason behind why they sounded so great! :P He might be "slightly" biased...lol!

Great job Eli! Can't wait to hear you next year in 6th grade band!


Eli is Running for Student Council Secretary

>> Monday, April 28, 2014

Eli is running for Student Council Secretary! 

There's a lot of work that goes into running for office. In fact, there's a whole packet he has to complete! He has to get 2-3 teacher recommendations, signatures from Primary & Senior Grade students, write up an essay stating why he would make a good candidate, make 2-3 posters to hang in the school, and write a speech for the announcements on Friday. Whew!!!

Here is is essay: 
 Student Council Essay     

       I see myself doing great in the secretary position for the following reasons. First, I see myself fulfilling the secretary position because I can keep things organized, and I will make sure council members know all that they need to know as well as information from student council meetings gets out to the proper people. I will make sure that nothing is crumpled, ruined, or stained, and I will always keep track of everything.

I would be the best person for the job because I can do all of these things, and I have proven to turn in my work on time. I think the most difficult part of the job is to make everything nice and tidy. I look forward to helping to lead my fellow students, and working with the other student council members.

I think that all student council members should be a good role model because if you set a bad example then the younger kids might follow you – this can also be beneficial if you are a good example. I think that a good role model should have character, respect, kindness, good grades, be fun, and funny. These are all the reasons why I think that I am the man for the job.

He wrote that all by himself! He'd be a GREAT Secretary! :)

Below are the posters we worked on over the weekend.....


We plan to make stickers for him to hand out to the kids at school to remind them to vote for him and then he only needs to write his speech that he will deliver on Friday. When it's finished I will post it here. :)

The speech:
Hi. My name is Eli, and I "mustache" you who would be your best student council secretary. I think that I will make the best student council secretary because I will always do my best, be on time to meetings, and make sure that everyone knows all that they need to know. That means everyone, not just student council members or teachers, but the rest of the students will also know things that you need to know too!

To help you get to know me better here are a few things about myself. I am currently a Peace Helper here at Settler’s Point. I have excellent grades, and have participated in Academic Night for the past two years. I play the saxophone in the band, and have been in the school chorus since 3rd grade. I am also a member of the Boy Scouts. As a Scout I am trustworthy, obedient, brave, clean, and a hard worker all around. And I will always have your back.

One example of these things, is when my mom needs me to help out, I will usually leap up to help. Whenever I need to take care of my sister or help my brother I do. Each week I clean the house which has helped me build a good work ethic as well.

One of the main things that I think a student council member should know is how to handle responsibility. Through my experiences in the different clubs and activities I am a part of, l have learned this skill. If you want the best candidate for Student Council Secretary, vote for the guy with the fake mustache!! Thank you. 

Keep your fingers crossed!! And remember....Vote for Eli Kitch for Secretary! :D

Update: Results are in...Eli gave his best effort. I was lucky enough to be at the school and watch him give his speech. He did a great job! After a week of deadlines, essays, hard work, and campaigning the school voted and to our disappointment Eli did not win.

I will say, he handled the news VERY well, with such maturity and dignity Jared and I are so proud of him! Sometimes it's tough when you work so hard for something and for whatever reason you aren't able to reach your goal. But as a part of life we learn lessons not just in attaining the things we want but in the journey getting there. When we sat down with him when he go home and discussed how everything went today we just were amazed by his attitude! Truly a great moment for Mom and Dad. We'll get 'em next time son! :D 


Walker's Workin' his Way to Disney!

>> Saturday, April 26, 2014

Walker's Band has the opportunity to go to Disneyland in about a week to take part in a Music Workshop. He needs some extra spending money for food and souvenirs so Grandma & Grandpa Morrison said if he came and did some yard work they would pay him what he needs for the trip. Well...when an opportunity like that comes along you can't say no!!! :)

We had to make some arrangements to haul the trimmings away so we called Uncle Jeff who let us borrow his truck. He's such a great guy. :)

We arrived and Grandma and Grandpa's and quickly got to work. A few weeks earlier we had come and pruned this grapefruit tree. The limbs, dead fruit, etc were all still laying there since Grandpa hurt his back and couldn't finish the job. So Walker's main task was to finish up that tree. It was a LOT of hard work! I wish I had thought to get pictures before he had started. He was pretty close to done by the time I got out there, but hopefully you can see how much he did. :)


You can sort of get an idea from how full the back of the truck is. :)

The look on his face says it all....satisfaction in a job well done and cash in his pocket for Disney!!! :)


Alayna's Diagnosis....PFAPA

>> Friday, April 25, 2014

Our little Alayna was diagnosed today with PFAPA ...Periodic Fevers, Aphthous Stomatitis, Pharyngitis, Adenitis Syndrome. It is an auto immune disease. 

This syndrome includes recurrent episodes of fever with aphthous stomatitis (mouth sores) and pharyngitis (sore throat with redness). Occasionally, there also may be exudate (white patches on the tonsils) and usually the lymph nodes in the neck are enlarged (adenitis). Episodes of fever start suddenly and last for 3-7 days. 

