Daddy's Girl

>> Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Stake held a "Daddy Daughter Date Night" on Saturday. Alayna was SO looking forward to going and then we found out it was only for girls ages 8-11 years old. :(

So Dad stepped up to the plate and took his little girl out for a night on the town to do their own thing!! :)  All week she was counting down the days! To say she was excited about this was an 'understatement'! :P

She wanted to go swimming but all the public pools were closed since the summer season is over now that school is back in session. So Dad got creative and took her to this splash pad in downtown Gilbert behind Liberty Market! :D

Do you think she had a blast?? Hahaha!!

After all that water play, they had to come home and get a change of clothes, before they headed out for a tasty dinner!

Sorry for the blurry pictures..cell phones don't really take great night shots. 

Where did they go to get their grub on you ask?? Red Robin of course!! It's her favorite restaurant! :D

After they were sufficiently 'stuffed', they went for a stroll and some playground time at Freestone Park!

Is this not the most precious thing??? Love it!!

I adore this photo...the composition is awesome! Great job Dad! :)

You can't end a date without dessert... so after sweating off dinner running around at the park, they headed to Baskin Robins to cool down with some yummy ice cream! 

Is her tongue blue?? LOL!  That's what fun about eating colorful ice cream!

Sorry Dad...Alayna won that one! :)

I'm so grateful for a husband that loves our daughter so much. She told me that it was the BEST date she's EVER been on! She will remember this for a long time. What a wonderful way to build connections with her. I'm so blessed...and so is she! 

Dad you nailed it! :D


Sleepy Princess

>> Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This is how a Princess Sleeps...

Pretty sweet huh!?! :)

I couldn't resist. I went in to her room to turn her light off and I found her sleeping like this.  Her hand resting next to her cheek is priceless! :)


>> Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Well it sweet little baby girl grew up on me, and today she started Kindergarten!! She has been anxiously awaiting this day all summer long, and it has arrived, much to my chagrin.

Her teacher is Mrs. Ence. Both of the boys had her as well. It's sort of nice going into the year already having a relationship with the teacher. :) Definitely gives perks for the Mom!

My emotions have been all over the place the past couple of months. She is certainly ready for school and is going to have a blast. But it's hard to watch her and the boys all go!

She's been on pins and needles waiting for this day! :P

Eli's going to ROCK 4th grade! He has Ms. Davis. He's excited to start the 'pull-out' ALP program this year.(In 3rd grade they don't pull the primary grades out of class, you do the work in class). He's going to be a challenge for his teachers. This kid is smart as a whip! Eli will also be filling the "BIG" brother shoes and killing all the ladies with those big baby blues of his!! :P 

Walker's heading to 7th grade! Jr. High is a whole new world. So many new and thrilling adventures lie ahead for him. He was so stoked this morning! I'm dying to hear all about his 1st day! :)

My 3 kiddos are growing up too fast for this Momma! They sure are good looking kids though! :D

One last shot before he catches the bus! Love that smile!!! :D

Alayna's new classroom!

Maybe she was done with all the picture taking...but Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do...LOL! :P

Shortly after this last picture was taken it was time for the class to head into the building. It happened so fast and I didn't have much of a  chance to explain to her that I had to stay outside, and she had to go in alone. I did the best I could, but she was very upset that I wasn't going to go in with her. It absolutely broke my heart. She was so sad and I was already struggling not to cry in front of her, and then it was time to go. 

I walked away bawling my eyes out all the way to the car. It was so hard to say good-bye to my baby. I really didn't think I was going to get so emotional, but I did. 

I was trying to work out why I'm so worked up over it all. I think it's a culmination of things...Walker starting Jr. High is scary and exciting and new and he's gaining a new sense of independence that I'm trying to scurry behind and follow. To be there for him when he needs me, but to also be the 'cool' Mom that knows when to lay low. 

Eli is now filling those 'Big Brother' shoes for Alayna that Walker filled for him. He's testing the waters of becoming his own 'man' and becoming much more his own individual. This is good but sometimes it's a real challenge too. 

Finally, with Alayna being my last child and being a stay at home Mom for the last 12 years, this is a huge adjustment for me. I feel like I'm desperately clinging by my fingertips, but my baby birds want to fly! And it didn't help that my outgoing, fun loving, excited little girl switched it up on me at the last minute and started to get nervous and teary-eyed herself because she wanted me to take her into the classroom. 

First days are hard. Second days are better. After that it becomes "routine", I think we are all in for a great year, with wonderful experiences and possibilities ahead! :)


The Mayor of Gilbert

>> Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eli's Cub Scout Troop met the Mayor of Gilbert, John Lewis tonight! It was a pretty cool experience for the boys as well as the parents! :)

Here he is showing the boys a map of Gilbert and told them about their city. He said the population of Gilbert is now up to 208,453 people!! That is a far cry from when Eli's Great Grandparents first moved here back in the 1940's. The population then was a whopping 837 people!

Isn't that boy handsome!?! :)

The Mayor was very nice and personable with the boys. He handed out the "official" (official because he said it was and it's his favorite treat) candy of Gilbert...Snack-size Snickers Bars to everyone, and then took a photo with the group. :)

We then went down stairs to the room where they hold the Town Council Meetings and the boys led everyone in the opening proceedings with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Then each one had the chance to introduce themselves, what their Rank is, and their Troop Number. It was adorable...Oh..I mean very "Cool". ;P

The Mayor and the Council watching the boys. It was a really neat experience. Not everyone gets the chance to meet the Mayor and take part in a meeting like this. The boys will remember this Den Meeting for a long time to come! :D

On our way out we stopped to take a picture at the 9/11 Memorial at City Hall. 

It's very sobering to remember the horrific act that occurred 11 years ago this September. I'm glad that our town has a little piece of this historic event to remind us all how blessed we are to be here...and how thankful we all should be for all of those men and women who are still fighting to protect us from it ever happening again. God bless our Service Men and Women!


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