Deacon's Quorum Presidency

>> Monday, October 28, 2013

Yesterday we stayed after church so that Walker could be set apart as the Secretary in the new Deacon's Quorum Presidency. We are so proud of him, and that the Lord has entrusted him with this new calling, and the responsibilities associated with it.

This is the 1st calling he's had in the Church and it will require a lot of organizational skills and record keeping. I know he will do a great job for his fellow Deacons, and as with all callings that come, he will learn a great deal and come to love those he serves even more.

I always feel a deep sense of joy when our children accept to be baptized, receive the priesthood, or now accept a calling. Coming from an inactive family on both my side of the family and most of Jared's side, it warms my heart to see my children doing good works and living the Gospel as they build up their testimonies. 

We are certainly proud of them as they choose to put the Lord 1st in their lives and serve those around them. I'm grateful for this opportunity Walker has been given. I know Heavenly Father loves him and will bless him through fulfilling this calling. :)

We love you Walker!!

President- Corbin Bollschweiler
1st Counselor- Chase Williams
2nd Counselor- Jeffery Switzer
Secretary-Walker Kitch


Fall School Pictures

>> Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hard to believe 1st quarter is already over! We just finished parent/teacher conferences for the kids and I'm so proud of each one of them! Their teachers had so many positive and great things to say about them it made this mom feel like a millions bucks!! :D

We just got these school pics back and I scanned them in so if the coloring is "off" that's why. ;)

Alayna 6 years old. 

Eli 10 years old.

Walker 13 years old.

I feel so blessed to have such amazing children. Love those kids!!!!!


Extra Extra! Read All About It!!!

>> Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We have a published newspaper columnist in the family! 

Walker is taking Newspaper this year as one of his electives and he's really enjoying it. He seems to be pretty good at it too since his teacher put his article on the very front page!!!

He has a pseudonym which we think is pretty clever! There is a whole inside story how that came about as well but I won't go into here. :P

His article is titled " No Cussing Club" by, Howard Ood Ooing. LOL!

Pretty cool!!! We are proud of you "Howard"!!! :P


On The Mend

>> Monday, October 7, 2013

So about a month ago we were swimming in water problems around here. Let's just recap. We had a hot water line leak in the wall between the laundry room/garage. It was such a mess! Here are the "Before" pics...

Here we are "Midway" through the reconstruction...

 I  have to point out this sweet copper pipe. About 2 years ago we had to replace our hot water heater. Jared and Dad did it themselves but to get it properly hooked up for the overflow drain it was going to take some serious welding skills and so they just didn't do it. Well lucky for us the insurance company likes to make sure things are done properly and when they reset the water heater they called out their plumbers and they put it all together for us. Let me mention the "professionals" were here for a couple of hours fitting that pipe so it just proves Jared and Dad were justified in not hooking it up themselves! LOL! ;P 

Here are the "After" pics...

Another bonus is the box was damaged from the when we replaced the water heater 2 years ago and they  repaired that for us as well!! Sweet!!

What this last picture shows me is that it's awesome they paint "corner to corner" when they repair the damage. However, I guess the door is not considered apart of the job. It really points out the fact that now I need to repaint the door cuz it looks FILTHY!! LOL!

While I had my hot little hands on a reapair dude I took full advantage of his skills. We had a major Monsoon a few years ago that blew water into those little holes in your roof line that are covered with mesh so birds can't get in. It pushed so much water in that the paint in the kitchen bubbled out and we had to puncture the paint and water came gushing out. Who knew latex paint could hold water like that?

I sweetly asked if he could just patch it for us since he had the white paint and materials left from the laundry room and I had the green paint still. He kindly agreed to do it at no charge. So that's yet another bonus we received through this reconstruction process! Yay for small blessings! :)

Isn't it beautiful now? :D

Now for the back yard. We still have no idea where all that water was coming from or what caused the porch to break up. Here again the "Before" pics..

We dug out the trench and left the dirt in the yard dug up and let it dry for a month. Since things look like they were actually drying we decided to go ahead and have the landscaper come over the weekend and fix all of our irrigation problems. He re-wired the timer, replaced the valve, added another pipe to add a sprinkler head to the middle of the yard, and replaced all the drip-lines out there. He was here all day getting everything done! It was a BIG job.

Here are the "After" pics...

Jared's sister Julie's boyfriend Tom does concrete. He's come out and looked at the damage and said he can fix it for us as well as help us put in a drain in the trench between the cool deck and the porch. As soon as we figure out which drain to get he'll come back and help us with that

 As you can see the construction of the pool and the damage to all the sprinklers have pretty much killed off our grass. Hopefully we can get some winter seed planted and get it back into shape. :)

I feel like we are finally on the mend with all of the water damage around here! It's a great feeling!!


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