Turtle Delivery??

>> Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yesterday Jared and I went to go get the mail and as he stepped out the door we found a little surprise!

It was the strangest thing how he was just sitting right on our door mat, right in front of our door. Luckily for him too, that Jared was paying attention and didn't put his foot right down on top of him!!! :P

We didn't know if it was a 'runaway' or if he was wild. Both are practical options. We have been getting an unusual amount of rain and all of the green belts in the neighborhood are small lakes so it's possible he was looking for a bit if higher ground. 

We started to wonder though if he hadn't just gotten loose while someone was cleaning his tank or something so we grabbed some rubber gloves (cuz turtles can carry salmonella) and put him in a box until we could figure out what to do. 

I had remembered our neighbor had turtles so we knocked on her door to ask if she was missing one. She saw it was a turtle and not a tortoise so we were on own again!

We decided to put up signs on the mailboxes just in case before most people got home from work and checked their mail...:)

Here is a better look at the fella. Look at those claws of his! He was NOT happy in that box and tried to escape for the next few hours. He managed to succeed on one instances though. :P I Googled to find out what kind of turtle he was and we are pretty certain he's a red eared slider. I named him Red for short. :P

He seemed pretty strong and aggressive and by the time the kids got home from school we were feeling more sure this guy was wild. 

It was getting close to bedtime and my heart started feeling like Red was homesick. He looked exhausted from trying to break free from his prison and seemed genuinely unhappy. So, we decided to set him free. 

Jared and the kids walked down to the prettiest green belt in the neighborhood and set him loose. They said at first he wasn't sure what was going on like, he couldn't believe his luck and he was a free man. After a few minutes he realized he might better take advantage of his captors kindness and run as fast as his little turtle legs could carry him!!!! They said he seemed extremely happy to be back home! :)

Maybe we'll see you around the neighborhood sometime Red!

I did a little digging online and take from it what you will but, for many Native American cultures, the turtle is an extremely sacred creature. It has the power to bestow healing and good health.Just as this creature can live a long life, it can also be a symbol of long life and even a good bit of wisdom.This animal's symbolism is one of protection – it has a sturdy shell that into which it can retreat for its own protection.If a turtle appears when you or a family member is sick, you can assume that healing is on its way, possibly also allowing the person to live a long life.

Another site said, Turtles are believed to have Power over all kinds of Bad Magic.
A Turtle symbolizes the primal mother and Mother Earth. Turtles are also said to symbolize Longevity and one's Hope and Wish for a long life.

Turtles are said to be a link between heaven and earth.

I thought it was pretty interesting! I'll take a little bit of protection and good luck! :P


Cutie Pies

>> Sunday, January 27, 2013

There's just something about Mom & Dad's bed...

We keep finding sweet little cutie pies asleep in it! :D


You Aren't Made of Sugar, You Won't Melt! :P

>> Saturday, January 26, 2013

It has been raining a lot lately! So much so that all the green belt areas are small lakes! Jared decided to take the kids down and have a little fun this afternoon! :P

They had a great time! Jared is such a fun dad! :)
They came home a bit frozen but with giant smiles on their faces! Our AZ babies can't handle the "weather"!! :D


Eli Earned His Bear!

>> Thursday, January 24, 2013

Last night at Pack Meeting Eli was awarded his Bear Rank Advancement! He has been working so hard all year. He loves Cub Scouts! We are so proud of him!

Bro. Campbell showing all the arrow points he's earned. He earned 7 silver and one gold arrow points! 

The BIG award for the night.....his Bear!!

 Before he can actually receive his Bear he had to wrestle a Bear. That's what the tent is for. The Bear in this case is Dad and Eli has to come out victorious! It's such a fun tradition! The boys love it and it's a right of passage for them. However, I think the Bear is getting a little old for wrestling on the hard gym floor and has a pretty sore knee from it today! LOL!

Since Cub Scouts relies heavily on parent involvement (a.k.a. mom), the boys put a special pin around their mother's neck as a symbol of gratitude and a keepsake. :)

We are so proud of you buddy! We know it takes hard work and dedication to get through each rank advancement! Congratulations!!! :)


Call Me Maybe?!

>> Friday, January 18, 2013

Alayna came home from school today and announces, "Mom I got some boys' numbers!"

I said, "Really? Can I see?"

Then she whips out 3 numbers!!!

Oh be still my heart!! What am I going to do? She's only in Kindergarten and we've been having 'boy talks' all year! All of her friends at school are boys too! Somebody let me off this crazy ride! LOL!


She Finally Came!!

>> Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alayna had 'quite' a day yesterday!!!

We started off at the doctor because she was having some issues over the weekend. After two quick cultures she was diagnosed with strep. She also had her 1st wiggly tooth over the weekend and before we knew it a large lump started to form behind it. The doctor recommended a visit to the dentist for further evaluation. So once we got her RX from the pediatrician we dashed over to the dentist!

Once we got there they took an x-ray and a visual exam. They just couldn't decide if it was swollen from the sac that surrounds the tooth to help push it up, or if it was infected. It just didn't look "right". Since she had been complaining about it we decided it would be better to be safe than sorry so...we helped that little guy come out! :) 

Before.. (man I need a better cellphone!)

Getting Ready!
 She is so good when I take her in for medical stuff. The dentist couldn't believe how great she was during the whole thing! :)


I don't think she was entirely prepared for how she was going to look after the tooth was gone. When I showed her this picture she had a puzzled/worried look on her face. Later as I was paying for her visit she grabs my arm and in the sweetest little voice asks, "Mommy...am I still pretty?" It about broke my heart! I knelt down and squeezed her and told her of course you are! That was all she needed to hear and she skipped out the door! 

