Happy Memorial Day!

>> Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day from Scout Troop 789 & The Kitch's!

Ya he has pool hair to boot! :P


Golden Scholars....We Made It To The End!!!

>> Thursday, May 23, 2013

The past couple of weeks have jam packed full of end of the year concerts, ceremonies, graduations, and awards!!! Jared and I have felt like we've been in a whirlwind between the three kids and all of the events they have been apart of as they wrap up this school year. Today was no exception....

Today was the LAST day of school!!! Happy Dance!!! 

With that was the final ceremony for Walker. He had his Golden Scholar Award Ceremony! This makes 4th consecutive year being recognized for his excellent grades. I feel so blessed that our kids are excelling in their  studies! I'm one proud Mama! :D

I love how he spotted us and gave us a little grin as he walked by. :P 

Waiting on pins and needles..

He's getting to be a pro at these things! 

Way to go son! 

We know Jr. High has been a big transition this year. We've seen you make huge strides in every way. Juggling several different teachers, merging into a school with over 1,200 students, navigating between different classrooms, making sure assignments got done and turned in on time, projects completed, keeping excellent grades, making new friends and maintaining old ones, being a stand up big brother, being accepted into NJHS, learning a new band instrument, keeping up with Scouts, developing your testimony and faith in God....I could go on and on! You continue to amaze us! You are such a special young man and I can't tell you how blessed I feel to be your mom!

I really wish Eli could have been there with us...but most of the family was able to make it. :)

We made it to the end of another school year! Now let's have a fun summer!! :)


Peace Helper Award

>> Monday, May 20, 2013

Eli has been working hard all year as a Peace Helper for his school. Today he was given an award for all his efforts! 

Peace Helpers is a really neat organization they have at the school. We are very proud of Eli for striving to be apart of it and helping the students at his school to resolve conflicts that come up at recess. We've seen him really become a leader and example to his classmates this year. Great job son!!!


Good Bye Kindergarten!

Today Alayna had her Kindergarten Graduation Program!

She had all sorts of fun things to show us when we got there!

She was so excited Daddy could make it to her special day! :)

Isn't she adorable??? 

The class got into their places and sang to all of the parents.

They had some pretty awesome actions to go with them!! :D

Ummm...I think it's time to buy that growing girl a new shirt! LOL! Her belly is showing!

I can't believe she's finished Kindergarten and she's going to be a 1st grader!!! She's growing up so fast. One thing that comforts me is I know who her teacher will be next year. The boys both had her and she absolutely AMAZING! She will love having her as her teacher. :)


National Junior Honor Society

>> Friday, May 17, 2013

 Junior High brings lot of exciting things you can be a part of. This year Walker and any student that had a 3.8 G.P.A. or higher received a letter informing them that they qualified to apply to be a part of National Junior Honor Society. To be accepted you have to have excellent grades, recommendations from all of your  teachers, write an essay explaining why you would like to join and how you would benefit the program and how the program would benefit having you as a member. You also have to get a letter of recommendation from someone outside of school. Walker chose his Scout Leader Bro. Fowles. It's a pretty big deal! Not everyone makes it in. There is a committee that looks over each application and if you don't meet their high standards and criteria then you are cut. 

The process was a little daunting to Walker at first. He told us that the essay was something he wasn't sure he could do. He said talking about himself is really hard for him. He's not used to "bragging" about his talents and abilities and didn't want to come across as boastful. We had a good discussion about how it's different when you are out on campus with your friends and just tooting your own horn as opposed to applying for a club or job. With some heavy consideration he decided to go ahead and give it a shot. 

A few weeks went by before they posted the list of students that were accepted. Walker came home and couldn't wait to share the news with us! It was all very exciting!!!!!!

Last night was the induction ceremony. They go all out for this night and only the student and parents are invited to attend. After the ceremony they serve a special dinner. :)

Walker looking so handsome! Gosh he's a good looking young man! :)

The Principal giving some remarks about NJHS and what it takes to make it in and what the organization is all about. The Principal also stated this group is the largest group they've ever had at South Valley.The National Junior Honor Society not only is a group that recognizes academic excellence, and looks awesome on your college applications, they also do a lot of service. They are very involved in the community doing community service, they help the school, and organize the school dances, and run the recycling club. Pretty neat huh?!? 

There were a few other speakers and then it was time!

We don't know who the girl is next to Walker..but they sure seem to be having a good time!! ;P LOL!

They called Walker's name...

He got his certificate...

And he was off.... :P 

Let's better a better view of that stellar guy and his awesome certificate! :)

I couldn't stop smiling. I was SO proud of him! This process was out of his comfort zone and he applied himself and was able to achieve his goal. He has learned he can do hard things, and that more than any club or piece of paper is worth it's weight in gold!

A few of his buddies from church also made it in! :D

We walked over to the cafeteria for the dinner and decided after seeing it was generic italian pasta and rubbery pizza we should go out to eat somewhere else. Since it was Walker's special night he chose Chinese. 

He wanted to try pretty much everything on the menu so we "rolled" ourselves out when we were done! :P

For dessert he wanted Bahama Bucks. We swung by the house to get Alayna and Eli and got some tasty treats!

 We are so proud of you Walker. You are growing into an amazing young man that we couldn't be more proud of! 


Navajo Hogan- Arizona Day

Today Eli's class celebrated Arizona day by making Navajo Hogans and learning about the Navajo people. 

We spent a couple of nights putting his display together and we were pretty happy with how it came out. :)

This morning they opened up the classroom to parents and students to take a walk through and see everyone's projects and to hear them talk about what they made.

