>> Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jared was laid off today....He's worked at the law-firm for 12 years. Today's news came very unexpectedly. We are still in a bit of a whirlwind right now and trying to digest what this all means and what steps we need to take next. It's a little difficult to wrap our minds around at the moment but we are trying to keep the faith and rely on the Lord's plan. 

We don't feel panicked about losing his job....yet anyway..That in and of itself is a huge blessing. Jared has been out of work twice before and the feelings we had during those times were "much" different than how we feel this time. We aren't sure why exactly but I'm thankful for it! I still have a bit of a pit in my stomach but overall I feel a sense of calm. This may change in 3 months if he still hasn't found work but, I'll take what I can get now! 

I went down to Alayna's dance studio today and withdrew her from her ballet class and The Nutcracker production. Ironically the casting list was just posted today and she had made it as one of the mice and an angel. We were looking forward to seeing her participate but with today's news we have to make some adjustments to our finances. Thankfully she was very agreeable and wasn't too upset about it. 

We don't know why this happened. I do know that everything happens for a reason though.  Please keep us in your prayers.... 


The Nutcracker

>> Sunday, August 25, 2013

On Saturday the boys went hiking and Alayna and I went to her auditions for The Nutcracker! :)

She hasn't taken ballet for very long and she has never had a dance audition before, so this was a whole new experience for her. Earlier in the week Alayna and I had a little chat to prep her so she would know what to expect through this process. It was a week of her saying yes, and there were a few days where she had decided she wasn't going to go when she realized if she made it into the performance that she would be dancing in front of a large crowd. But after some thought and time she changed her mind and that morning she decided to give it a shot! :) I was proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone and trying something hard. 

We got to the studio and we signed in, paid the audition fee, got her number and then the girls went into the room and got ready for their audition. They were divided by age group and Alayna's group were girls and one boy ages 5-8 years old. 

She's the one closest to the camera with the pink scrunchie around her bun. :)

Her dance teacher taught them a few small combinations and her husband and her sister (also dance teachers at the studio) took notes on each dancer. 

Sorry for the blurry pics. My friend was nice enough to let me borrow her cell phone to take pics since I forgot my camera at home. I was also taking pictures through a glass door so the quality is pretty sad...you get the idea though! :)

The auditions lasted for about 45 min. and boy did Alayna look tired when they came out. I think she drank 2 entire bottles of water!! :P

It was fun to watch her try this new experience. We should find out this coming week if she made it or not. Fingers crossed!!! :D

Way to go Alayna, Ashlynn, and Kylee!!


Horton Springs

 Walker's scout troop had a family hike on Saturday. It was up in Payson right near Kohl's Ranch. They hiked
up to Horton Springs. Jared took Walker, Eli and our nephew Dylan. 

Unfortunately Alayna and I couldn't go...more on that later. 

Here are some beautiful pics of the day's excursion!


Walker has those "Kitch" eyes. Most pictures of him turn out this way! LOL! 

Jared said Walker didn't really hike with him..that's why there are so many more pictures of Eli than Walker...even though it was Walker's scout activity. :P

The following pictures are a sequence of events... I'll let the story unfold ...

Eli said the water was FREEZING!!! Hahaha!

The boys all had a great time. The hike roundtrip was about 8 miles. I was so glad they were all able to go! :)


Prima Ballerina!

>> Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alayna has been asking for almost a year now to get into ballet again. She took a couple of  little classes through the city's parks and recreation program when she was 4 years old. She loved the first class we put her in but the 2nd class I guess she was tired of following the teacher's instructions so we didn't put her back in. LOL!

She's now 6 1/2 (she wants you to know the 1/2..it's very important :P ) and in the 1st grade so we felt she might be ready to give it another shot. :)

Last week we went to try a class out. Afterwards we discussed everything she was going to need to do and what was expected of her. She quickly made up her mind this was something she really wanted and we signed her up. One of her friend's from church is also in the class and I think that helped her to make her decision too! :P

So yesterday was her 1st official day. We got her the required dancewear and slicked her hair back into the ballerina bun (also required..lol) and we were off! 

How cute is she?!? I love it! 

Watching her dance brings back so many memories of the years I danced. I absolutely loved it..I hope she does too. :)

About 45 min. into the class they had a water break and she came out looking a bit worn out. She said it's a lot of work and her feet were tired. Ballet is not for the faint of heart that is for sure! I reassured her she will get stronger and she won't be quite so tuckered as each week passes. It's a great work out! :)

On Saturday they are holding auditions for The Nutcracker . I'll keep you posted on how that new adventure goes!!!