Fevers occur routinely every few weeks; often, families know the exact day when an episode will start. Other symptoms include joint pain, abdominal pain, rash, headache, vomiting or diarrhea. Children are completely well between episodes. 

Alayna has been battling this for 1.5 years and we are happy to finally have a diagnosis. She's missed a LOT of school because of it. 

Some good news is 85% of cases go away in the teen years. Hopefully she's in that percentage (there are adults with PFAPA)...we are trying to see what can be for her until then...since that's still many years away for her, and she can't continue feeling so awful and missing so many days of school.  

We saw her pediatrician Wed. as she was running her typical bout of fevers and symptoms. I have been keeping a record of every time she's been sick and her symptoms. They did blood work on her last month while she was healthy and on Wed. when she was sick to get a comparison of her white blood cell count. With everything I had on record and the blood panels, Dr. Shoptaugh (her pediatrician), said that this was indeed PFAPA.

She recommended we go and see an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist to give us another opinion and to discuss this syndrome further. So I called Thursday (yesterday) for an appointment with the ENT  and was able to get in to see him this afternoon!! He comes highly recommended. His wait-list is typically 2 months just to get an initial consultation. With all the prayers being sent up for her, God has heard them and is answering them!!! When I called and told her pediatrician so she could send over her records she about fell over! LOL! She said I was one LUCKY Momma. I know it's not just luck. :)

At her appt. today the ENT, Dr. Jeffrey McKenna, recommended removing the tonsils. They have seen about 80% of patients improve after a tonsillectomy. They aren't exactly sure why this helps. We discussed other treatments but they seem to just be band-aids. Steroids can be given at the onset of fever. The steroids knock out the fever and symptoms with in 30 min. Wednesday she took the steroids to see how she would react to them. How she responds to the medication also gave her another indicator that she has PFAPA. After so took the steroids (Prednisone) she was running around the house playing that evening and was able to go to school the next day. This felt like a miracle. Usually when she comes down with her symptoms she down and out for at least 3-4 days. However, not enough has been documented on the affects to children who take them for long term and I really don't feel comfortable giving her this medication every 4-6 weeks. He also said Zantac, which is an acid reflux mediation you can get over the counter, helps. They also don't know why a stomach medicine would help this disease. He said it makes absolutely no sense and was discovered inadvertently. Once the patient stops the Zantac however, symptoms return. None of these options felt like they were the answer. We wish the percentage for remission was higher with the tonsillectomy but it's the best chance we have at this point in time. 

One thing of note is the ENT couldn't say 100%  that he thinks she has PFAPA. She isn't presenting "typically" as he's seen in other patients. She does get sick every 4-6 weeks but with PFAPA patients it is like clockwork. It's every 4 weeks on the dot, or 5 weeks on the dot etc. When I asked him about it however, he also said he couldn't say she "didn't" have it...got to love doctors... In his opinion he was leaning more towards run of the mill tonsillitis. Since the treatment/cure for both is a tonsillectomy he didn't care what we called it...he said the tonsils have to come out. My gut feeling as a Mom tells me that it is PFAPA. She may not run so on the dot, but every 4-6 weeks is pretty regular and her blood work and symptoms are classic for this syndrome. Jared also has been diagnosed with MS and he doesn't present "typically" either.

Alayna is scheduled to have outpatient surgery on June 9th....as long as she doesn't run a bout of fevers at that time. Please keep sending prayers for our sweet girl. I know this is a fairly routine procedure but she was pretty shaken up after the Dr. explained what was ahead of her. She tried so hard to be brave...but let's face it...surgery is scary no matter how old you are. She is however looking forward to all the ice cream, Slurpees, and Popsicles she can handle for 2 weeks!


Eli's Arrow of Light!!!

>> Thursday, April 24, 2014

Eli had his Arrow of Light Ceremony last night!

The Arrow of Light in Cub Scouts is the highest rank a boy can achieve. It is considered equivalent to The Eagle in Boy Scouts. 


The Chief began by beating his drum and called the boys that were receiving their Arrow of Light and had them follow him to the front. 

He then led them to the fire. As a Scout, they are to always be helpful. Each boy was given a stick to lay in the fire to help the fire to continue to burn. It's all very symbolic in Scouts. :)

Then the parent's of the boys were asked to join their boys. This is to show how we as parents are always there to help our boys on their Scouting journey. 

 The Chief then explained the meaning of the Arrow of Light.

First, the sun. The sun sheds its light on all that we do. A reminder that Cub Scouts should be a light for those around them.

Second, the rays. The seven rays of the sun representing the seven days of the week. A reminder that Cub Scouts should do their best every day. Also each of the rays represents 7 great virtues:

WISDOM- Having wisdom doesn't mean that a Scout is smarter than others. It means that he uses what he knows to live a better life -- to be a good example for other people, young and old, Scouts and others, family and friends.

COURAGE- Having courage doesn't mean that you're never afraid -- very courageous people are often afraid. However, facing danger despite your fear is the act of a brave, courageous Scout.

