A Bear!! A Bear!!!

>> Thursday, April 29, 2010

It was a big night for Walker last night....

He earned his Bear Award in Cub Scouts. But before they would hand it over...he had to wrestle a 'Bear' for it. :P

Jared was given the honor of 'Bear'...LOL!!

As shy as Jared can be sometimes, he was in rare form last night and was one with his inner wild animal! It was so fun to watch!

Walker was apprehensive of what was going on. They kept it very secretive...you can see the suspense on his face! :P

Once they brought Walker close enough to the "den" Jared ...I mean the Bear tried his hardest to get the best of him.

It was the funniest thing I've seen in a while! They both had a blast rolling around trying to wrestle each other to the ground..LOL! :P

In the end Walker bested the beast and was awarded his Bear Badge! :D

Congratulations Son!

But wait...the fun of course didn't stop there. Walker's den put on a skit. Sometimes these skits are pretty cheezy, but tonight they had a winner!

The Skit:
They pretend to open a cooler and one of the boys says, "We are almost out of meat."
Another boys says, "Let's go get some deer."
They go out and find a deer and bring it back to camp.
Then everyone says, "Nice deer. How did you find it?"
The boys that captured the deer say," We followed the tracks."
Then some boys say, "Some rabbit would really go nice with that deer." So they leave to find some rabbit. Shortly after they return with the rabbit.
Then the group says, "Nice rabbit. How did you find it?"
They boys say,"We followed the tracks."
The boys say,"Some opossum would go good with that rabbit. Let's go get some." So those boys leave to find some opossum.
When they return with the opossum. The boys say,"Nice opossum. How did you find it?"
They reply, "We followed the tracks."
Then Walker says," Some squirrel would really add flavor. I'll go get some." So he leaves to find the squirrel.

He's gone for a while and we are all wondering what's going on. He returns....

Limping in with his head down (and trying to keep a straight face.)

The group asks,"What happened to you?"
Walker replies,"I followed the tracks and I got hit by a train!!" Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

Now granted this is still corny but trust me, it was by far the best one they've ever done. I'm not sure if this is as funny reading it, as it was watching it. When they were finished the audience burst into laughter. It was soo cute! :D


J's Sr. Photoshoot

On Saturday I had the chance to do a photo shoot with my friend Natalie's daughter, Jesenia. We had a lot of fun. Mostly she gave me weird looks and asked me...are you sure about this? LOL!!

Thankfully though, she put up with my crazy ideas and we got some really wonderful shots for her Senior Pictures! :D

Here are few...Enjoy!

She was reciting some of her lines for the Shakespeare Festival that she made this dress for. She is quite good! :)

It was such a fun afternoon. I think by the end Jesenia was fully embracing her inner "Diva"! :P


One year older and wiser too!

>> Sunday, April 11, 2010

For Eli's 7th birthday party, he wanted to take a few of his friends to Golfland for some good 'ol fashion Goofy Golfing fun! :)

(Walker, Eli, Alayna, Nathan, Joey, Trevor)

This crew really knew how to cheese it up! :P
Just the "Guys".

(Side Note: I think Eli looks a LOT like his cousin Luke in this picture....you be the judge! :) )

The kids chose the King Arthur course. I have to admit I was happy with their choice. It was really warm out and this course has the most shade. :)

Alayna is lining up her shot. :P

Dad and Walker keeping careful score.

After goofy golfing we headed back home to play, eat lunch, and have Oreo Cookies 'N Cream ice cream cake. It's a highly requested dessert for bdays around here. :)

When the guests went home we went as a family to see "How to Train Your Dragon". It was such a fantastic movie!

It was a lot of fun spending the day celebrating Eli's birthday. I can't believe another year has passed so quickly! :)


Hey Batter, Batter, Batter!!!

>> Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We went to Eli's 1st T-ball game of the season tonight!

His team is called the Blue G's...very fitting don't you think?? LOL! (The kids always get to pick the name.)

