Walker's Elegy to Art..LOL!

>> Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Walker had an assignment in school. He had to write an Elegy. He chose to write about his disdain for art assignments and that every class one way or another tries to weave it into the project they are working on. Who knew someone could have such adverse feelings to art? LOL!!! He cracks me up! He legitimately hates art assignments. He can appreciate art, just not if he has to create it himself. :P

I Hate Art Assignments

Oh art assignments
how terrible were thou?
Don’t you know that I can’t draw
My lines are never straight even when I use a ruler

Oh Art assignments
how terrible were thou?
You will return
Like an unrelenting zombie you will stalk me
You are a persistent mosquito at the back of my neck

Oh art assignments
how terrible were thou?
I have learned that you are unavoidable
art is part of this society

A part i shall not join

You are awful, terrible, bad, abominable, dreadful, and atrocious

oh art assignments
how terrible were thou?


Eli Got Braces!!!

>> Tuesday, April 7, 2015

 Twelve is a big year! You get to re-model your room, you are preparing for Jr. High, preparing to receive the Priesthood (if you are a boy. :) ), and you get braces! :P

I like to get picture before each appointment...I think the sun was a bit intense! LOL!

This is a little better! :)

Ok, this one is the best! :D

The initial appointment is long. About 1.5 hours. They take take your money (LOL!), images, prep the teeth, stick this awesome thing in your mouth, apply the brackets and place the wires. :P

Eli was pretty scared. He didn't sleep very much last night and he was vibrating with nerves when we were in talking with the gal that handles the financial portion of things. She gave him 2 tablets that melt under the tongue to help dry up the saliva and once she handed them to him, his face turned white! Poor kid. 

He did really well. We were surprised that they already put him on a rubber band regiment, and they also placed bumpers on the back side of his 2 front teeth. Eli has a cross bite, which the rubber bands will help correct. He also has a deep bite. His top teeth almost completely cover his bottom teeth when he bites down. So the bumpers are there to ensure he doesn't knock his bottom brackets off while we wait for the braces to do their magic and get everything where it's supposed to be. :)

Doesn't he look great!?! :)

He's happy to have it all done. We are trying to stay on top of the Tylenol so he doesn't get too sore. We've stocked up on yogurt, popsicles, and soft foods. The 1st three days are the toughest for soreness/pain. 

We took him to Wendy's for a burger before he got too sore. That was a mistake. :( He already knocked off and accidentally ate one of the bumpers from the back of one of his teeth...LOL!!!! OOPS! :P We called Dr. Frost's office. We are scheduled to go back this afternoon to get it fixed! Oh the joys of orthodontia! :P

Two years and that smile is going to be even more handsome than it is now. Watch out ladies!!!


Happy Easter!

>> Monday, April 6, 2015

How is it already Easter!?! This year is going way too fast! 

This year we tried a new countdown for Easter. We usually do a 30 Day Countdown, based on The Living Christ. You can see the tree in the background on the wall behind Alayna we use for that activity. This year we decided to focus specifically on the week leading up to Easter. The events that transpired each day leading up to Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. That's what the papers on the wall are.It was fun to change it up and do something new. We all learned a lot this week! :)

The kids did the traditional dying of Easter Eggs. :)

Then wanted to smash them on each other's heads...cuz that's what Christ teaches right?!? "Love thy neighbor"...LOL!!!

Eli had a cool affect on one of his eggs. Reminded us of Spider-man. :P

 These were the kids' favorites. :)

We had the family come over for Easter Brunch. Then it was time for the Easter egg hunt! Look at how big these kids have gotten! :P 
Easter 2011

Easter 2015

 The Egg Hunt began and they were off!!!!

While they were doing that...Jared and I were making out...LOL! Just kidding....:D

It has been YEARS since my family has taken a picture together. I'm not even sure why, but as we were getting things ready for Easter, I realized it's been too long and really wanted to make sure we got one this year. 

May 2008

April 2015

 It was a beautiful Sabbath Day! The weather was gorgeous, the food was excellent, and the company was wonderful! :) 

Happy Easter!!!!


Not Just Any Old Door...

We are quickly approaching 14 years living in our home. It's pretty crazy how fast the years have gone by! As the saying goes, "The days are long, but the years are short." It's sooo true!

Here are some pics of the house as it was under construction.... 

I remember so vividly the anticipation Jared & I had when all the paperwork was signed and Scott Homes had a tentative completion date! We would drive by the house about once a week to see how far along they had gotten. It was so much fun! 

Walker was just a tiny little guy. We moved in the day before his 1st b-day! June 30, 2001. We celebrated his milestone in our new home!

Fast forward several years, we now have Eli and Alayna who complete our family. We've had a few dogs; Jessie, Sassy and now Sammy. 

All of our children have had everyone of their birthdays here. They've lost their first tooth, had their there baptisms here, and they each have grown like weeds!

This is Alayna's 1st Day of Kindergarten! How precious is that face!?!

