Charlotte's Web

>> Saturday, September 20, 2014

Alayna and her class went to see the play "Charlotte's Web" yesterday. It was put on by the Child's Play Theater in Tempe. I was one of the lucky few parents that go to go as a chaperone. :)

Once we got to the theater we sat and had lunch and waited for our turn to head in.  

There was a little down time before we could enter the theater, so the kids had time to visit. My cell phone is awful and I tried to capture this scene a few times, but this was the best I could get. I just want you to look closely at this scenario. What do you notice?

If you said, Alayna is the only girl among 5 boys and the center of their attention you would be correct! I sat back and watched her the whole time telling these boys what to do and what game they were going to play and making them laugh. It was too much!!! :P Need I remind you she's 7!! Heaven help us! LOL!

The play was so cute and I may have had to wipe away a tear or two when Charlotte dies. At this age the kids are still mesmerized by the magic of make believe. The Child's Play Theater Company always does a wonderful job!

On the way home Alayna's little friend Jake S. asked her to sit with him. My feelings were only slightly hurt. I sat across from them to keep a clear eye on them. LOL!! They both giggled all the way home. 

I'm not sure if she gets along so well with boys because she has 2 older brothers or what it is. It seems like most of the other girls in her class wouldn't be caught dead sharing a seat with a boy. I'm glad she's confident in who she is and she can be friends with everyone. But as her Mom I hope these boys know I'm not afraid to come after them if they get fresh! Hahaha!!


Let's Dance!!

>> Sunday, September 14, 2014

Walker turned 14 waaay back in July and still had not gotten his Dance Card. His best friend Chase has been trying to get him to come for the past few months, but he always finds some excuse to get out of it..LOL!

We aren't sure why he's been so opposed to it...maybe he's a little shy around girls? It can be a bit intimidating I'll admit. 

Jared and I finally told him he needed to go and give it a try. We had him call Bro. Esperson to get his interview done. We drove over and 5 min. later he was all set! :)

I was so thrilled for him. I don't know how excited he was when he left though..LOL! :P

About halfway into the evening our good friend Bro. Murphy texted Jared these amazing pics!!

Look at that SMILE!!!!!! :D

I know these aren't great quality but they are so precious to me. Bro. Murphy has no idea what it meant to me to get these. To have a little glimpse of my boy stretching his wings. 

We chatted with him today and he said he didn't know this Young Lady. She was from the Maricopa Stake. It was Ladies' Choice and she asked him to dance. He said she liked physics. So she must be a smarty pants...of course I already knew that because she asked Walker to dance! :P 

He thinks he will go again. I'm so happy for him!

I used to go to Stake Dances with my cousins every Saturday night. We loved it. We looked forward to it every week! So seeing him there brings back so many memories. :)


Not Your Average Canine

>> Saturday, September 13, 2014

Earlier this week a neighbor spotted this guy with a chicken in his mouth running through the neighborhood!!!

Not a sight we typically see here in the suburbs. He must be awfully hungry to be this far from home!


Court of Honor

>> Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Eli & Walker had their Court of Honor tonight. Unfortunately we forgot to take pics at the meeting. Darn it!

Eli has been working hard and earned 10 new merit badges!!! 

He had the photography & cinema one already. All the rest are new and there is actually one missing...the computer merit badge. Apparently they are discontinuing that badge, but the boys that have earned it prior to their announcement will still receive it, they just didn't have any left in stock and they will have to order it. :)

Walker earned a really cool award as well. 

The Thomas S. Monson Award. It is an award they did in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of Scouting in the LDS Church. There were specific dates you had to complete everything by and once they ran out of awards that was it! They are no longer available. 

So proud of my boys and that they continue to work hard in Boy Scouts!!! Way to go guys!


Record Breaking Rainfall!!!

>> Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Yesterday we had record breaking rainfall here in Arizona. In one day we made up an entire year's worth of rain totals!! They said it was the rainiest single day in Phoenix where records go back to 1895.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport recorded 3.29 inches of rain, which broke the all-time calendar day record total of 2.91 inches. That record was set in 1933. In some places they were recording 4-5 plus inches of rain!

