Walker Gets a Chance of a Lifetime!!!

>> Sunday, February 23, 2014

We've been anxiously engaged in preparing for our Gilbert Temple Dedication! 

The Youth from 25 Stakes from all around Gilbert, within the Temple District, have been practicing since the beginning of January for the Youth Cultural Celebration that will be performed the Saturday before the Temple Dedication on Sunday March 2nd, 2014.

They have been working hard every week during the 3rd hour of church and every Wednesday during their mid-week activity. The Prophet Thomas S. Monson will be coming down from Salt Lake and watching their performance and on Sunday he will dedicate the Temple. It's a pretty big deal!!

Our area has a LOT of Youth...they estimate over 12,000 boys and girls ages 12-18 years old! It takes quite an act of organization, patience, and the Spirit to pull this together. 

Originally, they were going to have the Youth meet at Gilbert High School and practice on the football field there. Once they got more accurate numbers they realized that space would not hold that many kids so they moved it to Discovery Park right next to the Temple! Very fitting I think. :)

I was not able to attend the rehearsal as they wanted limited amount of extra people. It was only Youth and Stake Leaders totalling 6,000 adults. Thankfully I have some great friends who posted some pictures from the day. I wish there was one specifically with Walker in it but I was grateful to get any pictures at all! :)

Our Youth are performing "Toma Mi Mano"- A Mexican Hat Dance. I guess they didn't bring their hats yesterday! :P LOL!

The other Stakes are performing different dances, songs, flag routines, playing guitars, acting etc. It should be a great show on Saturday! :)

I love this last picture with all the Youth and the new Temple in the back ground! 

These Youth are pretty amazing. They started their day at 7am and actually had to end earlier than expected at 8pm. It was supposed to go til 9:30pm ,but the field didn't get watered down and with that many kids dancing around it kicks up quite a good size dust storm and unfortunately they were having a lot of kids suffer from asthma and allergy problems. 

They are taking part in a historical event I pray they will each remember for the rest of their lives! The new Gilbert Temple is absolutely beautiful. I know I'm anxious for next week when the Prophet comes to dedicate this holy house of the Lord! :)

Some comments posted yesterday: 

"It was a hot & dusty & chaotic day at Discovery Park today but I didn't want to be anywhere else. Our Gilbert area LDS youth practiced song & dance for 12 hours today to prepare for next Saturday's performance for our prophet Pres Monson! They are an incredible amazing bunch - all 12,000+ of them!!"

"O' Youth of a Royal Generation.... The Heavenly Grandstands are Applauding Your Arrival!!!"


Sharing the Love of the Temple with our Friends!

>> Saturday, February 15, 2014

Last night we were able to take Mrs. Smith (Alayna's 1st grade teacher...who also taught Walker and Eli in 1st grade) Mr. Smith, her husband, and two of their friends to the Temple! :)

They had a lot of questions for us and we did our best to answer them all. It was a neat experience to share our faith and our beautiful temple with wonderful friends in our life! 

 Our friends from the Ward,the Richins, also came with us. Emma is also in Mrs. Smith's class this year with Alayna.  These two girls were beaming as they showed their teacher around. They had so much fun!! 


Our Little Valentine!

Alayna had her 1st Grade Program last night! Since it was the day before Valentine's Day it was themed after the holiday. :) It was called "Best Friends Forever!"

She was so excited to perform for the family. We arrived super early and got a front row seat, which NEVER happens! We sure were grateful though! Grandma and Grandpa Morrison came and we enjoyed every minute of it! :) 

One thing you need to know about this girl of ours is she LOVES to sing. She is ALWAYS singing around the house, in the car, in the shower, out in the backyard...you name it! She practiced very hard for her program and she knew every word to every song. It was awesome!

A few of the 1st graders had parts and told cute little jokes through out the performance. Our Little Valentine was one of the lucky kiddos! :)

She's racing into place...probably not exactly what the Music Teacher had in mind though..LOL!

 As each student spoke their part they chose a paper flower and when they were finished placed it into a bucket to later present to the Principal as a gift. 

Here comes her big moment...

She's gathering her thoughts....

She's trying so hard to remember her lines...and getting shy... :P

A quick look over to Mom and Dad for support. 