SELF-CONTROL- Scouts have to know when to stop. When you can stop yourself when you have had enough or done enough of something -- enough eating, enough playing, or even enough working -- then you have self-control. Know what behavior is correct in each situation, and do it. When you have self-control, you are growing up as a Scout.

JUSTICE- Justice is part of the Pledge of Allegiance: "with liberty and justice for all." Justice is being fair with others that we go to school with, work and play with. Justice means it doesn't matter who the person is, or what color they are, or what they do ... Scouts are fair to everyone.

FAITH- Scouts believe in God. Faith means that we believe in God and other things we cannot see. When you know God exists in your heart, you have faith.

HOPE- Hope means you look forward to good things that you believe will happen. You hope for better things tomorrow, but you work hard today to make those good things happen.

LOVE- Scouts have many kinds of love. Love of family, home, your fellow Scouts, God and country are all a part of Scouting. Every kind of love is important for a full and happy life.

You will find that if you live by these seven virtues, you will be happy and will make the people around you happy as well.

And finally, the arrow. The arrow which is symbolic of everything which is straight and true. Just as Cub Scouts should be straight and true in their lives. It also points forward to the trail of Boy Scouting ranks and higher challenges.

Then the boys recited the Boy Scout Oath. 

Their Webelos Leaders then presented them with their Arrow of Light patch which is one of the few patches that can be taken and worn on their Boy Scout uniform. 

Then the boys present their Mothers with a pin, as a thank you for helping them along their Cub Scout path

The parents then go and retrieve an arrow from the quiver....

 and present it to their son. (He was actually very excited about this...don't let his facial expression fool you...he said he had an itch...LOL!)

The Chief then removes the boy's Webelos neckerchief and slide before the Crossing Over part of the ceremony. The bridge symbolizes leaving Cub Scouts and entering the Scouting Program. 

The boys 'cross over' the bridge where their new Scout Master, Brother MacDonald, greeted them and shook their hand to welcome them into the Troop.

 The families follow..

Bro. MacDonald shared some thoughts and congratulated them on their completion of the Cub Scouting program. He welcomed them into 11 Year Old Scouts and the crowd gave a BIG cheer!!!

The Cub Scout Program from a Bobcat all the way up to the Arrow of Light is 3 years. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into earning all those patches, pins, arrow points, compass points, and belt loops! Jared and I are so proud of Eli and how much he's grown and matured over the years. Cub Scouts teach life long lessons about character, hard work, goals, service....the list goes on and on! We are excited to watch him as he moves on to Boy Scouts and see him continue to develop and progress into an amazing young man!!! 


A Visit from the Easter Bunny!!

>> Monday, April 21, 2014

When we got home last night from our trip we found this note and Easter eggs all over our front yard!

It was such a fun surprise to come home to!!! The kids loved it! Thank you Easter Bunny for not forgetting us!

P.S. We still are missing 2 eggs...I hope we find them soon..those aren't going to smell so great! LOL!


Cedric & Michelle's Wedding

Our niece Michelle got married this past Saturday April 19, 2014! 

We were blessed enough, through the generosity of Jared's sister & brother in law, to be able to fly out to Texas to attend their sealing! It was a beautiful day from beginning to end!

She just finished getting her hair and make-up done. 

Ready to head out the door to the temple.

Michelle and 3/4 of her Bridesmaids. :)

We think she was getting cold feet! LOL!

All of the Bridesmaids: Nicole (sister), Jolene, Stephanie, & Kaitlin.

We were anxiously awaiting the happy couple to exit the temple. :) 

Gotta love weird pictures your husband takes of you while you are supposed to be watching the happy couple coming out of the temple...fail...LOL!

Mr. & Mrs. Cedric Buckley!!!!!!!

They were just so happy they couldn't stop giggling! :)


Cedric's father, Cedric, and Brother in law.

Cedric's niece, brother in law, sister, mom, and dad. 

Precious moments with her Dad...

Being the Mother of the Bride is a lot of work too! Jonita was scurrying around all day! :)

These two sisters are the BEST of friends! It is so neat to see the love they have for each other. Nicole was so amazing and organized and planned the entire wedding!! She's a Godsend! :)

 We were so thrilled to be apart of their BIG day!

After the sealing we headed over to Rudy's BBQ for the luncheon. It was delicious!! And we got to see Jared's mom and step-dad! It was soooo good to see them both!! :)

That evening they had a reception. Their good friends from their ward helped out a lot. Brother Green made the cake and Allen made the cupcakes!

They also had a S'mores Bar. It was fun to see Michelle take full advantage of it! :)

They had a Father Daughter Dance and it just melts your heart to see how much Allen loves his little girl!

And she clearly adores him too!

Cedric and his Mom also danced!

It was a whirlwind weekend, jam-packed with events from begging to end. Everything was absolutely perfect and beautiful. We are so happy for the Newlyweds!!!!

While we were there we also had the chance to see our good friends the Cluff's! They moved out of our Ward about a year and half ago, and they live only 10 min. away from Allen and Jonita!! It was so wonderful to see them!!!!

 Easter afternoon arrived before we knew it and it was time for us to head back home! :)


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