It was neat to see what each student came up with. Some were extremely elaborate. We were proud of our replica. :) 

On another note, Eli is entering that phase where he wants his parents to come to his things but when we get there he acts like he doesn't even know us! LOL! I hope it doesn't last long! :P


Walker's End of the Year Band Concert!

>> Thursday, May 16, 2013

Walker had his last band concert of the year last night. The band has been practicing like crazy. I think it's been one of the most discussed topics at our house...especially the last two weeks! He's really been looking forward to it!

Can you feel the excitement building??

They are patiently waiting... :P

The 7th grade band has a LOT of dummers this year....18 to be exact! 

 The band teacher has been trying to figure out something cool he could do with so many drummers so he came up with a drum-line solo on trashcans and glow sticks in the dark. It was really neat!!!

Walker is the one 2nd in from the right with the headband and the 1/2 circle on his chest.

The amount of progress they have all made over the course of the year was certainly noticed. They sounded really good! :)

Having band everyday for an hour vs. once a week has its benefits! I think it's pretty cute how we always find Walker drumming on everything and anything now! I think he likes the drums! :) 


Counting My Blessings...

>> Monday, May 13, 2013

It was 5 years ago today Jared was officially diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis)...His last full blown relapse was 6 years ago. It was the hardest thing we've ever gone through. Words cannot describe how terrifying it is when your spouse can't even remember who you are or if he ever would again. Alayna was just 6 months old, Eli was 4 yrs. old and Walker was 6 yrs. old. You can imagine all of the things that weighed on my mind at that time.

In February 2011, he had a minor episode which was brought on by being in the sun/heat too long. It caused a migraine, speech issues, very weak arms especially in his left arm and his vision was affected.. We checked in with his neurologist who ordered another MRI and they told him he needs to be be much more careful about getting overheated and taking better care of his health. MS patients have marked heat intolerance. They gave him some steroids to help bring down the swelling and told him to rest as much as possible.  It was just a minor episode thankfully and he hasn't had what he experienced back in 2007 since, praise the Lord! He has become much more aware how much the heat really does affect him now, which is hard since we live in the desert.

Today I want to thank my Father in Heaven for all of the many blessings He has provided our family over these past few years. Some have been large, some have been small but, in every way they have been a testament of His love for our family and His guiding hand. There have been bumps along the way that have been difficult but as we put our faith in the Lord our worries have been diminished. It has helped us prepare for our future and most importantly it has helped us to never take a single day together for granted!! I love you babe!


Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I have to say it was one of the sweetest Mother's Days I've had yet! The kids and Jared showered me with hugs, kisses, cards, candy, food, and best of all their love!

A funny thing about Alayna's gift..The picture of her that says "I love you to pieces!" ...she made this in her Kindergarten class and I'm sure her teacher had no idea that we say this to each other every night in a little song we made up a year or so ago. It was very fitting and meant that much more to me because of our nightly tradition. :)

Eli made the little book with the purple and white flowers and it was filled with compliments and sweet things he thought to write about his mama. 

Walker doesn't really do a school Mother's Day craft now that he's in Jr. High so the little ones helped him out by making me a card from all of them. It was very sweet! :)

Jared asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day this year and I really wanted a brunch...think, Alice in Wonderland style tea party brunch. Apparently those are hard to come by, so we went to this place in Mesa called Midwestern Meats that Grandma & Grandpa Morrison reccommended a few weeks ago. We'd never been and I love to try new places so we showed up early and got a table right away! 

I ordered french toast which was just what you would hope of a good french toast. Thick bread, eggy, moist..yum! Jared got chicken fried steak and a side of biscuits and gravy for all of us to share. The chicken fried steak was good..the gravy needed lots of salt/pepper so that was a little disappointing. The biscuits were hearty but again the gravy was the same gravy. Alayna go a baconcake. It was a pancake with bacon inside of it! Have I mentioned that that girl LOVES bacon, sausage, steak..all meat really! LOL! Walker got a chocolate chip waffle he liked a lot and Eli got the Sweetheart Waffle. It had strawberries (his FAVE), pecans, strawberry syrup, chocolate syrup (he requested no chocolate syrup), and whipped cream. He was in heaven! In fact, we all shared a few bites at least of what everyone else had gotten and we were all surprised at how good Eli's breakfast was! We all assumed it was going to be over the top sweet but it wasn't, it was de-lish! :D

 After breakfast we went over to Grandma & Grandpa's to wish Grandma a Happy Mother's Day. I got her a card that made her cry (score for being an awesome daughter..lol!) and I made her an Almond Joy Pie. It was to die for! :) 

When we left Grandma's we went to see the movie The Croods. It was such a CUTE movie. I've seen 100's of kid movies over the years. Some good some bad some in between. This one was really pretty funny and entertaining. We will definitely be buying this one when it's out on DVD! 

I've been craving deep dish pizza for a while..not sure why cuz it's not usually my thing..but I have. So after the movie we went to Old Chicago Pizza. I ordered my usual toppings; pepperoni, black olive, mushroom and extra sauce. It hit the craving tastebud sensation for sure! I'm drooling just thinking about it! :P

 We headed home and for dessert we had a brownie taste off! Jared made Betty Crocker Supreme and Ghirardelli Supreme..ya know to be fair. The overwhelming winner was Ghrardelli!!! It has a much deeper chocolate flavor and richer texture. I ate half the pan to myself!! Hahaha! The kids were astounded! :P 

It was a perfect Mother's Day with my precious family! I felt so appreciated and thought of. I'm so grateful for each one of them!!


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