Friends Are Cool

>> Thursday, September 26, 2013

I found this little treasure in Alayna's folder. It brought a smile to my face so I thought I'd share! :)


Music To My Ears

>> Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We usually start the kids in piano lessons when they being 1st grade (however I think Walker stared in Kinder). We found out that a Sister in our Ward teaches piano and she's actually quite accomplished. Over the summer we had talked and she agreed to be Alayna's teacher. 

Fast forward several months and the week before her lessons were to begin Jared lost his job. I went to talk to her about our situation and was asking her if we could just postpone for a few months until we found work again. She wouldn't hear it. She said if Alayna is looking forward to starting piano then she would go ahead and just begin with her. 

My heart was so full of gratitude but I couldn't just accept her offer. I "had" to do something in return. The only thing I could think of was to offer her baked goods in exchange. She happily agreed! 

We've had quite a few things hit us the last 2.5 weeks but I can't tell you how many people have come to help us too. This was just one of those wonderful angels on Earth that God placed in our lives and prompted to serve us in our time of need. I get so emotional when I think about Sis. Durfee's generosity!

Alayna is LOVING piano!!

This year Walker has been looking for ways to earn extra money so we came up with a plan. It's not a lot of money, as I mentioned above we are unemployed, but it's a little bit to help him to learn how to manage finances and save up for things. He is now teaching Eli piano as well as himself. Walker has to keep track of the lessons and prepare for them each week. He gives Eli his assignments, as well as himself.  It's really working out well! :)


Kitch Apocalypse!

>> Monday, September 16, 2013

We've hit a really bad string of luck lately. Not only has Jared been laid off, everything we own seems to be needing repairs. In the couple of weeks he's been laid off we have had to replace his car windshield, car battery, fix his car a/c, get Eli reading glasses, we've had 2 air conditioning companies come out and look at our home a/c because it keeps shutting down and they can't figure out why, we've had an ant infestation in the kitchen, a broken pipe to our sprinkler system out back from the heavy equipment they brought in to build the pool, and then the two most recent problems...

#1 we have water seeping up from under the porch out back. 

Jared noticed it on Friday, and Saturday a friend from our Ward starting digging up the yard to see where the water was coming from. 

This was as far as they got. Jared asked me to go see if we had another shovel and so I went to the garage and I looked in the spot we usually keep them and there wasn't a shovel there, but I noticed the concrete looked it might be wet. Problem #2... 

I followed the water back towards the water heater and lifted a car-seat and carpet and they were dripping with water! 

I yelled for Jared and we abandoned the backyard project so we could take care of the issue in the garage. We weren't sure if the two were related or not but we knew we couldn't wast any time getting someone out to look at it. 

Fortunately I discovered a cousin of mine, James Hansen, is a plumber. He came out the next day and I can't tell you what a blessing he has been!

He came over to the house after he got off of work Saturday afternoon and looked everything over. He assessed the problem and told us he has a friend that owns a water removal/restoration/construction business called Dry Star. He called them up while he was at the house and they came over in 30 min. and started the dry out process and contacted our insurance company. 

When Dry Star came they cut the drywall and took out all the insulation. The insulation was like a giant sponge and the weight of the water was making both sides of the wall bow out. It was a mess!

Once they got the wall cut back and the insulation removed they brought in the big fans to dry everything out. Mold is not something you want growing in your house! 

Boy those fans are LOUD!

 They informed us that if the flooring was warped that I might want to start thinking about new options...however, I wasn't that lucky..the flooring was fine. Darn it! LOL!

On Sunday James came back to do his plumbing thing. :P

And here is the culprit! The bracket that was holding the hot water pipe in place inside the wall rubbed a pin size hole into it. It's amazing how such a small thing can cause soooo much damage!

We had the insurance adjuster out today and tomorrow Dry Star should be coming to get the fans out and starting the reconstruction process. I can't wait to have my house put back together! :)

So back to the 1st problem we still don't have any answers. We've had the pool builders out, the landscapers and the plumber and none of them know where the water is coming from. Julie, Jared's sister has a boyfriend that does concrete work and he said he can come and help us tear out the concrete to look under it to see where the water is coming from. 

We are going to wait a week to see if it dries out at all. If not then I guess we are going to rip it all up and give it a good look. :/


Our Oasis In The Desert!

So way back at the beginning of June (before the whirlwind of rough luck gusted our way) we decided it was time we needed a break from the unrelenting summer heat. Every year I sit outside for up to an hour everyday baking while the kids take swim lessons. This year they all have shown they are really great swimmers so we went down and signed papers to build a swimming pool!!!!! :D

This is what the backyard looked like before the work began.  

Pre-grade..Sammy trying out the new turf. :P

1st layout of the pool. 

2nd layout of the pool. They didn't have it far enough away from the plants against the back fence so they re-drew it. What that means is...delays in getting your pool built..LOL!

They finally started the dig with the heavy equipment!

It was short lived as they found wires while digging and had to stop. They had only been here for an hour or so. 

What does that mean??? Even more delays for building your pool...:(

After calling and researching for about a week they found those wires were abandoned and they were able to continue the dig. Hooray!!!

Pool is dug and the forms are put in place. 

Plumbing and rebar team arrived. 

Then electrical wires....

 And equipment go in. 

It's funny how excited you become over the smallest things like...a pool light! :P

Next came the shotcrete. This was the messiest of all the construction. That stuff was flying everywhere!!

The kids were excited it was finally looking like a pool. :)

Next was the cement for the cool decking. They had to level the dirt out around the pool. Which means more heavy equipment. This guy was crazy on that thing...

Looking good! :)

The tile was installed. 

It had been raining and the water sat in there a while. The workers also apparently don't care how clean they keep things and leave bags of cement and rubber gloves where ever they please...yuck!

The cool decking was then put on the cement. 


We have the latest and greatest in pool drains. So new in fact that the promotions division came out to take pictures of it for their advertising..ya we scored a few free beach balls for letting them take pictures of it. :P Sweet!

This is a hole they had to come back and jack hammer out for an umbrella sleeve they forgot to put in when they did the shotcrete. 

Then it was time for the Pebble Tech to go in. I love the trapeze they fashioned so the cords wouldn't ruin their work. 


Umbrella sleeve. 

Then the BIG day came and we were able to start filling it with water!!!!

Ta Da!!!!!! :)

The kids were jumping for joy!!!

We started the paper work on June 10th and today was the finish day with the start up of all the equipment. It took 3 months and 6 days from start to finish. It was a bit stressful at times and I'm not in any hurry to build anything else anytime soon. I'm just not cut out for it. LOL! 

Now that it's finished we are very happy with it and feel it was worth all of the work. :)

 Now we can enjoy this gorgeous view from our pool! :D


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