Alayna Smurf!

>> Monday, August 24, 2009

Alayna loves to create. She loves play-doh, coloring, painting, you name it. So today, as any other day, we got got out the water colors to let out all that pent up creativity...and what do you suppose???

That's right!!! I left the room for approximately 5.5 seconds and this is what I saw!

Mom: "What did you do Alyana?"

Alayna: "I'm painting Mommy!!! " (in a resounding voice of pride..)

Mom: "Oh Alayna!!" ( in a resounding voice of defeat...)

I love you little girl. You definitely add spice to my life! :)


Too Fast!!!

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

For the last 2 weeks my little Laney Bug has been climbing out of her crib. She's 2 1/2 now...but I'm just not ready for her to grow up and take down her crib. On Friday she climbed out again and I had to face reality that she's not a baby anymore...I cried most of the morning feeling heartbroken that my last child is moving on.

I have to admit I was surprised at how emotional I was over the whole thing. But I couldn't help it and I had to have a good cry.

Before we took down the crib we had to take a few pics....

I feel like her expression is saying, "Oh Mom!!! You will be's just a bed!" LOL! :)

Alayna helping Daddy disassemble the crib. She was very excited to be a big helper. :)

In my distress on Friday, I posted on Facebook all about my sadness, and a wonderful Mom from my ward replied by telling me she had a toddler bed with the princess bedding to go with it, if I wanted it!

I was 'thrilled' and very appreciative and was able to pick it up on Saturday. :) What a blessing!

So today..Sunday.. we got everything put together and in her room and she was SO excited! Alayna LOVES princesses and she was so happy with her Big Girl Bed!

I'm still a little heavy hearted, but I know she can't stay 2 years old forever...I sure would like to try though! It's all going TOO FAST!


Passing the "Nerd" Torch....

Let me start by saying when I met Jared in High School I knew he was a nerd. It was actually one of the biggest qualities about him that drew me to him. However, I didn't really know the 'full' extent of his nerdiness until after we starting dating and he would ditch me to hang out with his friends to play Dungeons and Dragons, or other role playing games! :P

Fast forward 16, years and our boys are now 6 and 9 years old. Jared STILL games once a week with those SAME nerdy friends, and now it is time to pass the torch to our boys.....

Walker and Eli invited all their pals over on Saturday to have a D&D gaming session with Jared as the DM, (Dungeon Master...basically the person who tells the players the 'storyline' of the adventure) and we invited one other Dad to come along to help everyone learn how to make characters. There is A LOT to this gaming thing!! :P

As with all get -to- gethers there are lots of snacks and drinks. :)

Here they are focusing really hard on what attributes, skill level, strength, race, charisma, class, etc, etc.... they each will be.

Everyone had a GREAT time!! And it appears this will be a regular Saturday NERDfest at the Kitch house! :P


Back to School 2009!

>> Monday, August 10, 2009

It's back to school today!

Walker started the 4th grade with Mrs. Bennar and Eli started the 1st grade with Mrs. Smith! They were both excited to be going back. They were starting to get a bit of cabin fever at home. :P

Every year I feel torn about them going back. I miss them when they are gone...but I know I can't keep them home forever. I think if I did I'd go a bit nuts myself! LOL!

Walker looking dapper for his first day back!

Eli giving me a sweet smile! :)

My BOYS!! :) I love these guys!!! I couldn't be more proud of them.


My Girl!!!

>> Sunday, August 9, 2009

The past few weeks I've been watching my baby girl Alayna grow right before my eyes. She's only 2 1/2 but she seems be learning new things at such a fast pace I'm having a hard time keeping up with her! She's basically potty training herself and somehow has learned all of her shapes and how to count up to 10. How can this be??

Her giggle is absolutely contagious, and has us all wrapped around her finger. She tells us all the time she's a Princess and we agree whole heartedly. Today she asked Daddy to dance with her and began to tell him he was the Prince. She picked up the bottom of her dress with one hand (just like Cinderella) and held his hand with the other and was sure to tell him he had to put his other hand on her shoulder!! Come on...that's pretty darn cute and amazing if you ask me!! Giving Daddy dance lessons...awesome! :D

I'm just eating up the opportunity I've been given having a little girl. She's everything I could have wished for her to be. She is the light of my life and I love getting to do all the 'girly' stuff with her!!! :) I like to think she likes hanging out with me too. :P

Sometimes when I look at her it's like looking into a mirror from when I was a little girl myself. It makes it hard to discipline her when I look at her, and I see me looking right back!

Here is a picture of her from this summer working hard on Mamaw and Pampa's farm.

This is a picture of me probably 2-3 yrs. old I'm guessing. What do you think? Do we look similar? :P


The Devil!