There were several schools and entire school districts that closed and kids didn't go to school. Never in my lifetime would I have thought Arizona would have a "Rain Day" like a Snow Day. LOL!! 

Unfortunately for our kids our schools didn't close. They still had to go. The roads were pretty eerie as I drove them in that morning. We were the only car on the street for a while. As we turned on to the street to get to the school, the road looked a little wet but as I drove forward walls of water were being pushed aside by the van. I had to slow waaaaay down so we didn't hydroplane. Eli was freaking! As we kept driving the water was getting deeper and the one other soul on the street coming from the other direction saw me boating through and they turned around. I guess they didn't want to risk it! LOL!

We sure needed the moisture...but maybe not all at once! :P
Our neighborhood park became a lake. Here are some pictures from around the different common areas.

Yep!! That's a basketball hoop and the water is almost touching the bottom of the net!! 

The park usually is surrounded by high sided hills here. 

On the news they showed cars on I-10 that had been abandoned because the pumps on the freeway there that were supposed to remove the water malfunctioned and the water came so fast and sudden that motorist had to just leave them there and get to high ground as quickly as possible. 

They showed clips of people jet skiing in their neighborhood parks and kayaking. It was quite the site!! Many homes were flooded, as well as a church, and a Fry's evacuated because their roof had collapsed. There were mudslides in some areas as well... list goes on and on. Water does a lot of damage.

Today has been dry but extremely humid. As I write this it looks like round two is on it's way. It's been sprinkling and the sky looks dark. Hopefully it won't dump as much tonight. :)


A Narrative All About Me by Alayna

>> Monday, September 8, 2014

Alayna brought this little gem home from school the other day. It wasn't an assignment it was just something she whipped up in her free time. It was so cute and funny I had to share! :)

The scan isn't the greatest so here's the translation:

 "I was born on Desember 23 I was a cute little girl my mom and dad said. I was so tinny and I also like to take baths. It was fun seing the new world. It was intersting but I didint cair. I had a cute crib with flowers I think."

"I grow and grow and then I ternd 6 my berthday was awsome my cake had flowers bugs. but they were fake. I was so happy! Yay!"

 "Then I had tons of presents! but my friends had to go. But I got a family berth day!" ....I love how she named her guest "some girl"! LOL!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed her little story. :) We sure did! 


Happy Early 8th Birthday Alayna!!!

>> Saturday, September 6, 2014

We celebrated Alayna's 8th Birthday a little early today! About 3 months early...LOL!

She really wanted a swimming party but her birthday is at the very end of December. Winter doesn't really allow for comfortable swimming conditions. So we decided to just celebrate now while the weather and the water temps are perfect! :)

Olaf was the chosen theme this year. She didn't want a "Frozen" party or an Anna or Elsa party. Olaf only! :D

I put out blue & white decorations, some Olaf melted snowman parts for snacks, Olaf coloring pages, build Olaf puzzle, and I had a "Don't Eat Olaf" game (it's played just like Don't Eat Pete) but we forgot about it. Oops! 

The kids got clever and started building Olaf with the snacks! :)

This was the biggest party I think I've thrown. We had SO many kids here! :D This was most of them. There were still several hiding out around the backyard and a few that already landed in the water. I think all together there were about 20 kids!!!! 

Jared is such a FUN and AMAZING Dad!! The kids love it when tosses them around!

Today happens to be Carlos' actual bday. His bday present this year was a little pricey, so in lieu of a big expensive party Jen and I decided to make it a double party and the kids each got their own cake! 

I think from these smiles you can see they were happy to share their special days together! :) 

After Alayna opened her gifts the front room looked like Christmas had come early too! :) About 1/2 way through opening her presents she exclaimed, "I'm so spoiled!!!!!" It was so funny! LOL! 

The weather held out for us even though a Monsoon was forcasted for today, the kids all had a BLAST, and the house is sufficiently in need of a bulldozer to help clean up. Where is Mary Poppins when you need her?? LOL! 

Happy Early 8th Birthday Sweet Girl!!! We love you to pieces! 


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