I may have mentioned once or twice that this boy LOVES to play! :P T-ball has been his favorite sport for the past 3 years or so. I love to watch this guy love the game! He gets so excited and I have to say...he's pretty darn good at it too! :)

Here are few of my favorite moments from the game.

The Coach likes to keep him on 1st base. There's a lot of action in this position. Just the way we like it!

This season is going to be great! :D



Jared's parents always send the cutest gifts for the kids at the holidays. This year they sent Bunny Cards for each of the kids, a Highlights magazine, and the biggest hit of all... a dozen plastic Easter eggs. Each egg was numbered 1-12 and had a symbolic meaning of things we should remember about the true meaning of Easter. The kids and I had a great time going through each one and talking about how each fit into the story of what Christ did for every one of us here on Earth. It made for a great Family Home Evening Lesson!

We celebrated Easter at Mom and Dad's house this year. The weather has been so beautiful lately. We had lunch and then the kids were anxious to go outside and hunt for Easter eggs!!!!

Alayna is thoughtfully explaining to Isaak how this 'hunting' business works. :)

On your mark..get set...go!!! Then they were off!!!

Daddy helping Alayna to find some missed treasure. :)

What Easter celebration is complete with out a pinata??? LOL!!
(Grandma is awesome!)

I'm not sure who is beating who here! :P

Mom and Robin watching the kids...

Handsome isn't he??? I know...I'm a lucky gal! :D

After all the kids had a turn, Hollie gave it her best shot! Look at Kaitlin...she looks afraid for her life!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! :D

Her crown of victory!

Easter eggs, and candy are pretty great...but bubbles....bubbles are where it's at!!

Mmmmm...soapy! LOL!

Happy Easter!


What is your story?

>> Monday, April 5, 2010

Recently I read a quote by a famous man in history. He said, “If you hear a voice within you saying ‘I am not a painter,’ then, by all means, paint…and that voice will be silenced.”
-Vincent van Gogh

I LOVE this!! How exciting is it sisters that we have the ability to choose our “story”? Heavenly Father has made every opportunity available to us to become whatever we choose. To make our lives whatever we want out of them no matter our circumstance. It is simply up to ‘us’ to write our own history.

“Most people wait for their excitement or story to happen. They take a ticket and wait. For something. For someone. They sit staring at their ticket, waiting for some factor outside of themselves to call them and get them excited. Someday my prince will come. Some good fortune. My company might give me something exciting to work on.

But excitement doesn’t work that way. Excitement is an ‘inner’ phenomenon. It starts inside, not outside. People released from solitary confinement get excited about seeing the sun shine. Or seeing a bird in a tree. People who find a new job get excited just driving to work on their first day. Just driving to work excites them! Their excitement is created by their perspective. Their excitement is based on how they are seeing things. And how they see things, depends on the lens they are wearing called the story of them.” (“The Story of You”, Steve Chandler)

As we strive to write our story not only for our posterity, but for ourselves, I ask that you turn to our Heavenly Father who knows us best of all. He knows our strengths, talents, and abilities….he knows our weaknesses, heart aches, and struggles. He knows each one of us personally and individually and He is there to help us to write our BEST SELLER!!

Anything is possible through our Lord…I can’t wait to read your final copy!

Excitedly Yours,
Vanessa Kitch

(Written for Catalina Ward R.S. Presidency's April Message)


Mark this day in History!!

>> Friday, April 2, 2010

The kids have been struggling to get along. For some reason they've been fighting and nit-picking at each other. It made for a really looong spring break.

However...on Sunday, March 28th, 2010 at 1:21pm there was a change in the wind!!

Now don't go thinking that my kids were miraculously translated into perfect beings on this day. But something did change. I'm not sure if the kids were just filled with the Spirit from church that day, or if it was a blessing from an observant Heavenly Father for a weary mother. Whatever it was, wherever it came from..... I was SO thankful!!

I told the kids I couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing and this day should be marked in our family history! So, Walker took it upon himself to document it on our refrigerator white board. :) LOL!

It's been almost a full week and it's still sitting there as a reminder of what is possible!!! :D


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