Alayna's 1st Dental Visit

>> Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little Miss had her 1st dental visit today. It was REALLY cute hearing Walker and Eli in the van telling Alayna not to be afraid and that the dentist is really nice. They are wonderful big brothers!

I had to capture the moment..the boys also had their regular visit too. :)

Alayna did a great job. She was a bit nervous at first and I had to go with her to the back, but she listened and did what she was asked and didn't even bite anyone! This is a success! :)

The lights were pretty bright and they let her wear a pair of rock star glasses while they polished up her pearly whites and I have to say....she looks "maaarvelous darling"! LOL!!



>> Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nothing says 'Summer' like sprinklers, kids, sunshine, swing sets! :)

It seems Alayna put on her swimsuit by herself...backwards!! LOVE that tushie!!! :P LOL!!


Father's Day

>> Sunday, June 20, 2010

The kids made a super cute book for Father's Day just like they did for Mother's Day. These little books are priceless! :)

The kids each made Dad an extra special tie for the occasion. He did a great job of wearing all of them at the same time and getting them tied so they all layed right! LOL!! The kids thought it was awesome! As did the congregation when he had to give the opening prayer in Sacrament that day!!! Hahaha!

Rockin' It!! :D
Happy Father's Day to you honey. You're the best Dad I could have ever asked for my children. I love you!


Dreams Come True

>> Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As I posted previously.. Jared lost his wedding ring in the ocean on our summer vacation. I was going to surprise him with a new band for our 13th anniversary coming up but you see I made a mistake...

I took the world's worst secret keeper with me, a.ka. Alayna. :P

To make a long story short she blew the secret and I ended up giving it to him that night instead of on our Anniversary. I think he liked it just the same though.

He's so funny!!

I couldn't have him going around without a wedding band. Women try to pick him up when he doesn't wear one! LOL!! (True story!)


Mr. Gummy

So in the past week and half Eli's lost 3 teeth!!

I just wanted to document his's pretty cute! LOL!

If he keeps up at this rate, the Tooth Fairy will be broke! :)


Children's Museum of Phoenix

>> Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jared IM'd me on Monday from work and said the Children's Museum of Phoenix was celebrating their 2nd birthday and they were having a party! Well we couldn't pass that up!!! :D

We've never been to this museum before and I have to say it's one of the better kid's museums we've ever visited. They have tons of hands on activities and everything is made out of recycled materials. :)

They have this huge junk yard tree house inside. The kids didn't want to come down!

They also have this air tube thing where you stuff a scarf in and flip a few levers and it changes its route and shoots it out the end!! This was as big of a hit as bubbles!! LOL!!

As apart of their birthday celebration they had face painting. Alayna opted for a one color rainbow. Don't ask me why..she's ...well...Alayna! Hahahaha!

It's a little tough to see but Walker has a dinosaur and Eli has a turtle. :)

This little activity reminds me of Plinko from The Price is Right.

There was an activity/crafts room where you could help paint this giant castle and make crowns.

Don't they looks so regal? :P

I loved how simple this art piece was. It was really cool. :)

They have several play rooms where you could make your own fort, go grocery shopping, get lost in a noodle forest, and this room was a pizzeria where you can cook up your own custom pie! :)
We spent around 2 hours playing and exploring but we could have stayed even longer to really see and do everything. Our hungry bellies got the best of us so we left and met Dad for lunch since we were just down the street from him.

It was a nice way to spend a hot summer day .... inside! :D


Smith Family Reunion

Saturday June 12th we had The Smith Family Reunion. It was a 70's theme. There was a lot of family, food, fun! :)

This is a picture of my cousin Karen and my Great Aunt Toni. (Aunt Toni is my Grandmother Dohner's sister.) They look very groovy! :P

Aunt Toni usually puts the reunion together but she has passed the torch to her daughter Kerry McCarthy this year. She did a excellent job! ;)

This is actually a cake someone made! :P

The cousins were excited to see each other! :)

Enjoying a great lunch with the family. :)

Mom (Martha) and my cousin Reta giving some love.

The kids were anxious to go out to the splash pad and swimming pool so we ate quick and started the summer time fun!

I wish we could have stayed longer but the kids were worn out from swimming. It was great to see everyone and can't wait til the next reunion!
(Special thanks to my cousin Karen and my sister-in-law Amber for the use of their pictures. I forgot my camera at home. :P )


Time Flies...

Our final day at Disney we made it back to DCA to ride Toy Story Mania. It's always a big hit with the kids!

On our way out the we stuck Alayna in the "A". :)

There isn't a "W" in Walker wanted to use the "R". LOL!

We crossed the esplanade back to Disneyland and decided to throw in some education in our vacation, and watched Moments with Mr. Lincoln. I think the kids thought it was interesting..but they probably don't want to do it again. Jared and I loved it! :D

As we left the theatre Alayna spotted one of her beloved characters..Father (aka Gepetto) from Pinocchio. It's so cute that she always calls him Father! :)

As we were leaving "Father" Alayna turns to me and says," Father doesn't talk!" She was very upset..poor girl.

The rest of the day was spent running around to all the rides we missed the day before. I didn't take the camera out too much on this day. I was just plum tired! LOL!!!

Here are a few pictures Disney took for us though!

He's so competitive! LOL!! :D

Dylan & Walker

Hollie & Eli

From front to back:
Hollie rockin it like a rock star, Jared hogging the lime light, Eli totally blocked by "ham" of a Dad, Dylan also blocked by show off Uncle, and Walker!! Hahahahaha!!

It was a memorable vacation we won't soon forget. We spent 4 whirlwind days as a family and we loved every minute of it!

One last casualty to name. When we got back to the van to head home..someone stole my pirate mickey antennae ball.

Maybe it's a sign.......?


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