Alayna's 1st Academic Night!!!

>> Thursday, April 20, 2017

Alayna is in the 4th grade this year and this is the first year students are eligible to qualify for Academic Night/Golden Scholars. She has been working her tail off all year. She had a few close calls because of illnesses but she pulled through and earned herself a spot to take part in this big night!!!

We couldn't be more proud of her! She's a smart girl and smart girls ROCK!!! :) 

The whole family came out to support her. The boys are old hats at this. They give her a lot to live up to and challenges herself. They were so sweet with her on the way there. Giving her lots of encouragement. Tonight was her night to shine!  :) 

Can you believe what a beautiful young lady she is becoming? Sometimes I have moments when I look at her and can't believe my eyes! She's stunning!

The kids getting ready...

Some last minute tips before they head into the Cafeteria. 

 Silly girl of mine! :P 

I'm so sad this came out blurry...but her expression is priceless!!! She couldn't stop smiling! :) 

The big moment.....drum roll.....

Congratulations sweetie!!! <3

Still smiling!!!! :) 

Grandma and Grandpa Morrison came to cheer her on too! Not sure how Grandpa didn't get in this pic? 

Her best friend Emmy made it too! Girls can do hard things!!! <3 

So very proud of her! 

Her teacher Mrs. Usrey. She's loved being in her class this year. She also has a cool British accent! :P 

 Family selfie! LOL!


I had to get one with me and my girl! 

It takes a lot of diligence and effort to maintain good grades. She is a bright girl and sets the bar high for herself and I love that about her! Setting goals and reaching them will serve her the rest of her life. My heart just swells with admiration and love for this amazing daughter of mine! <3


All Cleared

>> Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Took Alayna on Friday for her final foot follow-up!

She was anxious to hear what the Dr. was going to say. She's ready to get on with her crazy and wild 4th grade life! :P

Waiting for the Dr. isn't so fun...LOL!!

Dr. Krahn came in and did an exam. He poked around on her foot and she isn't having any pain now. He said she's all cleared and can go back to all of her favorite activities!!! Yay!!!

It may recur at some point in the future until the growth plate is fused--around age 13 years old. So we just need to keep an eye on it and NO walking around the house barefoot on the hard floors.

She is really happy to finally get back to doing all of her favorite things! :) The body is so awesome that it can heal!!!


Flashback- 5 Years ago- 2012

>> Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Facebook struck again with another cute memory this old mom forgot all about!!

This picture has nothing to do with this post. I just think she looks so adorable and it was about the same time as when the FB post was written. :P 

Why is it that mom and dad's bed is so much better to sleep in? I remember when I was a kid I loved cuddling in my mom and dad's bed. Now my little Alayna is always trying to sweet talk her way into sleeping in our bed....but just until we are ready to go to sleep then she says it's ok to carry her into her room. :P lol! So cute!


Happy Easter!!

>> Sunday, April 16, 2017

This year Easter has felt more meaningful to me. I have been looking forward to it for weeks. Alayna and I dyed some Easter eggs together. She's the only one who still enjoys this tradition. My kids are growing up. :( 


Alayna made the cutest bunny egg and right as she picked it up so we could take a picture of it she accidentally dropped it. So sad... :( 

Last year I discovered Hyacinth flowers. If you never have had the opportunity to smell these AMAZING flowers you need to run not walk to your nearest flower store and do it!!! They are everything Spring should be!!! 

Alayna let me curl her hair and she looked like such a young lady! I had to snap a few pics! :) 

 We headed to church at our normal time. I know a lot of other faiths have a Sunrise Service for Easter but in the LDS faith we go to our Ward at our regularly scheduled time. For us that's at 11AM. 

The kids were being especially sweet to each other this morning and I needed to remember them just as they were!

Singing a Hymn sweet! <3 

The Primary children sung a special musical number called "The Miracle". I always love when the little children sing. They are so funny to watch especially the really little 4 year olds! They all sounded beautiful! 

Sacrament meeting at church and Young Women's was especially beautiful and powerful to me as both were centered around Christ more than usual. I loved hearing again all about my Savior's Atonement and His love for me and each one of us. My heart was so touched and my soul renewed as message after message spoke about His Perfect Love. I'm so grateful for my Savior!

We had Easter over at Mom and Dad's house. Jared smoked a beef brisket for 16 hours and made a homemade BBQ sauce to go with it. The rest of the family brought sides for the potluck. The brisket turned out really good! Jared is getting pretty awesome at smoking different meats. :) 

I saw a picture the other day for an Easter centerpiece that had my Mom and Dad written all over it! I sent it to Dad and he loved it! He said if I got the bunnies and grass he'd provide the Godzilla! My parents are HUGE Godzilla fans! Nothing says Easter quite like this!!!


After we were sufficiently stuffed, the kids had their Easter egg hunt!

 I think Eli was being blinded by the sun! LOL!

Jared was taking pics of the kids for me. He loves the uber, super, close up! LOL!!

Walker didn't hunt for eggs this year. I know he's 16 now but still....makes me a little sad that he's too old for these traditions. :P 

I couldn't remember the last time we took a family picture with my parents. I think we need to try to do this more often. 

After taking the picture we realized that Robin's shirt was giving Mom a helmet and Boog was still wearing his sunglasses. :P I guess we need more practice. 

This is a little better! :) 

I look at the 5 of us and I think, do any of us even look alike?????? 

Jared and I were trying to take a few pics together too. I love how much he's laughing in that pic! :D 

It was a really nice day celebrating the day of our Savior's Resurrection and spending time together with our family. 

Happy Easter!!!


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