Walker's Band Concert

>> Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Walker had his band concert last night. Jared had to work so it was just the 3 of us. :)

 Can't you see the anticipation on our faces? LOL!

They did great! Walker had the tambourine and cowbell in one of the songs and I could hear him rockin' it! :P Sometimes with percussion they blend in so much together you can't hear the individual players. There was no mistaken his part though! Love it! :D

Nice job!!


Eli's 11 Year Old Scout Camp Out

>> Sunday, February 22, 2015

Friday night Eli went to his 1st overnight Scout Camp Out at Barney Park here in Gilbert. :)

This is such a fun event the Boy Scouts put together. Jared was able to go with him and take some pictures of all the great activities they were involved in. 

1st task at hand was to set up camp and get the tents up. 

The boys starting work on the catapult they needed to have completed for the next day. Bro. Watt on the far right is the 11 Year Old Scout Leader. He's one of our good friends. Bro. Jacobson is in the center he's one of the Assistant Leaders. 

Eli was running across the field while the other boys decided to throw flour bombs at him. :P

 I love the fire pit they had! That's my kind of camping! LOL! They had s'mores and Bro. Watrous brought Pillsbury bread which they wrapped around a stick and cooked. Eli said it was SOOO good! :)

The boys making a tee-pee! 

Archery was next. Eli was very consistent with his shots. All that practicing in the back yard is paying off! :D

This is a bean game. I don't know what else to call it. One side of the bean has a black dot on it. You try to flip your plate/beans until all the beans show the dot. Eli said he was really good at it. :P

The boys had a ball and short stick. The object of this game was to be the first to get your ball across the field. Eli won! :)

To end the activities the boys got to finish their catapults and fire flour bombs at the opposing teams. 

This is messy, fun, and maybe a little painful! :P LOL!!!

They decided the catapults were taking too long and started firing on each other! They had such a great time!

To end the day they had a flag retreat. I love our flag. It's so pretty! 

The boys came home hot, sweaty, stinky and TIRED! All the things that make up a great camp out! 

When Eli turns 12 in April the Deacon's Qurom go on camping trips about once a month. So this is just a warm up to more adventures! 


So This Happened.......

>> Thursday, February 19, 2015

So this happened......

I've been holding strong for several months. We've been neck and neck, but I knew this day was coming. Walker has passed me up and is now taller than me! I'm 5' 6"....

New milestones happening around every corner in the Kitch house! :D


Picture Day!

I was dropping the kids off to school and I had to snap a quick picture of how great they looked for picture day today! :)

I can't believe how fast time is passing by! This young man will be 12 in just a couple of months!

Little Miss is growing up before our eyes too! She's going to be a heart breaker! :P


Rube Goldberg

>> Thursday, February 12, 2015

Eli wanted to earn some extra credit for Science. Last night his buddy Devon came over and they designed and built a Rube Goldberg Machine. 

The requirements were that it had to have at least 10 transitions and be successful! :P

After 4 hours Devon had to go home. Eli was determined however, and another hour later with more tweaking and testing and resetting....it worked!!!!! It took about 50 times before it worked. 

We were all SO tired and so THRILLED when it finally did everything correctly! :D 

Going from dominoes to books is harder than you'd think and the bedroom door did NOT want to open! But victory is sweet!!!!!

Eli taught us a big lesson in perseverance last night. He's an amazing kid!! He never gives up on a problem he wants to solve. 

You can click the link below and watch all his hard work pay off!!!

Way to go Eli!! We are so proud of you and you certainly earned every point of extra credit! :P


South Valley Jr. High Invitational for 6th Graders

>> Friday, February 6, 2015

All of the 6th Graders from the elementary schools that feed into SVJH were invited to perform at the Jr. High last night. The 7th & 8th Graders showed them around, and fed them tons of pizza and cookies. :) It's a fun way to help the up coming band students to see what they can be a part of if they choose to stick with band. 

Can you see Eli in the sea of kids? He's pretty much dead center wearing grey and a big grin! LOL! :D I love it when my kids spot me in the audience!

Alayna was my date last night. Jared had school and Walker had mountains of homework. So it was just the girls last night! :D 

That's a LOT of kids!!! These are all the 6th Grade Students. Mr. Bannon is directing them. He is working really hard to grow the music program. The numbers are steadily increasing which I love! Band was the BEST! :D

This wasn't all of the kids there. The 7th Graders were just about this same size in numbers, and the 8th graders were a little bit less. There were so many bodies in that gym it was like a sauna! All the bands sounded REALLY good! I was quite impressed!!

After the show I asked Eli to let me get his picture...He's such a HAM!!!!!

Oh, So, Cooooool!!! LOL!

Driving up to the Jr. High last night hit it home for me that Eli is growing up so fast! He will be attending school there next year! I'm really excited for him. I think being able to have different teachers/classrooms will be good for him. He will have P.E. everyday too. Eli is very kinetic. He has to move around or he just starts 'buzzing'!! LOL! It's sort of a running joke in the family. He just vibrates with energy! :P We love that kid...energy and all! <3


Eli's Priesthood Preview

>> Monday, February 2, 2015

Yesterday Eli was invited to attend the Priesthood Preview Meeting for boys that will be turning 12 this year. Can you believe he's going to be 12 in just a few short months!?!

The meeting is put on by the Primary Presidency each year. It's a basic introduction for the boys of what to expect this year, what the Priesthood is, and why it's so important. A member of the Bishopric gives a few remarks as well and the Deacon's Quorum Adviser has a chance to meet the boys too.

Being in the Primary Presidency it's sort of neat to be able to be there as a leader for my own children. I had an opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about the Priesthood and how it has blessed my life over the years.

I shared with the boys that I grew up in a home where my father didn't hold the Priesthood, and it wasn't until I was older and married that I was ever able to receive a Father's Blessing, which came from my Father-in-law. I stressed how knowing what it's like to live in home now that I have access to that authority through my own husband, home teachers, and worthy men in our Ward, is such a amazing gift. I have received blessings that are so sacred to me that I can't even share them with everyone. My husband has also received blessings that he feels the same way about.

I tried to stress the magnitude of this Ordinance they will be receiving this year. That just because they are turning 12 it doesn't mean it's an automatic thing they get to have. The Lord expects them to be worthy of it and work hard to live the commandments and be close to the Spirit to know Heavenly Father's will.

Anytime I speak about the Gospel I get choked up. This time was no different. My emotions get the best of me. But I hope the boys felt my sincerity and recognize what a big step they will be taking this year. Being able to hold God's authority here on Earth is an incredible privilege!!

We are so excited for Eli. He's maturing and growing into a great young man. He is so thoughtful and helpful. He loves to work and see the fruits of his labors. He's quickly becoming my Jr. Chef at home and he is such a big help especially on Sundays when he helps me make dinner for the family. His testimony of the Gospel is also growing and it's so fun to watch him as he makes connections to the things he's read in the scriptures to his everyday life. He has made some great friends in the Ward recently and I'm so happy he has this group of guys. They stick together, lift each other, as well as let each other be who they are and they just get a kick out of each other!!! :D

April is just around the corner...Eli will become a Deacon and be able to pass the sacrament and begin the Young Men's Program. Lots of exciting things ahead!!!


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