  This was not only Alayna's 1st day of Kinder it was also the only year all three of my kids would attend school together! (Alayna Kinder, Eli 4th, Walker 6th) I adore this picture so much! <3

This was the day Walker received the Priesthood. Eli will be 12 next week and he will be able to receive the Priesthood as well. Another family picture will of course be in order. :)

There are so many things over the years that have happened through the door of this home. We've come and gone countless times. Individually and as a family. School, work, family reunions, piano lessons, football games, t-ball games, family dinners, band concerts, school performances, playdates, dance classes, church, scouts, achievement days, birthday parties, grocery shopping, doctor appointments, going to deliver babies, bringing those babies home, dances, so many wonderful and beautiful days of coming and going.  And there are many years ahead that we look forward to experiencing.

Over the weekend we realized that that door that has ushered us in day after day was looking a bit sad. We felt it was time to give it a little make-over. It was the least we could do.... :)

So after a quick trip to Home Depot and a couple of hours of love and attention our front door is ready for many more years of memories!

We are so blessed to call this place home!! <3


Eli's Room Remodel!!!

>> Monday, March 23, 2015

 Be warned...the "before" pictures are pretty frightening!!! This was taken in real time in real life! LOL!!! No editing here my friends!

Eli was pretty embarrassed when he saw me take out the camera taking pics of his room. He kept trying to pick things up, and I kept telling him to put it down!!! LOL! I said this way we can see the true transformation! :D 

 In his defense. Alayna has been sharing his room with him for the past 2 months or so. She's been getting scared at night. We threw a mattress down on the floor for her. Eli was very sweet letting her be his roomy. :) And all three kids have their computers in his room too. It's just a little crowded!

When Walker turned 12 we let him re-do his room. His room was covered in airplanes. It used to be the nursery. Eli's room as you can see wasn't so baby-ish. But it wasn't really colors he loved. So with the 12 year old birthday tradition. We began the transformation. 

We spent HOURS in the paint section at Lowe's.....He was dead set on getting the brightest neon green and purple. We tried to tell him he might want to tone the colors down some. He agreed to drop the purple and go to white, but he only came down a few notches on the green. I began painting and asked him how he liked it? He HATED it! LOL!!!

So...back to Lowe's we went! 

Several hours later we picked the color on the left. This picture actually doesn't do the paint color justice. Cell phone cameras....

So here is the BIG reveal!!!!!! 

We realize the cube shelf doesn't match. We are trying to find one he likes to match the other furniture. :) I just thought it was best to take advantage of the clean room while it lasts! :P When we get the new shelves I'll update you! :D
We are THRILLED with how it turned out. He's much happier with the paint colors and now we can walk in his room! He says he sleeps so well in there now and he feels so grown up!

It's fun being able to do these projects with the kids. We give them a budget and it's up to them to figure out how to come in or under the target dollar amount. Eli did a great job being a savvy shopper!

Happy Birthday Eli! 
Mom & Dad

Now we have to go lay down and rest for 3 days to recover....LOL! :P


Harris' Spring Break Visit!

>> Monday, March 16, 2015

Jonita and Allen came to visit for Spring Break! It was so good to see them and to have the family get together. :)

We took a few group pictures before they had to head home on Sunday. 

Yes, my crazy kids were swimming in 70 degree water!!!! Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!


It's always good to see Jared's family. We had the chance to talk about the upcoming wedding for Jeff and Bea in October, as well as the family reunion in November 2016! 

Can't wait to be back on The Farm! Not to mention Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday! :D



>> Saturday, March 14, 2015

We took the family to see the new live action movie, "Cinderella". I have been anxiously waiting for it to be released. I was uncertain of what to expect since I didn't really care for "Maleficent". 

However, "Cinderella" did NOT disappoint! It was excellent! One of the best movies Disney has put out in a while! :D

We tried to get some pics before the show started. That plan didn't work out so well..LOL! Oh well! :P

The Wicked Step-Mother (Cate Blanchett) was perfect. All of the costumes in the movie were gorgeous! When the Step-Mother got out of the carriage and walked into the house, Alayna said..."She's beautiful!" 

She was every bit as beautiful as she was wicked! She played the role so well! 

The Fairy Godmother wasn't the classic elderly woman portrayed in the animated feature, but she was great! She brought some light hearted humor to the movie, which was needed after the horrible scene between Cinderella, her Step Sisters and Mother. Her dress I read had thousands of  LED lights on it powered with battery packs underneath. It was perfect!

They did such an outstanding job with the transformation scene and the Ball. Alayna was blown away....so was I! She said, ""Oh, she's beautiful!", "I have to have that dress!", "Those shoes are amazing!" LOL!! It was awesome! :P

I'll admit I choked back tears several times through out the movie. Some of the scenes were so heart felt and gave a great message about family, kindness, and courage. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it by giving too many details. :)

Jared loved the movie too. In fact, he loved the wedding dress. :P It was quite stunning I must agree! :)

We had a great time as a family. It's so nice to take the whole family to a film and not have to worry about covering anyone's eyes, or worrying about the language. Good job Disney for doing a well loved Classic justice!!!! 


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