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>> Friday, September 18, 2009

The past 2 days Alayna has been experimenting with her sense of "fashion". She'll wear what I dress her in until around lunch time...then it's allll her!

Yesterday, I hadn't heard her in the house for a while so I went outside to see what she was up to. I had no clue she had changed out of her clothes and into this! :P

I personally love the tights that for whatever reason didn't get pulled up..hahaha! :P

Today I found her again outside after lunch. But venturing out in a whole new style!

My little "Hippie Chick!"

Aren't those blues eyes amazing?

She even had her "Flower Power!"

I'm curious what tomorrow might bring..she's definitely creative!


Daddy Dog Pile!

Alayna loves her baby dolls. She has to have at least 5 of them in her bed to take a nap or sleep at night. Sometimes it verges on OCD..but she's 2 and it's cute! :)

Jared came home from work and had a headache so he laid down to take a nap. Alayna found him on the couch and must have thought he needed some company....

As you can see..he looks soooo much more comfortable, don't you think? LOL! :P

She just kept bringing out more and more and more of her dolls for him to cuddle with...

As you can see she looks VERY satisfied with her hard work and thoughtfulness!!! What a good little girl taking care of her Daddy! :D


Hidden Mickey!!!!

I've been really bad about blogging I'm going to try to do some "catch-up" entries. :)

A few weeks ago I was eating Kettle Corn. It is my FAVORITE kind of popcorn. I think I eat it almost everyday!! :P But that day was different.

As I was munching and crunching along..I got to the bottom of the bowl. You know, where you have to look at the bowl to make sure you are eating popcorn, not hard as rock kernels that will bust off a tooth. So as I was pushing aside the kernels looking for the last tasty morsels of fluffy goodness I found this!!!!!!!!

A Hidden Mickey!

I love Disneyland as we all know...and it really just made my day to find this little treasure! :) Love it!


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