Prince Alarming

>> Friday, January 27, 2012

Walker was in his very 1st play for Drama Club!! He was so excited and worked very hard for several months, once a week after school,  before the BIG night! :)

All the plays were based off of different fairy tales. The play was called "Fractured Fairy Tale". Walker's vignette was called "Slurping Beauty". It's loosely based off of "Sleeping Beauty".

 The story goes that the Princess a.k.a. Slurping Beauty, had never had soup before because the Wicked Fairy had put a spell on her that would cause her to slurp if she ate it. But one day the cook brought her soup by accident and she LOVED it. She begged her father the King to allow her to have soup again. He worried, because he thought no one would ever love his daughter if they heard her slurp her soup, but couldn't bare to deprive his daughter from something she enjoyed so much. So, he allowed his daughter and the kingdom to have soup once more. As suitors came to meet the Princess they would hear her slurp her soup and leave because of her poor manners.

That is until... Prince Alarming came for lunch one afternoon. He would tell the Princess his funny jokes and laugh in an 'alarming', almost donkey like way, and she enjoyed her time with him. She would slurp her soup and he didn't mind at all...and they lived.....
Happily Ever After!!! :) 

Ya that's boy got the girl!!! LOL! :P


Walker at 11 Year Old Over-Night Camp

>> Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome to my first guest post.  My name is Jared, and I will be guiding you through the fun world of an 11-year-old's scout camp.  Unfortunately, our illustrious host, Vanessa, was unable to join us, so it is left to me to be your eyes and ears.  Please excuse me from her usual quality of photographs and wit.

Walker was very excited for his first of many scouting overnighters.  This is about the age when I decided that it wasn't really for me, so I'm kind of excited to experience it all as well.

Over the weekend, we camped in a big park a few miles from our house.  We arrived at 3 or 4pm, and after setting up our tent, the first activity that was up was horseback riding.

After the horseback riding, there wasn't much else planned for the evening.  We had some hot dogs and miscellaneous snacks before heading over to the opening ceremonies.  Then the boys ran around like maniacs for a couple of hours before hittin the sack.  Walker is blessed with an awesome father, so he went to sleep after a little playtime on the ole Galaxy Tab 10.1.  The rough life.

The next morning, we work up, ate, and started the activity circuit that has been laid out.  First up was archery.

You can't see it very well, but there are a LOT of arrows behind the targets :P

Next up was a small fire building challenge where they had to build a fire tall enough to burn through the string.  They were allowed one match which quickly went out.  This took a bit of time.

Next.... hunting with stones!

Walker went with a side arm rock skipping technique that was a bit interesting. It ended up working rather well. I think he had the most "kills". 

And javelins!

And darts!

If you haven't gathered, this was all supposed to be Native American themed.  Naturally tee-pees must be erected with proper lashings, etc.

And torn down...

They also made medicine bags which I failed to get a picture of the final product.

A Cheyenne (?) woman spoke to them all about their culture.

The "camp out" culminated in the building of man-powered catapults with which to hurl bags of flour at your opposition.

Things quickly broke down into a full on battlefield.  The fog of war caused much friendly fire.  It really did look cool in real life.  It felt epic :P

The lashings held, but the pole couldn't handle the stress.  And that about did it.  Luckily Walker will be 12 before the end of the summer, so he will be able to go to scout camp this summer.  Here's looking forward to it!


Funny Find...

>> Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alayna had asked to watch a movie in my bedroom. I went in to check on her and this is what I found.....

How does she fit in there? LOL!!! :P

And yes, this will also be proof to her children when she wants to take away their 'blankie'. I can show them that she was 5 and still had hers! :P


On the Road Again!

>> Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monday morning came too soon! The week just seemed to fly by. It was so nice to see Jared's Mom and Rich and be in the country for a while. I think I could get use to living out there. :)

We left bright and 'dark' and started for home. We stopped at a few more souvenir shops this time and at the Running Indian Trading Post in Las Crusis, New Mexico who did we run into????

Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard!! He was so friendly and chatted with us for a little bit. Unfortunately, Jared and I both left our phones in the car so we didn't get a picture of him...dang! He seemed to be just passing through and got in his yellow Polara with his little white dog and drove off into the sunset. I don't know why that strikes me as funny but it does. :P I think every girl my age had a crush on him growing up. I'm happy to say even now at 51 he still looks great! :P

I was a little star struck. I couldn't believe of all places we'd run into a famous person was out in the middle of nowhere! :P

The kids did an awesome job once again as we drove the 15 hrs. home. It was a wonderful site to behold when we came across this......

We were all very happy to be home again! :)


Happy New Year!!!

New Year's Eve was fun for the kids. They stayed up til 12am New York time when the ball dropped. They toasted in the new year with sparkling apple cider and their Mamaw and Pampa! :)

New Years Day we went to church with Jared's Mom and Rich.

Before we left Mamaw read Alayna a story. It was a precious moment. :)

After church we decided to try family pics again. I was hoping for better lighting and I needed to get some shots of the kids individually. 

Family Tree! :)

Love this picture of Jared! :)

We finished up and the kids heard Hayden was back for a visit and he brought some fun stuff with him! :)

 BB Guns!! The boys have never shot BB Guns before! They thought they were totally awesome!

Showing the boys how it's done!

Hayden also brought over his ATV. Another first for out kids! :) Rick is a brave man. He let Alayna drive! :P

Mamaw enjoying watching all the grand-kids. :)

Ever since she caught that first butterfly she'd carry that jar around hoping to catch another one! :D

We were able to pry the kids away from all the fun stuff for a few minutes to take some group pictures with Mamaw and Pampa. :)

Happy New Year!!!! :)


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