I'm Back!

>> Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Well it's been about 4 years but I'm back! Sunday I was sustained as the Primary 2nd Counselor. 

I can't say I'm totally shocked. I had been having some nudges of the Spirit the past week and so when I got the call from Bro. Schepf I knew what it was about. 

I've served as a Relief Society Homemaking Committee Member (back in the day when it was called Homemaking and not Home Family & Personal Enrichment), a Primary Teacher, the Primary Secretary for many years, the Relief Society 2nd Counselor, and the Cub Committee Chair, so being the 2nd Counselor in Primary will be a new experience. I was pretty nervous at first but I've actually had a very overwhelming peace come over me the past few days. I greatly appreciate it too! I always feel stressed about teaching and I will have do Sharing Time for a month every 3 months. I'm hoping I'll be able to retain this 'calmness' during those months! LOL!

We had our 1st Presidency Meeting today. Our Primary President has never served as a President before so she is feeling quite a bit of stress and is still figuring everything out. So far I know I'm over Cub Scouts still. I was ready for a change of pace but I guess the Lord still wants me involved with the program. I think the Cub Scout Leaders will be happy to hear that I'm not going anywhere. :) I'm also over the CTR 5, 6, 7A, 7B, and Valiant 8 classes. I'm sure more assignments will be made as we all figure out our new roles. :)

Primary is the largest organization in the Church. The amount of children and teachers it takes to run this program can make it very challenging. I'm thankful for my past experience and that I'm not jumping into this new calling cold turkey. 

I've had so many ward members approach me and give me words of encouragement and to tell me how happy they were to hear I was in the Presidency. That always helps transitions feel a little better. :) I think this Presidency is going to work well. :P

Primary President: Debra Richins
1st Counselor: Teralyn Schnepf
2nd Counselor: Me
Secretary: Kasey Larson


All That Jazz!

>> Monday, August 19, 2013

Eli started 5th grade which means he gets to start band! Jared and I were band nerds and so this is near and dear to our hearts. :P What makes it even sweeter is that Eli chose to play the saxophone which is what Jared played all through school! 

I think Jared is feeling quite proud that Eli is following in his footsteps! :) It's fun to watch him tutor Eli. Jared was actually REALLY good!! He tells the story about when he was in Jr. High and the Mesa Community College came to perform for and with his band. They were playing a jazz song and there was a portion of the song they were allowed to 'riff' and as they story goes when they were finished the instructor asked who played that riff?? He thought it was one of the college students but in fact it was Jared. :) 

I think that planted a seed for him and by the time he was a Senior in High School he was taking 4 hours of band!! lol!

So now his boy has chosen "his" instrument and he couldn't be more proud. With playing an instrument there is always the question....do we buy one or rent one? We rented Walker's trumpet and we feel that was the best route especially since he switched to drums/percussion a year later! 

We did some research and boy oh boy are saxophones expensive! They are expensive to rent and to buy! But we were able to find a great deal on one and so we went ahead and bought it. 

Unfortunately the picture from the music store we bought it from wasn't as detailed as we thought and after further close-up pictures (above)  found this used sax was in very poor shape. You can imagine my heart break and disappointment when the manager sent these over AFTER I had already purchased it!!! :(

Thankfully they were are really great company and when I told them that it wasn't what I was hoping for or expecting they refunded our purchase in full! Whew!!! That was a close one!

The music store manager said he just got another one in that he thought we'd like much better and he sent over pics (close-ups...lol). It too needed some work but they always send their instruments out to be repaired/refurbished before they sell them and he assured me this one would be great! Better even still it would be the same price! 

These are the "after" pics he sent when he got it back from the shop. Isn't she a beauty??? :D We were SO happy! The cork needed to be replaced as well as some of the pads but the condition of it is really great!!

Since we had to have it shipped from Texas it arrived a day later than we hoped and Eli missed his first day of band. But never fear...Dad is a pro and gave him a personal lesson at home!

I love this picture..Jared just has to "fix" his mouth when he's showing him how to play. LOL! ;P

Getting it all strapped up.

Practicing his first scale. 

We can't wait to hear some jazzy tunes soon! Eli has a natural talent for music. He just has the ability to read music and understand rhythms/timing. We know he's going to be great!! :)


Good-Bye To The England's!!