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I've lived in AZ all of my life..well all but maybe 2-3 yrs of it. I've heard people tell me AZ is infested with scorpions and to watch out for these pests and make sure you shake out your shoes, sheets, and anything in the back of your closets.

The thing is..I've never ran into one myself. My brother when he was 3 I think...was playing outside at the trailer we lived in out in Queen Creek was chasing a frog, so he thought. Until out came a scorpion and bit him. My mom panicked and we loaded up and rushed him to the E.R. where he was hooked up to all sorts of things to make sure he didn't die. Apparently kids are at a very high risk of dying if you don't get medical treatment immediately.

So, yesterday...I was changing Alayna's bedding, which seems to be a daily occurrence because that girl pees like a fire hose, and I felt an ant bite. The bite didn't' seem to stop so I swatted my foot and nothing was there. Before I put my foot back down on the floor I see "IT"!!!!

The little devil ran under her stuffed hippo chair that was right next to me. I lifted it up to see him better and then it dawned on me...Holy Hanna...I was just stung by a scorpion! Now remember, all I could remember was what my mom did for my brother..and I couldn't think what if anything I heard adults should do. So like any paranoid person..I freak out!

I start yelling at the kids telling them I was stung. I'm running around the house like a woman who had lost her mind. I call Jared and I'm screaming in the phone.."I've been stung by a scorpion what do I do? I've been stung by a scorpion!!" I was yelling so loud he couldn't understand me or help me and at this point I'm thinking I'm probably going to die! So I hang up on him just after I told him he's no help!

So the next logical thing a person losing her mind does is call 9-1-1!! That's right 9-1-1! I ask them what I should do and they ask if I want an ambulance and I think I really need an ambulance? Then it occurs to me there is an Urgent Care which is literally seconds away from my house and I can get there before anyone could get to I ask them if I could do that. They said if that's what I want to do. I tell them OK..and begin to scream at the kids to find their shoes and get in the van!!!

I drive at mock speed and we miraculously get there in one piece. By now my ankle/foot is THROBBING!! I tell them through tears of stress, pain, and panic that I've been stung and they take their sweet time in getting me back to see anyone. Of course only after giving me a pile of paperwork to fill out first. So while I'm waiting I call my mom and she said have they given you any ice for it cuz that is the only thing that really helps the pain. When I told her no..she starts to get riled up and ask the lady for an ice pack. OH ice pack never felt soooooo goooood!! Finally relief! My mom goes on for about 5 min. about how they are taking too long to get me back what is wrong with them? I finally have to tell her I have to's are protective. :)

They finally call me back, my kids are running around like it's McDonald's, I'm thinking what are they going to do to or for me..and the Dr. comes in and basically says..."We don't really do anything for adults. Keep ice on it and I can give you a RX for Valium in case you have any leg muscle spasms. Keep an eye out for any red streaks or if you become short of breath or start vomiting. Other than that..that's it."

OK...$25.00 down the drain!!! I guess it was good that they checked me over and what not..but I never filled the RX and I have ice at home. I wasn't in my right state of really wasn't their fault. :P

However, there was a 12 yr. old boy who had been in just before me that had gotten stung and had a more severe reaction than I did. He couldn't track the Dr.'s finger back and forth w/ out his eyes twitching ..they weren't smooth. He had to be hooked up to IVs and the whole thing. So I suppose I got off pretty easy.

The pain initially from the sting wasn't too bad..but in just a few min. my foot was on FIRE and just ached and felt numb and tingly. I have a pretty good bruise looking thing on my foot close to where I was stung, but not in the same spot. Some of the tingliness has moved up my leg up to my thigh. Here on day 2 I feel much better and all the pain is gone. The best way to explain the tingly numbness is like when your foot falls asleep and you move it...but like times 10! It's really more annoying than anything....

Here is a picture of the Devil...I had Jared come home from work to kill it while we were at Urgent Care. Now we have the task in finding a pest control company that will make sure we don't have this happen ever again!!!


Oh Baby!!

>> Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I have a baby shower to go to on Saturday for some friends of ours The Wright's. They just adopted 2 little girls that are only about 3 weeks apart in age. The first baby they got was from Tennessee and the second baby is from Washington State. They came from thousands of miles apart from two mother's who didn't know each other...and now through God's infinite wisdom and love they will be raised in a wonderful family as TWINS! :)

For most baby showers I got to, or new baby gifts I usually make these cute little mouse towels. My wonderful Mother-in-law taught me how years ago..and I'm still making them for friends and family! :)

I've also made frogs...



And Pigs!! :D

But I think the Mice are the cutest ones! :)


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