She delivers her jokes:

Barrett : "What the magnet say to the paperclip?"
Alayna: "I find you very attractive!"

Barrett: "What did the elephant say to his girlfriend?"
Alayna: "I love you a TON!!"

 The audience applauds and giggles!! She did it!! :)

She's relieved and so were we! Sometimes it's hard being the parent...you hold your breath as you watch your little ones give it their best and you just pray it all works out ok for them! You finally breathe when they are finished and are so proud of them no matter what! 

 Great job Honey we are so proud of you!!! :)

It was a cute little performance and we had front row seats. It was a great way to start our Valentine holiday! Love you Laney Bug!


AZ State Capitol & Cub Scout Day Camp

>> Friday, February 14, 2014

Eli has been staying busy with Cub Scouts! 

Last month they went on a tour of the State Capitol!


 They also had Cub Scout Day Camp. This was Eli's last year...He will be an 11 Year Old Scout in April!! :)

These boys had an awesome time! So many great things come out of the Scouting Program. I'm grateful my boys are able to be a part of it! :)


Jonita & Nicole's Visit

>> Monday, February 10, 2014

We've had some pretty exciting news recently! Our niece Michelle is engaged!!!!!!!

She had been praying and she felt prompted to move to Arizona. In September she moved here from Texas and she met a great guy Cedric. They haven't been dating very long but they are engaged to be married in April! What a whirlwind romance. We couldn't be more happy for them!

With such a short engagement, a lot of wedding plans have to be made and fast! So her mom Jonita, and her sister, Nicole flew out here to help get a dress and do a few other things over the weekend. 

Of course, we had to squeeze in a tour of the Temple! :P

Michelle was still at work so she wasn't able to come with us but she's already gone on a tour. We sure were happy we could take our Texas family through though! :)

Michelle will be taking out her endowments in the Gilbert Temple over Spring Break and I'm so thrilled we will get to go through with her! Yay! Jonita and Allen are going to be coming back to AZ for that. We are excited to see them again. I love having family visit!

They plan to be sealed in the Dallas Temple. We sure are hoping our financial/employment situation is much different by then and we can drive out to be at her wedding. Fingers crossed...

We missed Nicole's wedding 7 years ago because Alayna was only a week old and I couldn't travel with her yet. :(

The weekend was over too quickly, but it was wonderful visiting, eating, laughing and enjoying each other's company. The Harris Girls were so little when them moved away and even though we've seen them at family reunions over the years we haven't spent a lot of one on one time with them. It was so great having this time together to really learn more about them. It was wonderful! The kids don't really get to see Jared's sister and her family that often and they told me they really loved having them here too. :)


We Love to See the Temple!

>> Tuesday, February 4, 2014

With the Gilbert Temple now open to the public our family has been so excited to go together! Alayna and I went together on opening day and it was 'magical'!

Tonight we were thrilled to take Daddy and the boys to see it for their first time! :)

We were really happy that Mom and Dad were able to come too! 

It was a special experience for me to take my family through. We had a really neat experience in the sealing room that not everyone is able to have. Since my Mom was in a wheelchair, we got a private viewing of one of the sealing rooms and she was able to ask the Sister Usher in their more questions about this ordinance. 

The Sister was able to give her some of the answers she was looking for but not all of them. I went home and did some research on my own for her and was able to put her mind at ease about several things that have weighed on her mind over many, many, years. It was an amazing moment for me to share more about the Gospel with my Mom, and she confided in me that she was so happy she went with us! I know the Spirit touched her heart. I pray that the Lord will continue to nurture the seeds that have been planted there. 

My family has been sealed in the temple. Jared and I were sealed in 1999. It is such a comfort and joy to know we will always be together for all time and eternity. My hope is one day I will also be able to be sealed   to my parents and siblings. This would bring me so much happiness!!



>> Saturday, February 1, 2014

Arizona's harsh climate makes it hard to grow much of anything. However, we can grow some of the most delicous oranges ever! Mom and Dad's orange tree produces the juiciest, sweetest oranges and we can't get enough of them. 

We've brought home several shopping bags full of them and Eli and Alayna thought they would get creative with a few of them before they gobbled them up! :) 

Such funny kids! :D


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