All Things Will Be For Thy Good.....

>> Thursday, December 18, 2014

The past 15 months has been a period of time in our lives that we as a family have been tested and tried to such a degree we felt at times we wouldn't be able to endure. With Jared losing his job at the end of August 2013, and then being out of work for 6 months, we prayed constantly for the Lord to show us the way we should go.

In March 2014 Jared was hired on at Dell SonicWall. The work Jared does at Dell is challenging. Calls come in back to back to back and cases pile up quickly. It’s a very stressful place to work to say the least. We were so thankful to be employed again, but the position just doesn't pay him enough to meet our needs.

Now here we are 15 months later….so much has happened. We've experienced things throughout this time that have been hard, devastating, scary, uncertain, and life changing. I think only through the prayers of our family and friends was it possible for us to bare it. Even as I write this and ponder all that has transpired my eyes well up with tears. We are not the people we were before. We couldn't possibly be. The Lord has been refining us with such focus. I know it has only been to mold us to be more of who He wants us to be and has brought us to our knees again and again.

After the trial they say the blessings come. And that is why I’m writing today.
We have some GOOD NEWS!! 

Jared was just offered a position at one of the top 13 Law Firms in the World, Greenberg Traurig, in Phoenix!! This position will be much different than what he’s previously had. He will not be “The Company IT Guy” anymore. His official title is Windows Server/Network Administrator. He will be mainly focused on their firewalls and global firewall reporting, etc,. Such as SonicWall & Global Management Systems. In layman's terms, he will be working in Securities which is what he’s been wanting to get his foot in the door for for quite some time. The experience he gained at Dell was the very thing that opened this opportunity up for him. (Isn't it funny how the Lord works? :) ) The salary should meet our needs, and there is plenty of opportunity for growth for Jared there. He just got his background clearance verified and they sent him his start date of January 5, 2015! We are over the moon thrilled!!!!

We never could have imagined the things that were ahead of us when this all started. I also know that just because Jared has a new job our troubles will not end. It's apart of life to be tested and tried continually. I know as we choose the Lord and turn to Him as we face each test He will bless His own time. Today however, I want to take a moment and reflect and to thank my Heavenly Father for this blessing! We also want to thank each one of you who have continued to remember us in your prayers, who have served our family, and who have loved us every step of the way. We will forever be grateful to you for being God's Hands on Earth. We love you!


Math Master!!!

>> Monday, December 15, 2014

 All school year long Alayna has been trying to achieve Math Master Status. She has been practicing her math facts like a champ and she finally reached her goal! 

She came home beaming with pride and flaunting her new Math Master t-shirt. Nothing is quite as sweet as when you see your children work hard for something they want and then achieve it!! :)

Here she is sporting her new!!

I wish you could have seen her face when she came home that day. She was so excited and she couldn't stop jumping up and down! Then she said, "I'm so proud of myself!" 

We are so incredibly proud of you too Alayna!! Congratulations!!! Love you!!!!


Meeting the Tooth Fairy!

>> Monday, December 8, 2014

While Jared & I were on our weekend together, my parents took the kids to the San Tan Mall where they were having some sort of festival. They had hot air balloons, parachuters, and even the Tooth Fairy!!! 

As you can see, Alayna thought this was pretty AWESOME!!! :)



 It's been 2 1/2 years or so since Jared and I have had a getaway together. Life happens sometimes and time and money have been scarce. But we finally decided we needed some time away to relax with just the two of us. The 21st of November was our 21st anniversary of being together and last week was my bday. We had a few reasons to celebrate. :) With the help of my parents the stars aligned and we were able to have a stay-cation. :)

 I had gotten a bday email from one of my fave lunch spots Jason's Deli so we took advantage of the coupon and started the weekend off! :)

After lunch we did a little window shopping and then headed to our hotel. We stayed at The Copperwynd Resort in Fountain Hills. 

The hotel was so thoughtful and when we arrived this is what we found! Not many places do that free of charge. Little touches like that go a long way in my book! 

