>> Thursday, July 14, 2011

It seems like it is Boy Season around here. There are several ladies in the ward that either just had a boy or due to have one in the next few months! :)

This week I co-hosted another baby shower, this time for my good friend Kelli England. She's expecting a little boy next week, and so I made her this cake for the shower. :)

I did actually use the same fondant I swore I would never use again. It cooperated a bit better this time. However, I see things I should have thought through cutting the strips with the circle cutter so the circles would lay flush with it instead of on top and bumpy. It also appears a fingernail might have caught one of the inner circles. Oh well..I learn new things with each one! :P I've never taken a class...LOL!


Amazing Jakes

>> Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last week Alayna got an invitation to one of her Joy School friends, Jeilissa's, birthday party! Even was at Amazing Jakes! It's basically like LasVegas for kids!! LOL! Even better than that..the boys were invited too! :D

These two girls are so sweet together. They were inseparable the entire 4 hours..yes you heard me right..we were there for 4 hours!! They had a BLAST!

Note to self: Run a brush through Alayna's hair after swim lessons before going to cool birthday party!LOL! :P


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