Three for Tea Please...

>> Thursday, September 23, 2010

It was one of those moments I was rushing through the house doing a million different things at once and as I was walking through the living room on my way to my bedroom when this little scene caught my eye......

I had to stop everything I was doing to capture this incredibly cute image Alayna had set up. She was putting on a Tea Party for her little dollies. Sooooo cute!!!! :D What really pushes it over the top is the french fry and popcorn...hahahaha!

That little girl surprises me every day! :)


Webelos Badge

Wednesday night was Pack Meeting. Walker and Jeremiah both earned their Webelos Badge!

They always have some sort of fun initiation they have to go through before they can accept their awards. No wrestling bears this time...but they did get to wear some awesome face paint and Indian Headdress. :P

Brother Dave Campbell is the Cub Master and he handed out the awards.

Walker loves the lime light! LOL! :D

The mothers get a pin when the boys advance through each rank. It's only fair really...we do a lot to help those boys!! (Notice I'm rockin' my new Cub Scout Committee Chair Leader shirt. Pretty jealous aren't ya? ;P)

Walker not only earned his Webelos Badge but he also got his Citizen, Traveler, Scholar, Handyman, Showman, Aquanaut, and Fitness pins. We have been very busy this summer. :)

Walker is steadily working towards his Faith in God Religious Knot, and his Arrow of Light. He's very close..but some of the requirements are pretty tough. He's doing very well and we are so proud of all of his effort!



Eli is proving to be quite the mathematician! :)

All of the kids at school have to take timed Mad Minute Tests on addition and subtraction. They have to finish 50 problems in 4 minutes 5 times each, and then they move up to 60 problems in 4 minutes, and so on until they complete 100 problems in 4 minutes and then they become a "Math Master"! :)

Once they are a Math Master they receive a super cool T-shirt that they get sport around showing off their awesome achievement. :D

Eli casually walked in the door after school last week wearing his hard earned shirt as if it was just another day...He just waited and waited until I finally looked closer and realized it wasn't the shirt he wore to school that day! LOL! He's so funny! :D

We are so proud of him! Many kids go through each grade never achieving Math Masters. Way to go Eli!!!! :)


Disney World

>> Sunday, September 12, 2010

I was looking through some old photos the other day and I came across a family trip we took to Walt Disney World in Florida in 2005. That was 5 years ago..boy time sure flies by when you aren't looking!

I had to share just a few of my favorite pictures from that trip. My boys sure have grown!! :)

(Sorry for the poor quality pictures...they were taken 5 years ago on a not so state of the art digital camera. :D )
Walker was 4.5 years old. He has such a little 'baby face'. What a sweetie!

Eli was 2 months shy of 2 years old. Look at those chubby little cheeks..I just want to grab them and squish them!! LOL! :P

Aren't these the two cutest little faces??? :D

My parents, and my niece Hollie and nephew Dylan came too. It was a wonderful trip and a great memory...but boy these kids sure have grown since then!



Well... I was officially released from Relief Society today. I'm still sad. I'm REALLY going to miss this calling and the women I served. But..the Lord doesn't like me to be idle, and I was also sustained today as the Cub Scout Committee Chair.

Trust me..this comes as a bigger shock to me than you! Yes Walker has been in Cub Scouts for a few years now, but that doesn't mean I know how to 'run' the program! This new calling has another huge learning curve as the one I had before. I know the Lord will qualify me for this calling as He has done before.

Wish me luck!



>> Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I got the phone call today. It usually goes a little something like this:

"We'd like you to come down and meet with us tonight if you can?"

"Oh..OK..What time?" (Internal thoughts run rampant..A million ideas pass through your mind in a split second.)

"Does 6:30 work for you since you will be dropping off the boys for Cub Scouts?"

"Ya..That works." (Mind is still racing creating all types of scenarios. Stomach starts to turn into a thousand butterflies.)

"See you at 6:30."-click...

(You can't concentrate the rest of the day. 6:30 can't come soon enough you just want to hear whatever it is that's in store. You wait..6:30 does arrive, and then you have your answers..whatever they may be.)

I knew it was coming. Our Relief Society President announced earlier last month that she was moving back to Texas to take care of her Mother. I just didn't know it was going to hit me SO hard. I'm really going to miss the women. I loved going out on visits and getting to know each one of them personally. Meeting their kids, husbands, and just learning more about them than I ever would get the chance to know just by chatting in the hallway at church. Because come on let's face it..everyone is running off to their classes and we don't really stop in the hall and chat.

I'm trying to pick myself up and move forward ..... this might take some time.

I was asked to fill another calling. I'll wait and fill you in on that one after they sustain me on Sunday.


Joy School!!

Today was the first day of Joy School! :)

We had SO much fun! Alayna was super excited to have her friends over. All week long she's been asking when does Joy School start?? She's been asking if she is "bigger enough yet?" cute is that? :P

The day finally arrived and her friends Charity, (on the left) and Jeilissa, (in the middle) came to learn, sing, create, and play with us!

Snack time is always a hit! :P

When it was time to go all the girls were quite disappointed. They wanted to stay, and the questions of when do we get to come back took over! It made me feel was a great way to start the school year! :)


Oh Boy, I've Got Joy....

>> Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I don't know what it happening to 'time'. It's definitely flying by way too fast!!

My baby girl is starting Joy School tomorrow. How is she big enough for school already?? I don't have any idea where the time has gone.....

We took some pictures of her to remember how sweet and cute she is at this age. She was having fun posing for Mom. :)

What a doll this little girl is. I'm so excited to be her teacher this year. We have a good group of girls for Joy School and I think it's going to a lot of fun! I can't wait til tomorrow..... :D


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