The room was beautiful. This bed was huge and the pillows were so fluffy! I forgot to take a pic of the bathroom but it had a giant soaking tub. It was wonderful!

This was the view right out our balcony. That white thing in the middle of the shot is the fountain in Fountain Hills! Pretty cool huh?!

 The weather was chilly and overcast but it was a gorgeous evening.

We walked around the resort grounds and took pics. :)

The resort also has an award winning restaurant called Alchamy. We've never eaten there before so we wanted to give it a try. We were seated right by the window..which in warmer months opens up completely. 

 This was our view! 


Dinner did NOT dissapoint! I'm still drooling over my steak and salad. I had ordered the ceasar which was delicious, but after taking a bite of Jared's salad I fell in love with his and we traded. :) He's sweet like that. I had the filet mignon paired with a beet sauce, asparagus, and potatoes and mushrooms in a balsamic glaze. (Excuse me while I wipe my face...LOL!)

Jared ordered the pork osso bucco on a bed of yukon mashed potatoes. Jared said they were the best potatoes he's ever eaten and the pork was melt in your mouth falling off the bone tender! We left stuffed to the brim!!

We went back to our room and once we had a little room in our bellies we had our chocolate covered, toasted coconut, covered strawberries we made at home and brought with us. We also brought everything we needed to make our famous pina coladas! We watched a movie, had some snacks and enjoyed our view of the city. It was perfect!

The next morning the weather warmed up and the sun came out. :)

We packed up pretty early and went to brunch at a new place we've never been to but will certainly return. It's sorta far but it was SO good. It was called The Perk. I ordered the huevos rancheros..oh my heavens it was out of this world! I wish I had a picture of!

Once we were sufficiently stuffed there we went and did some more window shopping at the Scottsdale Mall. Then we stopped at my favorite chocolate store, See's Candy and got a box of nuts and chews! Sooo good! If you haven't noticed the theme of the weekend was stuffing our faces! Haha!

It was getting late and we still had to get the kids from Mom & Dad's so we decided it was time to go pick them up and headed home. 

It was an amazing weekend that was LONG overdue. We needed that couple time together and it was so relaxing. I hope we don't have to wait so long to do it again. :)

Here's to another 21 years together..... and more! 


Dell Christmas Party

>> Friday, December 5, 2014

Jared's office had a Christmas party and invited families to attend too. :) 

They catered the lunch and had a photobooth to take fun pictures in. They gave all of the kids stockings stuffed to the brim with goodies and Santa came too. The kids got to sit with him and take their picture! :) Hopefully we will get that picture soon and I can add it in. 

Unfortunately Walker couldn't get the day off of school. High School is tough I tell ya! It's a big pain to make up missed work. Especially since he's in all Honors and AP Classes. Don't worry though...we brought him some treats home. :D

These are so silly but they make me smile. :)

It was so nice of Dell to put this on for the Employees and their families. 


Eli's Christmas Band Concert

>> Thursday, December 4, 2014

Eli had his Christmas band concert tonight! They sounded great! :) 

This is his 2nd year on the sax and he's loving it. :) I hope he sticks with it next year in Jr. High!


Gingerbread House Extravaganza!

>> Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our dear sweet friends The Packard's invited us over last night for a yummy stew dinner and to make gingerbread houses!! Not only are they amazing friends they are our Home Teachers and we just love them to pieces. :)

Alayna & I made the house in the picture below and the boys made their own. I hope to get those pictures from Sis. Packard soon and I'll update this post then. :)

Sis. Packard baked the gingerbread from scratch and had the pieces all cut out for us and put together in house form before we even arrived. She's a superstar!! It was amazing how many types of candies they had laid out on the table too. They also had icing, pretzels, licorices, cereal...whatever you could was there! I think we all ate more than actually made it on to the houses. LOL!

A BIG thank you to The Packard's for a sugar filled fun time! :D


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