>> Thursday, August 8, 2013

Last summer we said good-bye to our good friend's the Cluff's and now we have to say good-bye to another dear family we love..The England's. Alayna has had to learn to let go of 2 of her best friends at such a young age. It's been hard for her..poor girl. 

We made sure we spent some quality time with them before they leave this weekend. Charity and Alayna were in Joy School together and became very close. Those friendships you create when you are little are so special. 

It's hard for Mommy's to say good-bye too! We had a get together dinner at Cafe Rio to say farewell earlier this week. 

Kelli (on the far right) has coined us as the 3 Amigos. We won't be the same without her! 


1st Day of School!

>> Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Today was the 1st day of school!!!!

We've had an exceptionally fun filled summer this year. It was a little hard to accept the fact that it all had to come to an end but reality has smacked us in the face and it's back to alarm clocks, homework, school projects, reading logs, and math facts!

Eli and Alayna had their back to school night Monday night and we are thrilled with their teachers. Alayna has Mrs. Smith. The boys had her as well and we adore her! Eli has Mrs. Hughes who seems to be very excited for this school year and she really impressed us when we spoke to her that night. We had a few concerns about another student and Eli being in the same class together but after expressing our concerns with her and Mrs. Moore I have a great feeling about this year! :)

Walker's back to school night was last night and we met all of his teachers and found all of his classrooms. It's always helpful to get the "map" of your day in your head before the 1st day. He had it down pretty quick.:)

Walker is an Upper Classman now at the Jr. High. He's in 8th grade! He's excited to be on the Newspaper this year and the Band will find out shortly if they get to take a trip to Disneyland in May!! :D We love Disney!!

Walker was inducted into National Junior Honor Society last year and he's looking forward to doing more with that. Walker has all Honors Classes which means lots of hard work and homework! :P We know he's up for the task! And if he wasn't busy enough with all of that he still will be in Scouts!

Eli is in 5th grade this year. He will be starting Band. He's hoping to play the saxophone..following in his Daddy's footsteps. :P He's also looking forward to being in Chorus again. Eli is in ALP for Language and Math and we know he'll do great again this year in there. Eli is still in Cub Scouts as a Webelos. He starts football again this Fall after a double sprained foot/ankle last year he had to take an extended break from sports. He's really excited to get back to the game. He's also planning to get back into piano lessons!

Now that he's in 5th grade he can be in the Oceanography Club that starts in November and they go on an amazing trip to San Diego in the middle of January. He's still trying to decide if he wants to do Drama Club. :) 5th grade has a lot in store for him!! 

Little Miss is in 1st grade this year. 1st grade is the nitty gritty of Elementary School. She'll be working hard on her reading, writing, math facts, and learning to tie her own shoes! :) 

Alayna also will be starting piano lessons. This will be her first year! She's also been asking to take ballet so she might be doing that as well! :)

Alayna has a lot of kids from our Ward in her class this year. It's really nice to have so many friends at the beginning of the year! 

After we got the kids off to school Jared and I went to our 2nd Annual "The Kids Are Back To School Let's Go Celebrate With Breakfast" breakfast..LOL! 

We went to Biscuits and boy oh boy it was tasty! It was a perfect ending to our morning! 


Utah - Day 6

>> Thursday, August 1, 2013

We got over to Aunt Jean's bright and early and picked up the things she wanted Jared and his siblings to have of his Grandma Kitch's. It was good to see her one last time before we had to leave. She's such a sweet woman. 

As we headed out of town we stopped at the temple where Jared and I were sealed on June 19, 1999. 

It was a sweet moment for me to show the kids where we were sealed. I loved being able to tell them that we are a family for eternity and we will always be together. It brought back so many memories of that day 14 years ago. Little did we know then that we'd be back with 3 beautiful and amazing children!

It really is a beautiful temple. 

It was time to get down to business and get home. We drove and drove and drove. At one of the rest stops Alayna had a light bulb moment and asked me...

So wait...When I get married I have to drive all the way to Utah to get married?

I couldn't help but laugh. I explained to her that she didn't have to drive all that way. We have temples in Arizona for her to get married in. Dad and I just chose to go to Utah because he has so many family members up there that could go through with us and it just made sense. 

She was quite relieved to hear that! LOL! I guess she was tired of riding in the car!!! :P

By about the 10th hour the kids had gotten completely slap happy. They were giggling out of control! It was hilarious! 

As you can see that is a LOT of miles for one trip! I'm really glad we went and saw Jared's family. I'm glad the kids got to know their Grandparents a little better too. I'm also glad to be home and not driving down the road! LOL! :P


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