Shadow Your Student Day

>> Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today was "Shadow Your Student Day" at the Jr. High. Walker actually wanted his old Mom to come! So nice to know I'm not too embarrassing to! I got to follow Walker around all day and get a glimpse of what his day is like at school. 

It's also been Spirit Week and today was, "Would You Still Be My Parent If I wore This To School Day". Walker really has a LOT of school spirit. And to answer the question, Yes I'm proud to be this guys parent! :)

(Sorry for the crummy cell phone pics...)
He's Awesome!! LOL!

Rockin' it out in Band!

Learning about earthquakes in Honors Science!

I stopped taking pictures after the 3rd hour. I didn't want to embarrass him TOO much..LOL! ;P It was neat seeing how he manages his day and interacts with his peers. Most of the teachers didn't modify their day just because we were there. I think that was good so that we could really see how the students are being taught and what they are being taught. 

Walker is definitely a smarty pants! He's in all honors classes and I can tell you now, by next year or so I won't be able to be of much homework help to him. Good thing Dad is a smarty pants too! :D We had a fun day together!



>> Monday, September 24, 2012

We went to a Mexican food restaurant the other day and they had these out front!!!

I died laughing!!!!! :D



>> Wednesday, September 19, 2012

At Walker's school they have awards they give out for Outstanding Character. Basically if a teacher catches a student doing something really nice, or above and beyond for someone else, they will give the student a certificate...with a little somethin' somethin'. :)

Last week one of Walker's classmates was getting up to leave for the next class and his backpack got caught on the desk and everything spilled everywhere. Walker stopped and helped him pick everything up and his teacher recognized him with this....

Pretty cool huh!?! 

I think that is a simple but great way to encourage the kids to think of others. :) We of course already know Walker has Outstanding's nice to have other's recognize it too! 


Darn Foot!

>> Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well here I am again...

I've never had foot problems, and I think in the past year and half I've made up more than my share of them. Good news is that my injured foot is slowly but surely healing.
But it is s-l-o-w...

In February my left big toe kept getting infected so I went to the Podiatrist  (Dr. Gregg Krahn..who happens to be in our ward..lucky me. :) ) and he cauterized the root at the top of the nail on each side to prevent it from happening again.

Well the lucky duck that I am, my right foot was now stirring up trouble and I found myself back at Dr. Krahn's office yesterday and he had to do the same thing to that nail.

I look pretty sad huh!?! I was!

I have to tell you the shot they give to numb your toe is one of THE most painful experiences ever! I'd rank it up there with childbirth for sure!! I came prepared though and took a high dose pain killer before I went and it really helped a LOT! Luckily Jared was home and he could drive. Between the pain killer and it being on my driving foot it was all around a bad combo..LOL!

So now I just soak it a lot and keep it clean and bandaged for about a month. I'm really hoping it heals quickly since we have a Disneyland trip planned for Fall Break in just a few weeks!!! If not..I'll be the girl in the wheel chair...again....LOL!


Let's Dance!

>> Friday, September 14, 2012

  Walker went to his 1st dance!! 

We were at my Mom's house helping her get ready for a garage sale and he nonchalantly tells me as we are carrying tables, and nick knacks to the driveway, that tonight the school is having a dance.

My heart skipped a beat and I tried to stay calm and asked first of all, why are you just now telling me, we don't have enough time to finish helping Mom and get you ready for the dance. And second, this is your first dance!

I said well, do you want to go? 

He said, I don't know...shrug...

I said, if you want to go you should go!

He Ho'd and Humm'd for a bit and then said...Ya I think I wanna go.

So that ended our service to Mom and we ran home to get changed and over to the school. I know I was more excited than he was. I was doing everything possible not to bounce out of my seat!! LOL! 

We get to the school and it dawns on me the milestone of it all and I quickly grab my super ancient cell phone and snap a quick picture to document the occasion! :P

He turns to me and says....Oh brother, you're not one of THOSE mom's are you??

I start to laugh and say..If you don't know I'm one of those picture taking, document my children's lives moms by don't know me very well!!! :D

So I got the picture!

His expression cracks me up...he totally thinks I'm a dork!

A couple of hours later we picked him up. Let's see if he had a good time.....

I think that face says it all! 

He had a blast! The term "dance" is very loosely used at the Jr. High level. Yes they have the gym where they are pumping some awesome tunes and most of the boys and girls are standing against the wall. They also have the other side of the gym open for basketball, and several food concession stands in the common area. 

When he got in the car we asked how it went and what he did. To sum it up he busted some smooth moves on the dance floor and then proceeded to try one of everything at the food stands!!! Hehehe! Boys!!


Our Super Star!!

>> Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alayna was chosen to be the 1st Star Student of the Week in her class this week!!!

She came home with a box full of activities to complete and she was SO excited!! The biggest project we needed to put together was her poster. It needed to be all about her favorite things. It was a lot of fun!

Here is the completed masterpiece! Let's take a closer look at what is on there...

Favorite Food: Bacon!! -yes bacon she LOVES bacon!!! :P
Favorite T.V. Show: Max & Ruby
Favorite Place: Disneyland (of course!)
Favorite Book: "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"
Favorite Pet: Sammy!!
Favorite Hobby: Squishy, Sticky, Messy Art Class
Favorite Summer Vacation Spot: The Grand Canyon
And a few pictures of her family and herself as a baby/toddler! :)

If that wasn't enough...she was also chosen to bring Betsy Bear home!

Betsy is a very special visitor that gets to come home with each student. She comes with her own backpack full of books, clothes, and a journal. You get to spend all evening together with your family hanging out doing what you normally do. At the end of the day you journal about your adventures together and you get to share it with your class then next day! 

When the "girls" got home they had a very fancy Tea Party with all of their best "stuffed" friends! It was quite an event!! LOL! Later, Betsy got to go with us Halloween Costume shopping! We are going to "Mickey's Halloween Party" at Disneyland next month and we thought it would be the perfect thing to do for Family Home Evening! She came on a great night.... I have been feeling a bit under the weather so we ordered pizza for dinner and went out for ice cream! We put her in her P.J.'s and got ready for bed and read stories. Alayna and Betsy had a wonderful time together!! :D

I think she was more excited to bring Betsy home than to be the Star Student this week! LOL!! We are just thrilled that Alayna's class will get to see what we already know about her...that she really is a STAR!!!


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