No More Pinkie Pie!

>> Wednesday, October 11, 2017

It's time.....

We died Alayna's hair over the summer and it's pretty grown out, faded and time to go back to her old brunette self! :) 

Luckily we have a great friend that does hair right out of her home! :) 

Color correction is a little tricky! It takes trial and error. The first color she tried was a good match for the top portion of her hair but the bottom where it was really bleach blonde it turned the hair green!!! We couldn't let the poor girl leave with green hair so we tried another color.

By this time she wasn't as excited about going through the process. Louise had all the Harry Potter books so that helped her pass the time the 2nd go around. :P 

The hair color still isn't "right". It's a dark brown which doesn't exactly match but at least it isn't green. She told us it should fade over time but if she still doesn't like it we can come back and she'll try another color with a little red undertones which will be closer to her natural color. :) 

Alayna wasn't happy at first about going back to her normal color but last night she announced, "I'm so glad I'm a brunette again! I look so much better!" LOL!!!


Harry Potter- Phoenix Symphony

>> Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A few months ago I saw that the Phoenix Symphony was going to be performing all of the music from  Harry Potter-  "Sorcerer's Stone" book. Alayna is a HUGE fan of Harry Potter. It was going to be a mom, dad, daughter date! 

However, we scheduled Walker's surgery the same weekend and I totally spaced it. So....Jared took Alayna and she invited her best friend Emmy to go. Honestly, I think they had more fun without me! LOL!! They are both in orchestra at school too, so that made it even cooler. Alayna started playing the cello this year and Emmy plays the violin.

Jared took them for a fancy Wendy's lunch before the performance. He really knows how to treat the ladies. :P 

Getting out all the 'sass' before the show! :P

They played the entire movie while the symphony played. Jared said it was hard not to get drawn into the movie and you'd forget to watch the orchestra. I think that would be hard. But I also think it's a great way to "ease" children into loving music. They are also way better at multitasking than we are. :)

Jared's spoiled them by buying them Burtie and Botts Every Flavored Beans. I'm not sure if that was nice or mean!?! Eating vomit flavored jelly beans doesn't sound like something you would do for someone you like! LOL!!! He also let them get a Slitherin scarf. 


All ready for the concert to begin!

 And of  course some horsing around before heading home. 

They came home laughing their heads off. They had the best time. They loved the music and the entire day! So grateful they were able to go and make these fun memories!!


Volleyball Playoff Champions!!!!

 Alayna's playoff games were on Saturday and Team Ice came to play!!!!

They won their 1st two games against Havoc and then they won their next two games against the Tornadoes! The last game was a nail biter but they brought home the big WIN!!!! 

Alayna was on FIRE that day!!! She was playing better then she ever has! She wanted that Championship!! :) 

 Girls getting their medals. 

Look at those BIG smiles! They earned them!!!

 Her best friend Emmy is on the team too! Great job girls! These two really play well together. They help each other out and pass that ball like pros!

So proud of this girl! She's competitive, hard working, tough, and a team player! Congratulations!!!!!!


Septoplasty, Turbinate Reduction, Adenoidectomy!

>> Monday, October 9, 2017

On Thursday the 5th,  Walker went in for surgery. He had his deviated septum fixed and reduced the turbinates inside his nose. They call the procedure a "Septoplasty with bilateral endocsopic KTP laser/submucous resection of the inferior turbinates. Say that 10 times fast! LOL!!

 He's never had surgery before so he was pretty nervous. Let's face makes everyone nervous no matter how many times you go under the knife! 

His appointment was set for 2pm with a 1pm check-in. They go in age order, youngest to oldest for scheduling. Patients are required to fast and little 4 year olds can't go that long with out food/water. Walker was the oldest "kid" for the day, so he was the very last surgery. We arrived and doesn't he look excited!?! :P 

The outfit is really what's awesome! He had to wear a button down shirt so he could easily change afterwards. NO bonking the nose with a pull over t-shirt! 

What they didn't tell us however, until we already arrived, was that the doctor was running 2 hrs. behind. So we sat around and wanted to poke our eyes out for a while. We finally got called back and he got all prepped. 

I's practically like Disneyland there is so much fun and excitement! :P 

 Getting the IV. That's another 1st for him as well. 

 All capped up. 

One last kiss goodbye before they wheeled him back! They finally took him back at 4pm. We'd waited 3 hours so far. 

The surgery ended up taking much longer than anticipated. The surgery usually takes an hour...his took 2 hours! The Dr. He said his septum was one of the most bent he's seen and he had a bone spur at the back. The bone spur was a surprise.... He had to chisel it off. The bone part behind the cartilage was extra thick, another surprise... and had to be filed down significantly. The adenoids were a 3 on a scale of 1-4 , 4 being so large it's completely blocked. That was another big surprise! We weren't planning to have those removed when we went in. The turbinates on the left side had filled in over time since the nose was bent to the right side and became extremely large. He said over all the surgeries he's done in over 30 years Walker's case was in the top 10 worst cases. He thinks this triple whammy will significantly help his breathing issues and possibly cure his sleep apnea!

Poor guy in recovery. He was pretty swollen. He spent an hour in recovery and then he was cleared to go home!!!

I walked out to get the car and saw the Harvest Moon! My camera didn't capture it very well...but it was really pretty! 

Total time at the surgery center...6 hours! It was a very loooong day!!

We got him home and he fell asleep pretty fast. The last few days have been pretty rough. He hasn't been able to breathe out of his nose at all even though the splint has these straw like air openings to help him breathe. His mouth is like a desert and he's just generally miserable. Eating is a challenge because you can't swallow and breathe through your mouth at the same time. He's been a trooper though and he's doing a great job of trying to stay positive!!

 The fancy nasal drip mask his doctor invented works so much better than the gauze taped to his face. It looks a little funny but it works like a charm!!! I couldn't help but draw a mustache on one of them...we've missed seeing his! :P 

Today is now Monday, we just got home from the doctor's office. They were a little concerned about the bleeding he's been having and how difficult it's been for him to breathe. They felt waiting until Thursday to check him out and remove the splint/packing would be too long. 

 They got it all cleaned up. He said it didn't hurt but that it was really uncomfortable. Thank goodness for lidocaine!!. Now he'll need to irrigate it 2-3 times a day with a netti pot until his next appt. in 1.5-2 weeks. He's still not able to breathe through his nose. We think it's from the bleeding from removing everything. He's through the toughest part but still has a ways to go. Wed. he sees the pulmanologist who will probably order another sleep study to see if this procedure has helped his sleep apnea once it's healed. 

We just wanted to say we love you all! Thank you for praying for him! Keep them coming! <3


Fall Pictures

>> Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fall pictures have arrived! This beauty continues to blow us away with her whit, kindness, smarts, artistic ability and athleticism! 

Love you Laney!


Eli's 1st High School Band Concert

We had the privilege of attending Eli's 1st HS Band Concert. It was a real treat! Those HS kids can really play!!! All those years have finally paid off! :) 

Eli's teacher told him if he wouldn't have missed the tryouts he would have made it into the Green Jazz Band. He's really good! There was a few kids in the Copper Jazz Band (the highest jazz band) that heard Eli playing a lick and they actually had him teach it to them and they used it in the performance!!! He's a natural!!! :) 

 Great job Eli!!


Family Time

>> Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Julie came to town. It seems the only time we get together anymore is when someone comes from out of town. 

It was also her bday recently.

We were all standing a "little" too close the the flood light. LOL! We look a little ghostly! :P 

Kids being goofy as ever! Walker had to work so he missed out. :( 

Always nice to get together with the family!


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