>> Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween was low key this year. I decided that the kids needed to be creative and find something we already had to make their costumes this year.

Walker had initially wanted to be a Mummy and we had wrapped him about 1/2 way with toilet paper when he decided it wasn't what he had hoped for. We spent a while trying to figure out what else we had as the clock was ticking down to Trunk-or-Treat, then I thought of using part of Jared's Vampire costume. The end result was an Englishman.

Eli was clever and really thought long and hard about what he wanted to be. He was going to be a Goblin Hunter, but after thinking it through a bit longer, he decided to use different parts of old costumes to be a Dark Mage. He was very proud of his idea! ;)

Alayna had dressed up for her Joy School Halloween party as a few different when it came time for the real deal she wasn't feeling very well and I couldn't get her into any of them. So...She decided since she was already in her Minnie Mouse P.J.'s, she'd be Minnie Mouse. It's a stretch I know, but what can you do when you see that sweet face? LOL!

Alayna looking very pathetic while Walker looks very dapper. Eli on the other hand looks very ominous! :P

Somehow Sammy always seems to sneak into our pictures! :)

Jared and I usually carve the pumpkin with some fancy stencil and lots of hard work and effort. This year however, I decided it was the kids' turn to give it a try! Nothing super extravagant, just good old fashion pumpkin faces. :)

Eli carved one side....

Walker carved the other.....

I think they did a GREAT job! They were so proud of their hard work and creativity.

We made it to the Ward's Trunk-or-Treat and had a nice evening as a family. They served hot dogs and chili for dinner and we came home with WAY too much candy! :)
Happy Halloween!


A Joyful Halloween Party

>> Saturday, October 30, 2010

We had our Joy School Halloween Party on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun! I was a witch and Alayna was a Candy Corn Witch..well for a while..

You see...Jeilissa and Charity came as Cinderella (coincidentally) And well..she couldn't be the only one not dressed as the beautiful Princess!

Here is our school picture! :P

We had a blast decorating cookies, painting pumpkins, singing "I'm a Mean Old Witch", Trick-or-Treating, eating Halloween snacks, reading Halloween stories, making edible witch hats, and carving a pumpkin, so we could see what the seeds looked like, since we are learning about the 'Joy of Earth' this month! :D

(Note Alayna's 3rd costume change..under the Spiderman shirt is a Spider Witch Costume! The Cinderella dress was too itchy she said. LOL!! :P )

Mary-Ashley joined us a little later. :)

I'd say the party was a success! :P


Sweet Ride!

>> Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall has FINALLY arrived, and with it, our family evening walks have returned! I love this time of year it is beautiful outside!! :)

Alayna has been trying to ride her little tricycle but it's so small she's exhausted 1/2 way through, and I end up carrying it the rest of the way home, which really isn't all that much fun. lol!

It also sorta stinks that her birthday is 2 days before Christmas cuz that leaves only 1 time a year to get things she would like to have. So......I decided to get her an early b-day present.

She couldn't have been more "Exciting", as she says!! LOL!!!

It even has a super nifty bell she likes to ring and ring and ring! :P

She feels so special getting a big girl bike. As were walking out of the store she was telling everyone it was for her birthday and announcing, "It's for me...the birthday girl!!! " To everyone we passed. She cracks me up! :)


Schools Out!

>> Monday, October 25, 2010

This year for Fall Break we stayed in town. We usually go to Disneyland and boy it sure was hard to resist taking our traditional trip. But, I'm trying 'really' hard to cut down on my Disney! :P

Alayna had never been bowling so we decided to take her for her first time! It was so cute! :D

(I also must apologize for the poor quality of these pics. I was using a tiny point and shoot camera.)

This was the best 'group shot' I was able to get. For some reason they never cooperate all at the same time..LOL!

The boys were so sweet with Alyana giving her tips and coaching her on her first time out.

As you can see her 'technique' was more of a squat and push method! Hahahaha! :P

The boys were so proud of her and couldn't believe a ball could roll sooooo slow and still make it to the end of the alley!

Alayna was so thrilled when it actually hit most of the pins!! :D We all cheered and clapped. It was a great afternoon!


....of our 1st adventure anyway....;P

Friday was the opening day of the Arizona State Fair. We hadn't gone as a family in probably 7-8 years. Admission was $1 per person and Alayna was free so we decided to take advantage of the bargain!

We weren't sure where to start first so we wandered around and we stumbled upon Spongebob Square Pants taking pictures with visitors.

Now..let me just say I am NOT a fan of Spongebob and I don't even let my kids watch that cartoon because it's so obnoxious and dumb. But, Alayna spotted him and BEGGED to meet him (still unsure how she knows of so I caved and we got our pic taken with the yellow guy.

Her expression pretty much sums up my feelings about him..hahaha!

Next we were off to get in some action! We loaded up on tickets and headed to the bumper cars. My kids mean business when they get in those things. Alayna and I took a pretty good beating! LOL!

After all the whip lash, us girls wanted something a little more gentle so we headed over to the carousel.

I promise she really did want to ride it!! Hahahaha! The horse was really high and I had to hoist her up there and it scared the pants off of her. She was trying her very hardest to smile for Daddy but she was still pretty shaken up!

The animals are always a hit with the kids. They had a petting zoo thing and the kids spent about 30 min. petting goats, pigs, llamas, ducks and a kangaroo! We looked around a the animal buildings for a long time. Then we saw this milk truck and I thought it would be cute to stick my kids in front of it and snap their pic! :P

The novelty of the animals wore off and we wanted more action. So of course we rode the huge slide. It's a classic fair ride!

Then we stumbled upon an animatronic dino. The boys were enthralled Alayna was terrified! LOL!

We rode tons of rides and played a bunch of games. We came home with quite the stash of stuffed animals that's for sure!! :D

Handsome guy.... I love that man! :D
(Please ignore stranger who ruined my!)

I saved the best for last...we rode on the Ferris Wheel which was my favorite since we all got to ride together in the same car at the same time. I love to watch my kids eyes light up when they experience something! :) The view was great and I have to admit I still get a little case of the butterflies myself on that ride. :P

We had a fun Fall Break. No it wasn't Disneyland, but it still was great to hang out together! :D



>> Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We've started a new unit in Joy School this week..Spontaneous Delight!

These girls really get "into" their lessons! :)

I think they had a great time painting with shaving cream. What do you think? LOL! :P

We also danced, blew bubbles, tried a 'fizzy' experiment (with vinegar and baking soda), had a magic hat, read silly stories like "There's a Monster at the End of this Book". (Which has become Alayna's new all time new favorite book, by the!) We played games, tossed balloons and so much more!

We even popped popcorn...

As you can see from Alayna's super cheezy face, the Jiffy Pop Popcorn was a great success. The girls each got to take turns shaking the pan back and forth and when it started to grow everyone started squealing with "Delight"! :D It was awesome!!!

Joy School Rocks!


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