She was a trooper for sure! She was definitely excited that the Tooth Fairy was going to come visit her for the very 1st time!!!
The Tooth Fairy came!

The dentist gave her a cute little treasure box to hold her tooth and the Tooth Fairy brought her a whole dollar! :P

Her lip is pretty swollen...she apparently bit it while it was still numbed up for the extraction.
Yet another reminder my baby is growing up!


Behind The Scenes....Your Company IT Guy!

>> Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jared is one of the hardest working men I know. He often goes in to work after hours to keep his office computers/servers up and running smoothly. We went with him to keep him company the other night. We brought in some dinner and Jared worked late into the wee hours of the morning. 

Thankfully I drove my car and he had his. We couldn't hang out as late as he stayed. I am ever so grateful for Jared and how hard he works to support our family! I'm very blessed!

Here is the man in action!! How he knows what all those wires and cables do and where they go is beyond me! :P But..I'm really glad he does!!!

Thank you babe for all that you do for us!


Kickin' Off the New Year!!

>> Friday, January 4, 2013

We've had company at our house for what seems like since Thanksgiving and it was time for some good 'ol fashion family time!

We decided to start the day off with THE best donuts around...Krispy Kreme!!!

Let's pretend the following pitures are in focus, no one has zombie eyes, they aren't burned out, and not taken with cell phones..LOL! :P

Man those babies are gooood!!

After we got our sugar fix we ran over to Toys R Us so the kids could go shopping with thier report card money. We worked up an appetite walking around that big store so we decided to call Mom (since we were in her neck of the woods) and took her out to lunch to Matta's. We hung out at her place afterwards to visit and then it was time to leave cuz Dad was coming home early! :D

We've been dying to take the kids to The Melting Pot for a long while now but never seemed to get over there. We called on New Year's Day but they were closed..The stars finally aligned for us and we went there for dinner!!

Notice my bright red bandage on my finger..ya I tried cutting it off the other day while chopping an onion. Should have gotten stitches but waited too long so the Dr. just steri-stripped it, wrapped it up tight and gave me a tetanus shot!! Boy that hurt!!

The kids absolutely loved it! They thought it was the coolest thing EVER!! They couldn't believe all the food that came! LOL!!

Mmmmm....The Cheese Course!!!

We had chicken, shrimp, lobster, pork, steak, dumplings, potatoes, mushrooms, and a myriad of dipping sauces..it was divine! 

We ate and ate and ate for 2 hours straight! It was a BLAST!

My favorite course...The Chocolate Course. We ordered The Flaming Turtle! Oh My!!!! :) The kids' eyes were like saucers when they watched the waitress set the dessert on fire! We were so stuffed but we killed it! :P

Before we even left the building the kids were trying to figure out a way to hurry and come back. So far they came up with "stock piling" eating out times and saving them for one night at The Melting Pot! Clever ones we are raising!! :P

We couldn't just head home after all that food, it just wouldn't be right! So we stopped off at the mall on the way home to use up a gift card to the Disney Store our sweet nephew Joe gave us the last time he was in town!!! 

It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day with the family!! What a great way to kick off the new year!!


Too Funny!!!!

I was on Jared's GooglePlus account getting pics for a blog post and I found these little beauties!!!!!

Made me laugh out loud! I had no idea they took these on New Year's Eve! :P


Ringing In 2013 with a BANG!

>> Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We had a last minute New Year's Eve party at our house!! Our friends from Texas, the Gabbard's and Adam's were in town and we had to ring in the new year right! :)

I think there ended up being close to 30+ people that came to celebrate with us. We also had a few of the kids' friends over too.

'Pit' was a crowd pleaser!

There were games and excitement in every room of the house and outside too! :P It was too cold for me but the kids went outside to play in the backyard on the swing-set and trampoline, we had the fire-pit out there to 'try' to help fight the freezing cold away. 

The bedrooms were packed with people playing computer games and hanging out.

Karaoke seemed to be the biggest hit! Everyone took at least one turn singing their favorite tune. :)

Look at the passion! LOL!

There was SOOO much food!! Every counter and table was covered with snacks, desserts, pizza, you name it!

All kinds of goodies and she picks apples...lol..she's my healthy little eater. :P

Ben's family brought literally an arsenal of fireworks from Texas. Every kind you can think of....small sparklers up to giant ones that you see at the city firework shows!! (Ya we know they are illegal here but it didn't stop them..:P )

About every hour we went outside and set off a round of fireworks! The kids..aka the men..and the real kids loved it! :P

There was one casualty with all that pyro fun..it was minor but painful and a little scary...more on that later...

 I made frozen hot chocolates for everyone..they are our new tradition this year! They are amazingly scrumptious and hard to drink just one!! :D

And no party is complete without a limbo!

Milt made a Sparkling Cider tower right before the count down! :P

The time came and we counted down to 2013...10..9..8......3..2..1...
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

We cheered, we kissed, we hugged, and we went outside and set off a copious amount of fireworks!! I was actually very surprised the police didn't show up! LOL!!!

It was a great party!!

Ok so I mentioned earlier there was a casualty ...I was the casualty... Everyone was standing around in the driveway waiting for the action and I was sitting on the ground trying to get a steady shot in the dim light. They lit the fireworks and one of them came shooting towards all of us. People scattered and I couldn't move fast enough and a flaming piece flew and caught my backside and burned a hole clear through my pants and my skin! It hurt like the DICKENS!! Apparently one of the fireworks was loaded upside down and became a bomb! My rear is pretty tender but nothing life threatening. I'm just glad no one else..especially the kids got hurt! 

We like to ring in the New Year with a BANG!!!!! This one will go down in history for sure!


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